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Sex change

Sex changeIf a man , now remember God made man , cuts off his genital and replaces it with a va*ina would he do everything like a woman ? They are calling it...

Annleerose63948Nov 30Dec 3
Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sittingSocial justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA...

Mapmaker72775Nov 18Nov 29
I am

I amTrying to understand . Why in God"s name would you message me to ask me where I am from when all you have to do is read my profile ? If you have noth...

Annleerose19414Nov 22Nov 22

ProfileMr London8 thought he was great, he sent me a photo but it is fake . Should I expose him and make him shake ? Or let it be ?because he can't fool me...

Annleerose1235Nov 20Nov 20
This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation

This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation.OK, there has been some confusion lately, which is leading to anxiety and nail biting. People asking questions and making observations about all sorts...

pat8lanips62422May 9Nov 8
No flying tonight

No flying tonightIf you happen to be another wicked witch from the west.... perhaps it would be in your best interest not to go flying tonight But if you must...

itchywitch50646Oct 31Oct 31
Real love making

Real love makingI hear so many women complaining about how unloved they are. How their significant others are clueless on how to satisfy them. Even more surprising...

kermitduell831Oct 30Oct 30

soarI know my time may be short in this game Unless I am a valuable player Most valuable player? I was never good at sports I'm glad this isn't a spor...

freehand20510Oct 26Oct 27
Call it witchcraft

Call it witchcraft ...But now you see me.... Now you don't...

itchywitch3229Oct 19Oct 25
Shirt on or shirt off

Shirt on or shirt off ?What you girls really think of a guy that post bare chested picture as profile picture in the social media... you know the all muscle adonis belt type...

Kasih1,460123Oct 14Oct 25

Man´s Worth And Evolution Throughout The Ages...Following my blog about how wonderful women are, I thought I´d write about men and their wonderfulness and how little appreciated they are.... in ord...

daniela77738943Sep 27Sep 27
Crazyheart3835725Sep 21Sep 21
Cocky Young Men

Cocky Young MenJust because they're younger... I prefer men older than me, at least 10 years older but I do get offers from younger men who thinks older men c...

Crazyheart3886491Sep 11Sep 12
MGTOW and Mens rights

MGTOW and Mens rightsMEN GO THEIR OWN WAY – this is a man’s group and they talk about male issues in society. Ever felt let down, wondered why you are being held back,...

Freedomofspeech9408-Aug 21Aug 28
A Question

A Question.Should Prince Charles step aside and allow William and Harry to be the next Kings, as they are more popular with the public and lets face it, the whol...

pat8lanips31617Jul 29Aug 3
I Think Im Past My Sell By Date

I Think I'm Past My Sell-By-DateWhat about you? Joining this site just proved that I'm way past my sell-by-date I was looking for someone worth my time and effort, the right one w...

TheOne121083788Jul 25Jul 26
His Eminence and his Excellency the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump

His Eminence and his Excellency, the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump.Getting a tree top man crush here after watching his one hour spell binding addresss to the mostly Republican US Congress. Can you say inducing of a l...

Aaltarboy26016Mar 1Jul 25
Should a woman make the first move

Should a woman make the first move?I have been doing some reading about online dating and have noticed that women are encouraged to make the initial contact with members as long as they...

camesha68150Jul 22Jul 24
Big truck small schlong

Big truck.....small schlong.First, kudus to our illustrious Pres. for bringing this last word above for the male member back into everyday usage. Bravo hates his medicines, even...

Aaltarboy1574Jul 19Jul 20
Fathers Day

Fathers DayA big happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers on CS!...

Gentlejim1813Jun 18Jun 18
Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day in the USA.Sitting here in Micky D's, cheaply using their free wifi, with Mr. Bravo patiently guarding the car outside (he'd welcome anyone in---showing them my...

