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JimNastics835Jul 1Jul 2
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Cardinal Georgie Boy Pell.On high court appeal, his conviction, and 6 year jail sentence, were overturned. Actually "quashed", so no new adjudication is possible. Supposedly, t...

Vierkaesehoch47953Apr 7Apr 15
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where are the older Jewish guys?Can anyone tell me where all the older Jewish guys are? I keep running into a brunch of real jerks. I am 71 years old but active/educated a great sens...

Irishrose194931812Apr 1Apr 3
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Shaving...I went 5 days without shaving. Why? It only takes 10 minutes to shave and it's usually before a shower (that I do daily) and I usually regret waiting...

chatillion27017Mar 30Apr 1
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Contacting me on my private CS mail....MEN!!!!...I of course am delighted, whenever one of you dazzling and brilliant CS LADIES contact me on my CS internal mail. I truly regret how often I have t...

Vierkaesehoch33514Mar 29Mar 31
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The Psyche of cowards who use the internet to insultHe is not tall and flouts it like a boast, invites people to call him height-challenged He speaks of a Ll77 as red-kneed nurse, implying she is kneel...

FargoFan80958Mar 25Mar 28
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Long Live Male Sex Drive

Long Live Male Sex Drive!You have to give the creator of human beings credit. They had the foresight to make males' sex drive even more powerful than females' attempts to deny...

TopSecret13519Aug 2019Mar 23
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Shrinkage in men----sagging in women......yes, all, it's a fact of life for most, but not for all. In these liberated days of the woman on top, and of wearing gold neck bling to bed, well,...

Vierkaesehoch28210Mar 22Mar 22
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This one's especially for our good friend...........Fag-O-Fan..... Alas, Mart Croney, (sp?), the trouser snake worshiping Brit playwright, has died. His 60's play about homosexuals, males, one pre...

Vierkaesehoch1820Mar 9Go to Last Post

Professor Rush more deserving of the honorary title, than our last Affirmative action POTUS, whose given title of "law Professor of Constitutional studies",...

Vierkaesehoch1851Feb 4Feb 28
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Sir Elton.....Loses voice in Kiwi Concert........ Cries onto 88's, saying, "I can't play, just lost my voice." Did finish some of date. Roadies and band members comfort him, and help the 72 YO o...

Vierkaesehoch1604Feb 16Feb 16
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Widowed men

Widowed men..I can't believe that in the last 24 hours, 8 widowed men, 6 in the half hour, the widowed men with only one child emailed/messaged me. That's about...

1_SPCTR77758Feb 3Feb 15
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Please forgive meI somehow didn't fully hear what you were saying. Perhaps my "train of thought got derailed" (an old Phoebe Snow line). Maybe my mind wandered a bi...

JimNastics2752Jan 19Jan 20
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MIGA--- Make Iran Great Again......our Brilliant Supreme Leader's partnership challenge to the Islamic Workers' Paradise republic. Of course, there's the emigres' selection effect, b...

Vierkaesehoch23013Jan 9Jan 18
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Puerile pathetic plausible deniability.........Iran and the Ukraine Int. Air disaster. No need for me to catalog the growing evidence, technical and otherwise, beginning with near immediate Sta...

Vierkaesehoch28815Jan 10Jan 11
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Marty Cohen...I knew a salesman named Marty Cohen. He was popular with the Latin (Cuban) factory workers who had their folding chairs in the front parking lot durin...

chatillion1395Dec 16Dec 17
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Fast car, big truck, long pistol, loud stereo, tall hat, big heels........small manhood. I've heard this a lot, mostly from women. But what could it ever possibly mean?...

Vierkaesehoch2369Nov 30Dec 1
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At 48 years old, you shall be ashamed!!Ok... So I was contacted by a guy, here... Wanted to know my name and email and get to know me better... I told him my name and gave my email... He...

Melody16711,220-Nov 12Nov 14
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OK Men Here is ur chance to prove me wrong

OK Men - Here is ur chance to prove me wrong !For all the men I have known in the last 1+ years:- 1. A short resu...

Snookums34,737185May 2016Nov 14
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Men on his 50s

Men on his 50’sJust wonder, what criteria of woman that men in his 50’s looking for out there?...

Meiling41516Jul 2019Aug 2019
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So so mad

So so madGrr im so mad at mo lol...i stated on my profile that i dont date men from abroad.. And what happens then. I get inundated with nen from abroad sendi...

