A huge Task Ahead.

When Trump becomes POTUS later this year he will have a phenomenal task ahead one that is even bigger than when he takes up the reigns from Barack Obama.
The absolute mess made by Biden and his corrupt band handlers is a challenge only a man like Trump can accept, conquer and repair.

Fortunately he has overwhelming support from good solid Americans that still have good moral values, integrity and self respect.
Acting with integrity means understanding, accepting, and choosing to live in accordance with one's principles, which will include honesty, fairness, and decency. A person of integrity will consistently demonstrate good character by being free of corruption and hypocrisy.
Like he said the biggest deportation of illegals will take place as soon as he takes office.cheering
Defusing the wars and all the ill will Biden has caused in the past 4 years will be a miracle in itself but the world knows that this brilliant businessman and leader who was persecuted by MSM and the democrats, for years, will have the strength and will-power to do this task.
applause applause VIVA TRUMPcheering cheering

Enough is enough take a break.

peace Just a friendly warning, WANKERS not welcome

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A task equal to Hercules cleaning out the Augean Stables.thumbs up
And some.laugh

You called? Lo here I am.
Your views of Potus45 Wannabe Potus47 are truly, absolutely demented.
Telling you how you are mistaken about the America of Biden is pointless of course because you are superglued into another version of reality. Not many want another Biden term, but even fewer want another stretch of Trump chaos.
Wanker you should be happy I'm in a good mood today so one rude blunder from you and you're gone. Kapish. ??

Unlike your preconceived superglued knowledge of trump that stems from democratic haters that control their followers via msm, I know what the real patriotic American living in the rural areas want and deserve. I'm sure not all your acquaintances are following the woes of Imran Khan?scold
Speaking of super glue & super dooper stick to it...[ Stuck on ignorant.

The regulars know - as do the LGBT
Plus plus ware wolf...- that if Trumpenstein
Said & did [ 3 wars going hot..
The things Joe says & does ...[ In the foothills of the Himalayas, traveling w/ Xi Xi ping..
70,000 miles..[ at warp speed
The cadence of the subsequent blog protests would be sulphuric x continuous..
Sirius ly....there has never been a more non eloquent, willfully evil Admin. On Amerikan soil....
DNA, without Google, Zuckerberg, FTX
$0R0$...And M$M ...Joe could not compete
With any of his contemporaries -- WITHIN HIS OWN PARTY...
..( . further meaning the DNC is enjoying the
Sick joke played on a world stage.)
Noise made by people) broadcast
Wide . Aspect. Ratio. } .war.
Little don key. } . rockyfellers.
But apparently, rapists are.

So much for integrity, honesty, good moral values, fairness, decency, principles, good character and self-respect.
Don't know why I'm asking this but here goes.
Are you by any chance insinuating that I, the OP of this blog has been convicted in a court of law and found guilty of rape?
Or possibly do you mean one of the other posters, Conrad, AB?

Please clarify and present your evidence of prosecution and conviction please.confused
Same old record.
I think he is innocent.

To accuse someone of rape is a serious offence. Unless of course that person has proof of said rape. At this stage I have no idea who is this alleged rapist that I'm supposed to be welcoming on my blog.dunno
You have zero proof whatsoever that Trump raped anyone. A corrupt court case with a Trump-deranged judge and jury doesn't mean a damn thing. E Jean Carroll is a very unwell woman. Democrats used her - as is their wont - as little more than a tool, judge and jury shopping and even getting the law changed to get the result they wanted. Pathetic people. And you're a pathetic person to be repeatedly claiming someone to be a rapist despite zero actual proof to back up your claim. It's a disgusting accusation to make so maliciously and casually as you do. It's like you don't even care about the issue (of rape) at all to do cavalierly throw the accusation around. If there's any sense left, Trump will win the case on appeal and it will be Carroll and her Democrat co-conspirators who will have to pay damages to Trump. Judge Kaplan should be reprimanded too - the manner in which he acted from the bench was beyond unacceptable, he denied Trump's lawyers the ability to present a defense, while accomodating the prosecution at almost every turn.
I presume you are referring to DT,’s recent case, New York penal law, definitions, how the jury voted?
Me I'm at the stage now where if I hear "rape" regarding
some character involved in national politics this or that way,
I immidetaly expect it to be phony as was with Julian, Brett and Russel.
Aha.. so they couldn't take him down any other way then... ahh...ok..

