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Photographing and ExperiencingI like to take photos, especially when I go for a stroll and come across something interesting (usually a flower, plant, tree, an animal or the sky)....

Xanthea101617 hrs ago8 hrs ago

No more mister nice guyI have spent the last 15 minutes dashing around causing harmless mischief on several threads, yet no one will take a blind bit of notice. Do I ha...

Harbal49975Apr 20Apr 21
Feeding a Need

Feeding a NeedHave you ever heard the saying, don't be good at something you don't want to do? I heard it many years after I developed the liniment I make, and afte...

LadyImp1508Mar 27Apr 3

How green ? Green with envy ?Some of you may be familiar with the woodpecker named Red Bellied. That bird has a little red on it's underside and a lot more red on it's head. So,...

JimNastics1348Mar 27Mar 29
Rising from the Rubble of Misfortune

Rising from the Rubble of MisfortuneAs I've mentioned before, I post my photos to a local community site. I've garnered a significant following on there, due to the local photos I take o...

LadyImp1379Mar 6Mar 7
Revenge Served Cold

Revenge Served ColdOver the past couple of years, I've immersed myself in my photography, loving every second of it, and being challenged to do more and create more in t...

LadyImp26915Mar 1Mar 6

Nature Photography - OttersOne of the many things I enjoy doing is exploring and photographing nature. So far, I've taken over 3,500 nature photos here in Florida, since I ar...

JimNastics1024Feb 24Feb 25

Photo Lab...For a while now, I wanted to try the Photo Lab services at the Walgreens pharmacy. They offer poster sized 16" x 20" enlargements for $30. I need...

chatillion1069Feb 24Feb 24

You make the caption contestYep, it's about time for some fun on here. If you want to join in, add your own caption(s) for the following photo. My first one is; "Honest,...

JimNastics28416Feb 4Feb 22

Photography - recent sunsetsI've been down in Florida since mid December and having lots of fun. as I always do. One of the many things I enjoy doing is exploring and photo...

JimNastics22428Feb 9Feb 11
Work Who Has Time

Work? Who Has Time?The predicted polar vortex hit us last night, with high winds and freezing temperatures that continue into today. Braving the winds this morning in my...

LadyImp20619Feb 3Feb 6

New Photo Caption Contest - Papal sightingIf you like, have fun adding your own caption(s) for the following photo, or just enjoy the other entries. Your choice. My first entry is;...

JimNastics29422Jan 16Jan 19

"9!!!"Christmas decorations always came down on Jan 6th - twelfth night and my ex's birthday. Last Sunday I had mentally prepared for the packing away of al...

LadyImp19313Jan 9Jan 11

WetThe start of the New Year and I've had to hit the ground running, with orders for photos. I'm always pleasantly surprised when people ask for copies o...

LadyImp28524Jan 3Jan 5
Finding Purpose

Finding PurposeAs usual, the fall has been crazy busy with work and no time for much of anything but either preparing for it, or working. It's a fun but exhausting t...

LadyImp2146Dec 16Dec 27
New camera up grade needed

New camera up-grade needed.............. I have decided to treat myself to a new camera, a new DSLR camera to be more specific. My last DSLR camera bought around 18 years ago, a Fuji Fine...

Hans471143848Dec 18Dec 22
What a briljant birdhouse

What a briljant birdhouse....................... What a briljant birdhouse...

jarred1120-Dec 17
today i was in a bad place

today i was in a bad placeI visited a killing ground a mass grave,no markers,bodies stacked on top of each other the rich discarded along with the poor. some dismembered...

Onthcrestofawave2187Dec 10Dec 11

awwwwFrom the California wildfires of 2009 Di Sieno helped rescue the bobcat kitten in the photo a week before, near Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Ranch, w...

JimNastics15611Nov 18Nov 19
I would do just this in a heartbeat if I had any to get rid of

I would do just this in a heartbeat if I had any to get rid of.Maybe my next door neighbor has some household junk to get rid of....

Bearwoman213-Nov 18Nov 19

I love life - 3 for the love of nature - 2I love life. It can be a truly wonderful experience, if you do your best to make it so. One of the things I enjoy is wild nature and photographing i...

JimNastics1407Oct 27Nov 10
My recent random stuff

My recent random stuffWatch some pictures of my life and some random stuff....

