The Power of MSM

Who exactly controls main stream media?

Let's take Geert Wilders as an example.


Anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders won a huge victory in Dutch elections, according to a near complete count of the vote early Thursday, in a stunning lurch to the far right for a nation once famed as a beacon of tolerance.

The result will send shockwaves through Europe, where far-right ideology is on the rise, and puts Wilders in line to lead talks to form the next governing coalition and possibly become the first far-right prime minister of the Netherlands.
CBS News.

Reading this one clearly can sense that msm definitely does not like this man. In other articles he is said to be 'Europe's Trump'

And if one msm 'bad mouths' the man, be sure that all the other media giants will follow suite,  not with the exact wording but very similar.

As far as I can make out its mainly conservative institutions and individuals that are attacked.

Does this norm perhaps indicate to us who is controlling msm?

Ultra left?dunno confused

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Judging by the success of propaganda, millions have no idea they are being lied to.
I thought many western countries would be pleased with an anti Islamic president or PM Luke, i haven't looked at what the Dutch are trying to do in their politics..
Some wanna believe it can't be true they been lied to, cos that would mean that the good ones turned bad and who wanna admit such a sad state of affairs.. and so on.
I know only one organization (I am sure there are more), which
USED TO control the main media in Russia for more than 30 years.
Navalnyj is one of his creation( just one of his chicks)

#Open Society Foundations# own by George Soros.

His son is in the business as well,since his father getting old. It is family bussines.
Soros's foundation works in more than 120 countries.
But, who controls him is beyond me.dunno
You are right World is changing. Look at Hungary, Slovenia now it is Holland
By the way G.Soros is a hungerian jewish.thatès why I so proud of Orban who actually made a choice to go against him and EU and work toward Hungarian national interest.
That is what I thought myself as well. But I do believe it happened because all those waves of immigrants to EU were mostly from Countries with Islamic religion.
Easy answer to that one: all the green haird transgender PC woke TDS dumfouks who think 'gays for palestine' makes sense will hate geert wilders, but the normies who after all still are in majority will more or less, passivly or actively support the idea of a far-righty into the mix to halp regain a healty balance.
France and NATO had a big hand in the European refugee crisis when they took down Gaddafi in Libya, Gaddafi was keeping the refugees at bay in Libya now the place is a slave and human trafficking market..
True, even Norway sent F16s (against my vote) -
but keep in mind, that move was mostly a deep state move, as is most
foreign wars. Nato do what Washington say.
I think you actually thought correct, BUT, when it comes to the Globalists future plans then it's not all hunky dory. The countries need to all be submissive as to the grand final plans. They need to toe the line.dunno confused
The msm have mastered the knack of sugar-coating the worst atrocities carried out in the name of 'world peace' etc. Sometimes the blatant lies and construed stories should make anyone sick who have actually done some research about their past 'good' deeds, which are supposed to benefit all mankind. What a fun joke.
I'm sure you have something concrete on this dude. He is and was involved in so many acts of pure 'humanity' all over the world and he is still at it. Yes they say his son have taken over the reigns but the 'master plan' of which he was one of the main under writers has no deviation. The son knows what the end goal is and will strictly comply, of course under the guise of humanity and compassion to the world.. it's a huge scam.
laugh laugh laugh
When you look up liberals vs right they say liberal don't stand for nationalism, etc. In the bigger picture if all the borders were opened and no such thing as identifying with your country then half the battle is won without lifting a finger. That's what is happening in Europe. There you can say "I'm an EU citizen" You can't say "I'm a proud Norwegian with traditions etc." Cos that's what these globalists want to eradicate. That's another reason why Russia is being targeted, because it has so many traditions and moral values. That's wrong.professor
Jmo laugh
Much of this refugees thing is not what it seems.
Right. Best now would be to dissolve Eu, and Nato as well.

They can try to break Russia when Putin one day gets too old,
but if they try step China on their feet- I think some westies will knock their fat arrogant heads against that chinese wall and gain a concussion 2boot.

very happy
Thanks goodness he is in a prison, actually first chargers are for fraud. Check out Yves Rocher case. A lot of people suffered from it. And next chargess for a reabilitation of Nazism and other stuff involving under age children to these and other activities. There is more But I think it is enought to know who he is.
His buddies are still trying to shake the system but with no success. peace
I was trying to find any Belorussian or Russian news about Navalny case and there is NONE.
Freedom of speech Damn it.
Good Lord, how wrong can someone be?

You need to actually visit Europe.

Russia has NEVER had any morals, "That's another reason why Russia is being targeted, because it has so many traditions and moral values ". That is a hilarious statement.

Russia is targeted simply because it decided to brutally attack a sovereign nation.