Aaltarboy1728May 29May 29
mama uuuuuu

mama, uuuuuuA guy with mama on his profile picture, asked me, what am I looking for? ... he made me thinking......

bloodyawfull3638Apr 30Apr 30

LoveLet's face it; most of us are on these dating sites to find true love...some not, but that is another story and I do not want to focus on those that s...

worldwide225012Apr 19Apr 19
Hanging out Is it a boy thing

Hanging out. Is it a boy thing?I've heard that venues exist for females, but it would seem that most are not daily, and are usually dearly commercial. Hairdressers, Tupperware parti...

Aaltarboy2019Apr 3Apr 3
St Josephs House of Hospitality

St.Joseph's House of HospitalityThis facility located in Pittsburgh, PA, close to PPG Paints Arena, houses guys-some with military backgrounds(veterans) and guys with none that stay...

Greg581311Mar 31Mar 31
war and more war

war and more warafter the second war and after the devastation europe succumbing to its trauma beame very beautiful then we have peace being to peaceful causes more p...

duncansantan1412Mar 25Mar 27
Whats in a name

What's in a name?I'm shocked, shocked I say. Some crumb in Belgium tried to run over pedestrians today, like the MUSLIM ISLAMIC degenerate in London. Missed all the IN...

Aaltarboy1486Mar 23Mar 24

MONEY AND LOVEmoney cant buy you love but money cn buy me basic need needs like food clothing and shelter. men run after women for love and sex but women are smart...

duncansantan2145Mar 22Mar 23
moving time

moving timeI bought a house and most of you are invited. time for next step in life...

Len0535217Feb 24Feb 27
Life partner or Female Staff

Life partner or Female Staff ..?A man looking for a new wife or life partner to spend the rest of his life with. When being asked what are the ideal type of woman he is looking for...

Meiling27921Feb 21Feb 22
About me

About meI don’t like my mind right now.Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary.Wish that I could slow things down.I wanna let go but there’s comfort in t...

skaligsm1694Feb 21Feb 21
Are British gentlemen a dying breed

Are British gentlemen a dying breed?In the age of videogames and internet porn are British gentleman like depicted on films a dying breed?...

Unknown2635Jan 30Jan 31

Trustits hard to trust someone who have been so disrespectful even if they lie to you cheated on you....

Sheka1232279Jan 23Jan 23

TrustWhat to do when your boyfriend has created a phony profile to spy on you ? He says he trusts me but yet spies on me all of the time ....

Abby19631,001122Jan 12Jan 13
tMickeyMann A Compatability Assessment

tMickeyMann A Compatability AssessmentAs someone with high self-confidence, you feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, you find the company of others very stimulatin...

tMickeyMann45228Jan 6Jan 7
So whos who now lol

So who's who now?! lol;A man who cries not even moaning when eating candies.I've survived so fine by rubbing other boy's girlfriends,never been caught nor dream about being...

Esir0772462Nov 2016Dec 2016
Odd bods

Odd bodsSo many weirdos on this.... I'm weird but not like ... Proper like...

sarah06060674726Jun 2016Nov 2016
I need some fun

I need some fun ..Looking for a good man to take me out an have fun...

Sexyludlowchic243220Nov 2016
So unbearable so unfair

So unbearable,so unfair;] A man will drill his girl,wife, whatever, like two to four hours at night and in all that time she’s moaning, after getting...

Esir07747040Nov 2016Nov 2016
A first date from Css guys

A first date from Cs's guysHeeee yoh! i met this guy in this web and he had a pic on hi profile looking good and sexy,we chat and decided to meet now face to face. When he comes...

lakjwanti48712Oct 2016Oct 2016
men who try to hard in relationship words of wisd

men who try to hard in relationship (words of wisdHey guys, I dont know if this topic has bin covered already my apologies if it has. This is probable a guys blog but you girls are welcome to throw yo...

seabeans35312Sep 2016Oct 2016

GUYS....DON'T POST PICS OF YOURSELF IN DAYGLO....There's nothing attractive about seeing a guy in his dayglo yellow or orange. Women really don't want to see you in work, or former, mode. Put a bi...

lillyleaf4315Oct 2016Oct 2016
Cachuchi: "Virtual dating after CS"(meet us in the blogs)

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