You can't weaponize metoo anylonger without leaving a weird taste
in the audiences mouth.
After I saw that cheap acting of that crazy Blasey Ford shameless hater,
that was it for me. I got pretty "woke" after that you could say lol.

I would be able to vote later this yearapplause

Already been registered and ready to go! cheering
dancing cheering

thumbs up
Totally agree with you. Surely any logically thinking person can think for themselves that Trump does not 'need' to rape any women. If they had any common sense whatsoever then surely they would know that this is a conjured up story by Trump haters. Then again I expected this to happen, these haters just can't accept the fact it's a done deal that Trump will be POTUS.

Just weird that some people can cope with everyday life when this undiluted hatred flows freely and daily from them. And most of it stems from msmlaugh
They manner in which they talk one would swear that 'they' know Trump and his family personally, but if you ask them that question then you get some idiotic reply like it's been proven, by whom I don't know, or some other crappie response.
Just incomprehensible wow
Surely if this person is so sure that the rape took place then there's no need to not mention names yes.?

Good to see you Oxy.wine
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Ahoy and hi to you Mimi.
Absolutely fantastic when one think back on your road to the US. I take it that you're in Malaysia at the moment?

Put your Xbox where it matters most.

If you are in certainly hopen you enjoy seeing all the family and friends again.

Regards to Art.
Art says wave

We are currently in Bali. Back to Malaysia tomorrow.

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Hi Grand applause
I’m doing my usual breezing around, watcha

Associating a name with rape and accusing them of it without evidence is harmful and libellous. However, to quote what was said “rapists are” is an insinuation, leading, and to an extent provocative. Which I think is unfair because rape is far more serious than the words we write here.

If I am so sure of something which can be found in the public domain, I have no issue mentioning name, otherwise you will not find me brandishing names around just like the flip of a coin.

Was Donald Trump found guilty of rape?

What I know and have read;
- If iit was found forcible penile penetration had taken place in accordance with New York Penal Law the accused would be found guilty of rape.

- If the accused was found guilty by forcibly penetrating using their fingers to s*xual private parts, again according to New York Penal law this is not considered rape.

Law is the law, even if it is based on a technicality.
That's not even the point though. This civil (not criminal) trial - where the Democrat-heavy jury were prodded and encouraged by the judge to reach a verdict of finding Trump guilty - showed NO actual evidence that Donald Trump did anything that he was accused of. The accusation was from decades ago, she only mentioned the alleged incident to anyone decades later just before she decided to bring a case against Trump, when he was president. She even claimed she had the dress she was wearing at the time of the alleged incident - except it turns out the dress in question hadn't even been manufactured yet! She was advised to bring the case by rabid Trump-hater George Conway, and the case was funded by Reid Hoffman - a billionaire and major donor to Joe Biden and Democrats (and also a visitor to Epstein Island - AFTER the scandal about Jeffrey Epstein blew up). The accusation she made - that Trump molested her in a Bergdorff's dressing room - was actually straight out of an old Law and Order episode. And guess what? E Jean Carroll was a HUGE fan of this show! Who would have guessed! In normal times this case would have been laughed out of court - in fact it probably never would have even made it to court in the first place. It's beyond absurd, and Ms Carroll is clearly a psychologically unwell person. It's all about 'getting Trump'. Same with the case in New York where they're trying to bankrupt his business in a case where there was no actual damaged party. The New York attorney general Letitia James campaigned heavily on 'going after Donald Trump'. She didn't even know what for - just that she would be going after him. Then you have the case in Georgia (where corrupt district attorney Fani Willis is being exposed big time), as well as the cases brought by Jack Smith in Florida and DC, and the cases brought in numerous states to try and prevent Trump from being on the 2024 presidential ballot (how democratic!)

