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Some Newer Nature Photos by me

Here's 7 photos that I presented at a local photo club.
They enjoyed them.
Now here for your viewing...... pain or pleasure. laugh

They were all taken shortly after the huge snow storm we received here in New Jersey,
about 18 inches on average with drifts even higher.

First there was a fairly warm day and I went to a small waterfall that I know.
I knew that some of the snow would be melting and make for a nice flow for the waterfall.
So, I went crunching through 2 feet of snow for 150 yards or so to get there & photograph it;

Embedded image from another site

I also caught a naked tree silhouette of a cloudy sunset another evening;

Embedded image from another site

The following 5 were taken near Carnegie Lake in Princeton another day

The ying & yang of a Canadian Geese couple

Embedded image from another site

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Embedded image from another site

Hey ! You've got some gull ! Don't land so close to me !!

Embedded image from another site

Right after I took that photo a small black mink walked almost
over my feet. By the time I switched lenses, it disappeared. dunno

These next 2 are of a female redtail hawk, probably trying to lure me away
from her nest, even though I never saw her nest, while crunching through the woods.
Shortly after these 2 photos she flew higher up in a further away tree
and progressively did it a second time when I followed her. Smart bird.

Embedded image from another site

Embedded image from another site

Hopefully, there was one or 2 that you liked. tip hat

Comments (19)

Jim, it is nice to see someone captured the moment the day I finally kicked my husband out laugh

Need I say I'm referring to the gull one wink
Apparently, one could say that relationship was.....for the birds. laugh
I like all of them, but the redtail hawk is my favorite. I used to say hello to one on my way to work every day. I don't know if it was a male or female but would be on the same high wire in the same spot every day, looking for field mice.

Really good pictures. thumbs up
h - I'm glad you enjoyed them.

The woman across the street from me lost her dog to tumors.
So, now the wild squirrels are her 'pets' (in her mind), that she feeds.
Well, squirrels are redtail hawk's favorite dinner menu.
I've seen as many as 3 redtails in different trees awaiting the squirrels around her house
to climb down to get their peanuts.
Unfortunately, I never have my camera, when they are there.
I usually see them when I am walking back home from a store.

I've had one in my backyard too. But, too hidden in the lush greenery to get a photo.
Nice pictures Mr. TMZ.
I'm glad you enjoyed them Ms. LaF. tip hat
Very noice Jim thumbs up
I'm glad you enjoyed them M. tip hat
Very enjoyable Jim.
I'm glad they brightened you day, Fay. tip hat
I especially like the waterfall one! love

Did you take a dip in it? grin

Great pics, Jim wine
Nice ones , Jim!

I lov ethe waterfall and the sunset
M - I'm glad you enjoyed them.
Noooooooooooooo dip. It was much too cold for that.

C - I'm glad you enjoyed them.
laugh laugh For the birds ... loving the humor giggle wink
I wasn't sure that slang would be understood in Ireland.
But, took a chance. cheers
Like all the birds but that tree catching my eyes most !!!! wow
T - I'm glad you liked them. I often use silhouettes in combination with sunsets, Sometimes it's boats on the water, or a couple kissing, or holding hands, or a statue. I have many sunset photos it's one of my favorite things to photograph due to the variety of colors.
I don't have much knowledge about photography .. But from a viewers angle I can say , You are indeed a good natural photographer !!! thumbs up
Thank you. That's very sweet of you to say so.

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