Licklelegs3196Jul 2019Jul 2019
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am easy going

am easy goingenjoying time with family and friends going to cafe going to concert going to beach going to park diving watching tv hiking skiing playing g...

sakura0hana2526Jun 2019Jul 2019
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Men think/act.So, walking Bravo, and an acquaintance approaches. I know this beautiful lady, and sure enough, so does Bravo. She is a total dog lover, and spends a...

Vierkaesehoch2612Jun 2019Jun 2019
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Why Men Incessantly Flirt

Why Men Incessantly FlirtWork the logic backwards to see the point. The survival of the human race depends on reproduction. Reproduction depends on relations between men and...

Diamond_Rain49322May 2019Jun 2019
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David Lee Roth is beginning to look like...I caught a few year old interview with singer David Lee Roth (of Van Halen fame) and at 64 years old, he's lost a good portion of his hair. I'm not su...

chatillion8977Mar 2019Apr 2019
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Womens preference six packs or other

Women's preference six packs or other.Noticed threads about ladies body - build - size preferences in general. What body - build - size to the ladies really look for In a soulmate....

Xxsmilesxx2073Mar 2019Mar 2019
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I Just Got Myself A Perfect Man and Hes All Mine

I Just Got Myself A Perfect Man and He's All Mine.He offered himself to me, he's been unowned for 15 months now and yearning to be owned again, by me!. He is submissive , nicely-built and single. I l...

Crazyheart381,183115Mar 2019Mar 2019
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Silhouette of A Woman

Silhouette of A Woman..I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! A good advi...

Kalpataru1,939-Feb 2018Feb 2019
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Mr. Jack Boggle.Didn't quite make 90 today, and will be missed by folks who know about the usual slimy sharks that are investment brokers/advisors. This decent man, w...

Vierkaesehoch1810Jan 2019Go to Last Post

Pre-Kavanaugh confirmation.....or not.First up, an EXCELLENT take by Trevor Noah;...

JimNastics51410Oct 2018Oct 2018
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MIDLIFE CRISISA midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old....

ysabeljhen4295Aug 2018Aug 2018
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Can men handle a woman being real with him

Can men handle a woman being real with him.What do men call a real woman? How will you identify this lady you're seeking, she can be real as you need her to be, but 1 mistake they whip her with...

dinidee4496Jul 2018Jul 2018
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Reasons Why More Mens Compare To Woman Get Depression

Reasons Why? More Mens Compare To Woman Get Depression?This is Started at High School! They Dream Big! More then females They Wish to be an Architects ,Doctors, Engineers Or An Apprenticeship on a High...

falicia55212Jul 2018Jul 2018
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Women and men.....Hilary, Bernie, Barach Hussein O---Lord Chambelain.....and then, The Donald.....respectively. Is real diplomacy with tangable outcomes a task for men...

Vierkaesehoch3262Jun 2018Jun 2018
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SHOCKING email in my box

SHOCKING email .in my i am not allowed to post of the senders mail says he is living in Saudi Arabia.... the mail reads as this........

dimplesimple54120May 2018May 2018
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Real People Vs Scammers

Real People Vs ScammersFor some reason, there seems to be a lot of scammers out there. They say the same old lines, like they are widowed or do a contracting job. Do real me...

MoonStarsAndLove54424May 2018May 2018
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The richest MAN on earth

The richest MAN on earth........With so much of social service, selfless charity, noble international awards, but yet very less popularity, Kalyanasundaram is indeed an unsung Man of...

dimplesimple3161May 2018May 2018
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Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame....of the French police, and French military, displayed the highest forms of courage and service to fellow citizens, his fellow officers, and his country...

Vierkaesehoch6044Mar 2018Apr 2018
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If this is you its time to have a rethink

If this is you, it's time to have a rethink.When the only person you are fooling is yourself, perhaps it's time to reassess your position, before you're left without a leg to stand on. Discla...

Harbal1,45262Apr 2018Apr 2018
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Does True Love still exist

Does True Love still exist ???Is there such a thing as real true love anymore, or does it just reside in one's wallet ..??? been single now for 8 years ..of which I haven't dat...

Buddy4you76522Feb 2018Mar 2018
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You Dont Understand Us

You Don’t Understand UsYes, I know that we have given up trying to understand women a long time ago but that does not mean that you have to give up just as easily. We are mo...

Catfoot1,21548Dec 2017Dec 2017
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Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sittingSocial justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA...

Mapmaker1,59875Nov 2017Nov 2017
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