What's clear is that these people are absolutely TERRIFIED of Donald Trump, and are desperately trying any which way to damage him in an election year
Quote from the article below:

Lowering Costs of Families’ Everyday Expenses

More People Are Working Than At Any Point in American History

Making More in America

Rescued the Economy and Changed the Course of the Pandemic

Rebuilding our Infrastructure

Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans

The First Meaningful Gun Violence Reduction Legislation in 30 Years

Protected Marriage for LGBTQI+ and Interracial Couples

Historic Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Federal Judges of Diverse Backgrounds

Rallied the World to Support Ukraine in Response to Putin’s Aggression

Strengthened Alliances and Partnerships to Deliver for the American People

Successful Counterterrorism Missions Against the Leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS

Executive Orders Protecting Reproductive Rights

Historic Student Debt Relief for Middle- and Working-Class Families

Ending our Failed Approach to Marijuana

Advancing Equity and Racial Justice, Including Historic Criminal Justice Reform

Delivering on the Most Aggressive Climate and Environmental Justice Agenda in American History

More People with Health Insurance Than Ever Before

But all Trump will do is victimise those who disagreed with his agenda, the economy of the US will crumble away and the Dollar will collapse.
This is who America needs...to bring our nation together again...

Unfortunately, he has had to fight to get his name on the ballots...

The Democratic Party is not about democracy any more..It is about power and winning...

Dont give up hope. Possibly soon they might discover some or other medication that could help with the hallucinations you brainwashed democrats are continuously suffering from. But at the moment you are a comedy source with no future.sad flower
I grew up in a world where nearly every country respected the USA and listened and obeyed when it spoke and led the way.
Now i have to agree with you that these democrats have changed all that and WILL soon be the ultimate cause and reason for the downfall of a once mighty nation.

Its people like yourself that are the backbone of great country, and its not yet too late to repair all the damage done by Biden and co.

Dont lose hope.
What gets me the most is that these persons spreading their belief is so brainwashed that he/she/it cant think clearly anymore. They just go on and on spreading the false info that was forced upon them without thinking of the consequences their false narrative might bring.

Enjoy your breezing around and im awatcha-ing it.laugh laugh
Absolutely stunning photos Mimi. Life is just one long honeymoon for some privileged people.laugh

Thanks, Lukeon! It’s called the ‘white privilege’ wink rolling on the floor laughing
Holy Moly!
Where have you been living the last three years since Biden's Inauguration?
Outer Solar Planets?
Interesting thing is,that it was supposed to have happened in a changing Booth next to a Cashier's Station during mid-day Rush!help wow jaw drop
@chancer, my reference is purely to do with what I know and my point is just that.

I tend not to get into the lengthy debates of all the shenanigans taking place on here regarding others and their opinions which I do read and appreciate. Politics is and always has been dirty, no matter what side you bat for, you know that only to well.

People may not agree on points of law, and perhaps feel law is unjust in either criminal or civil especially with technicality involved when they feel the accused is guilty. I sure do know the difference between criminal and civil law only too well.

Totally off topic but for some reason I am reminded of the movie Let Him Have It. The definition of those words to some extent are still debated. Either David Bentley meant hand over the gun to the policeman or literally kill PC Sydney Miles. I believe the former.

Technically She did not cheat on him because she never told him.

Some types only exit from under the rock to watch msm.
rolling on the floor laughing
Prove me wrong rather than attempt to belittle.

Oh wait, you can't as every point has been verified as truth!
Utterly disgraceful. laugh wine

Now before any users here decide to try and read my mind and come up with utter nonsense,. Hell no I ain’t explaining a damn thing folks.wine
And i thought a rooster had speed s€x..

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
And last but not least we have the main 'hater' and organizer that goes against the people's choice of presidents.

Billionaire globalist George Soros and Hillary Clinton have joined forces to kill Donald Trump’s chances of becoming President in 2024, an independent investigation has revealed.

And this:
The lawsuit filed in Colorado to keep President Donald Trump off the ballot in Colorado in 2024 was originally filed in early September of 2023 with the financial backing of a George Soros funded organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

And this:
In a recent article in Politico, the Soros son reveals how the Open Society Institute, one of the most influential radical organizations in the world, will be campaigning against the former president in the upcoming election.

Sad but true:
Knowing They Will Lose At The Ballot Box, Soros-Funded Leftists Turn To Lawfare To Defeat Trump

Google or research all of the above. It's true.
That's my last word on this.

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