NATO and the EU is a farce. Just an extention of Washington in my opinion.
Too many getting off with underage kids these days. Especially in the poorer Asian countries. It's sickening.
Let me help you right wise guy.
In 2001 I spent 2 nights in silva ? prison in Bucharest after smacking the snot ot of 2 guys that pick pocketed me on the bridge. When the idiot cop tried talking crap I whacked him in his car too.So don't speak shit you know zero about. I'm not a poverty stricken Filipina from Manila. You can impress those around you but one can see you are a believer and worshipper of msm.
I think I would rather be a wanker than an obnoxious South African thug.

For your information, I have lived and worked in many European countries, I would suggest I have a greater knowledge of European Society and politics than some ignorant SA Russian-worshipping, hoodlum.

I guess if you and I met face to face. you would use violence on me too, violence being your only answer to a problem.

Makes it far clearer why you support Russian aggression.
Pure example of MSM power to brainwash people. Take off a foil hat and you see the reality of the new World Battle.

So, you trying to tell us that when robbers will attack you, you will sit on your bum and let them to rob you clean.(question mark) Are you sure you are a man(question mark).
We need to set something straight from the start.
Arab countries not accepting illegal immigrants is a clear sign they know better.
They warned the West. You can't just let in anyone and expect not to have "welcomed" few extremists.
The religious aspect of that is a pure misconception.
You open the doors and say "come" and be grateful we did invite you.
Yeah, right.
Is that stupidity or a superiority complex?!
The Western colonialists imported their first Muslim immigrants, former colonesee, underestimating the power of "We don't want to become "You" and live like you."
In my country we have managed to live in peace with different ethnic groups , Arab, Armenian, Chinese, Jew, Gypsies and the offspring of our former enslaver, the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish people.
But mind you, we do not want illegal immigrants or people we know won't accept our way of living.
It isn't a Far right ideology, it's called common sense.
Unfortunately some countries have got to that point where they will harm the decent, foreign population in their countries as well.
Hey, Luke wave
I keep an eye on you in case you need a back up, you seem to attract the wrong people's attention with your blogs... laugh
Yes, I absolutely agree! How wrong Lukeon is! What “Russian morals and values”!!! This is ridiculous statement. Man never was in Russia and knows nothing but fiercely patronizing others with his nonsense! He does not know Europe nor he knows Russia. Unbelievable nonsense. doh
I think you don’t realize that you were lied to as well. Your view point is far from reality and truth. I think you brainwashed , don’t know who did your brainwashing but you are very wrong.devil
What i'm waiting for is a government to throw a major lawsuit at any big media outfit and win a big payout from 1 of them Luke, i'm sure media would be a lot more careful about what they say if a govt gets some serious coin out of 1 them..
Govts maybe able to pin media in the ICC courts in some cases where media's words cause many people to die..
You should really get some help for these anger issues that are surfacing in your writing. Hope you are not taking it out on persons that are close to you.
Sad, very sad state of mind you're in.
handshake sigh
"You will sit on your bum"laugh
Most probably he might use it as a bargaining tool.laugh laugh laugh
Looking at the problem from the outside one can see how they expect all these people to conform to their laws and their ways of life.
What a joke. Islam have strict laws they abide by and the liberal way off thinking an living will never be part of lifeforms these guys.
They are silently laughing and waiting.
I absolutely have always only dreamed about having a beautiful lady keep an eye on me. laugh
Wrong people? I'd rather say confused people. laugh
Thanks Ten you a star.bouquet
I won't argue with you Grapes.

I know why you're angry too.

Cool down have some wine wine
Grapewine >>>> wine

I'm pretty sure that Soros and company will just pay the admission of guilt and carry on with their blatant lies and propaganda. dunno cheers
No need to “cool down” nor I am angry , just I see that person who has no knowledge of Russia nor Europe and never lived in Russia nor Europe or even visited arrogantly preaching nonsense and constantly put down people who know what they are talking about. Have your wine instead. devil
Relax this is an 'opinion' blog. No need to stress.
Maybe ask G to bring you some more of those stress reliever cakes, then relax please we not fighting.laugh
Blogs that upset you you should not read its very simple. That's my opinion ok. There are hundreds of other blogs to choose bouquet
I see many African countries are booting the French media out of their countries Luke, it's looking like its not just the French media and language getting the boot but the French education system as well..
I have seen the Burkina military leader talking at high schools and universities in Burkina, Africa has the best solution to BS western media just boot the bastards out..

But it's these African countries making the new constitutions for their countries by their new govts, that's giving the big companies and western countries a hard time..
Their working it out better than any western government has ever done in the history of modern governments..
There must be a valid reason why African countries are 'booting' them out.
I'd say one of the main reasons is the exploitation of resources. The French have always been unpredictable and underhanded in my opinion. Maybe all of what you said above is for the better.thumbs up
handshake cheers
40th comment, and that means I'm signing out. You welcome to still use the space though, just without me as I've said what I've wanted to say.

thumbs up

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