ChristianGTR1453Nov 8Nov 9
Surprising Enterprise

Surprising EnterpriseNow that the rains have returned in earnest, it's time for me to do all those inside chores and other things I've been putting off. Two weeks of nothi...

LadyImp21912Oct 28Oct 29

3 for the love of nature 1One of the things I enjoy is nature. I used to post nature photos on CS a while back. I'm thinking of perhaps doing it again on a weekly, monthly, o...

JimNastics52934Oct 16Oct 17

Photo Caption Contest - poochHere's a cute photo I saw yesterday. It had no caption. So, you know the drill. Have fun adding your own photo caption(s), if you like. My...

JimNastics24420Sep 26Sep 27
Rebellious Cpt Tv

Rebellious Cpt TvWhere you will see my beautiful country mostly mountains through my eyes......

SUGABOY111190Sep 26

Photo Caption Contest - Bear ChaletIf you like, have some fun adding your own caption(s) for the following photo; My first entry is; After hearing the recent movie critics...

JimNastics37026Aug 29Sep 25

Harvest Moon...The moon followed me home last night. Very bright and lots of spots where it peeked through the clouds. I stopped to shoot a few pictures but my cellp...

chatillion1172Sep 25Sep 25

Photo Caption Contest - See Turtle :) (Yes, pun was intended)Just for fun (you do remember having fun don't you ?), add your own appropriate caption(s) for the following photo; My first entry is; 'Sha...

JimNastics57421May 2018Sep 23

Exhilaration!Have you ever done something and felt totally exhilarated afterwards? This morning was one of those mornings for me. This week has been overcast and y...

LadyImp2368Sep 14Sep 15
Itll Be The Death of Me

It'll Be The Death of MeWhat does one do on an overcast day? Well, you can do all the things indoors that you've been putting off, or, if you're me, you get in the car to fin...

LadyImp3489Sep 9Sep 9
Streetwalkin Resorting to the Resort

Streetwalkin': Resorting to the ResortOne of my clients stopped by my house to pick up some product yesterday and advised me that it was smokier where I lived than in Harrison, at the lake...

LadyImp29118Aug 2018Aug 23
StreetWalkin Playing for Notes

StreetWalkin': Playing for NotesOn Friday, I headed down to Fairhaven in the U.S. to take my bike in for it's 10 hour check up. Needless to say, I have ridden far more than 10 hours,...

LadyImp27811Aug 2018Aug 2018
Cant Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd

Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo HerdAs wildfires rampage throughout my province and it being declared a state of emergency with over 600 burning, the one 10 km from me has created a thic...

LadyImp35832Aug 2018Aug 2018

Stuck!!Smoke from a forest fire 6 miles away is so thick you can almost bite the air and chew it, if you could inhale enough air not to choke on the smell. Y...

LadyImp25317Aug 2018Aug 2018
StreetWalker Working the Market

StreetWalker: Working the MarketYesterday I was vending at the White Rock Farmer's Market - a highly popular beach community and where I lived while my daughter was growing up. As I...

LadyImp34721Aug 2018Aug 2018
My Day on the Street

My Day on the StreetAfter a very busy week, I've finally been able to go through my photos of my street photography sojourn to Vancouver. I'll just post the pics and add...

LadyImp32122Aug 2018Aug 2018

Caption This.......Borrowing the theme for this blog from my old buddy, the one the only JimNastics. He has done a lot of these and I found an interesting pic. My cap...

Willy34114648Aug 2018Aug 2018
Street Photo Virgin No More

Street Photo Virgin No MoreYesterday I headed into downtown Vancouver to shoot some street photography. I've never done it, as the rest of the group hadn't, and we had lots of f...

LadyImp27315Aug 2018Aug 2018
Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty in the Eye of the BeholderThese past few months, despite my best efforts, I haven't arisen early enough to capture a sunrise and I haven't found a place that strikes me to take...

LadyImp29116Jul 2018Jul 2018
This and That

This and ThatAfter a really wet and cold June, summer's finally arrived with a vengeance. The temperatures earlier this week were perfect for me, around 24C with a...

LadyImp1914Jul 2018Jul 2018
Spreading Manure

Spreading ManureYes, I definitely live in the heart of agricultural land. What gives it away? Well, the scent of manure spreading for one (similar to CS these days &...

LadyImp26714Jul 2018Jul 2018
"PLAY NOW: Find the Suspect"(meet us in the games)

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