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am easy going

am easy goingenjoying time with family and friends going to cafe going to concert going to beach going to park diving watching tv hiking skiing playing g...

sakura0hana1556Jun 22Jul 7

Men think/act.So, walking Bravo, and an acquaintance approaches. I know this beautiful lady, and sure enough, so does Bravo. She is a total dog lover, and spends a...

Vierkaesehoch1442Jun 25Jun 26

Why Men Incessantly FlirtWork the logic backwards to see the point. The survival of the human race depends on reproduction. Reproduction depends on relations between men and...

Diamond_Rain38322May 6Jun 1

Night time horrorwhen you look forward to jumping into a nice warm bed only to find to your shock and horror after laying it down, you forgot to switch the electric bl...

itchywitch198-May 11May 12
Hun sweetheart my love

Hun , sweetheart , my love .Trying to understand this . Talking to someone for the first time , be it written messages or on the phone , and every line is yes hun , no hun , hun...

Annleerose19210May 6May 6

David Lee Roth is beginning to look like...I caught a few year old interview with singer David Lee Roth (of Van Halen fame) and at 64 years old, he's lost a good portion of his hair. I'm not su...

chatillion2367Mar 26Apr 15
Womens preference six packs or other

Women's preference six packs or other.Noticed threads about ladies body - build - size preferences in general. What body - build - size to the ladies really look for In a soulmate....

Xxsmilesxx1143Mar 24Mar 24
I Just Got Myself A Perfect Man and Hes All Mine

I Just Got Myself A Perfect Man and He's All Mine.He offered himself to me, he's been unowned for 15 months now and yearning to be owned again, by me!. He is submissive , nicely-built and single. I l...

Crazyheart38942115Mar 5Mar 7

Silhouette of A Woman..I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start talking about breasts.. my breasts! A good advi...

Kalpataru1,679-Feb 2018Feb 9

Mr. Jack Boggle.Didn't quite make 90 today, and will be missed by folks who know about the usual slimy sharks that are investment brokers/advisors. This decent man, w...

Vierkaesehoch1020Jan 17
November is Coldest in 42 Years Official Says

November is Coldest in 42 Years, Official SaysCLINTON, IA — November 2018 was the coldest November in Clinton in 42 years, Jim Blaess, official weather observer for the National Weather Service, s...

AmpleCurves37329Dec 5Dec 6
The truth

The truthI decided to stop being rude by not answering mail so started to tell them about my wonderful life in the woods. None of them bothered to reply to my...

ekself92865May 2018Oct 2018

Pre-Kavanaugh confirmation.....or not.First up, an EXCELLENT take by Trevor Noah;...

JimNastics41710Oct 2018Oct 2018
Into the blue pump it up

Into the blue/pump it upI'm very proud to be among the ones that abstain.From that dastardly little blue pill that is. Turning 60 next year an proud to say attentions never n...

Bentlee34317Sep 2018Sep 2018

MIDLIFE CRISISA midlife crisis is a transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old....

ysabeljhen3565Aug 2018Aug 2018
Can men handle a woman being real with him

Can men handle a woman being real with him.What do men call a real woman? How will you identify this lady you're seeking, she can be real as you need her to be, but 1 mistake they whip her with...

dinidee3566Jul 2018Jul 2018

Reasons Why? More Mens Compare To Woman Get Depression?This is Started at High School! They Dream Big! More then females They Wish to be an Architects ,Doctors, Engineers Or An Apprenticeship on a High...

falicia47412Jul 2018Jul 2018

Women and men.....Hilary, Bernie, Barach Hussein O---Lord Chambelain.....and then, The Donald.....respectively. Is real diplomacy with tangable outcomes a task for men...

Vierkaesehoch2512Jun 2018Jun 2018
SHOCKING email in my box

SHOCKING email .in my i am not allowed to post of the senders mail says he is living in Saudi Arabia.... the mail reads as this........

dimplesimple45520May 2018May 2018
Real People Vs Scammers

Real People Vs ScammersFor some reason, there seems to be a lot of scammers out there. They say the same old lines, like they are widowed or do a contracting job. Do real me...

MoonStarsAndLove46124May 2018May 2018
The richest MAN on earth

The richest MAN on earth........With so much of social service, selfless charity, noble international awards, but yet very less popularity, Kalyanasundaram is indeed an unsung Man of...

dimplesimple2431May 2018May 2018

Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Bertrame....of the French police, and French military, displayed the highest forms of courage and service to fellow citizens, his fellow officers, and his country...

Vierkaesehoch5314Mar 2018Apr 2018
If this is you its time to have a rethink

If this is you, it's time to have a rethink.When the only person you are fooling is yourself, perhaps it's time to reassess your position, before you're left without a leg to stand on. Discla...

Harbal1,23162Apr 2018Apr 2018
Does True Love still exist

Does True Love still exist ???Is there such a thing as real true love anymore, or does it just reside in one's wallet ..??? been single now for 8 years ..of which I haven't dat...

Buddy4you68422Feb 2018Mar 2018

You Don’t Understand UsYes, I know that we have given up trying to understand women a long time ago but that does not mean that you have to give up just as easily. We are mo...

Catfoot97848Dec 2017Dec 2017
Manspreading and the re evaluation of sitting

Manspreading and the re-evaluation of sittingSocial justice busybodies and greedy public transport people are attempting to eradicate manspreading, its illegal in some countries including the USA...

Mapmaker1,35375Nov 2017Nov 2017
This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation

This is the new way of managing the blog comment situation.OK, there has been some confusion lately, which is leading to anxiety and nail biting. People asking questions and making observations about all sorts...

pat8lanips83222May 2017Nov 2017

No flying tonightIf you happen to be another wicked witch from the west.... perhaps it would be in your best interest not to go flying tonight But if you must...

itchywitch93246Oct 2017Oct 2017
Real love making

Real love makingI hear so many women complaining about how unloved they are. How their significant others are clueless on how to satisfy them. Even more surprising...

kermitduell3651Oct 2017Oct 2017

soarI know my time may be short in this game Unless I am a valuable player Most valuable player? I was never good at sports I'm glad this isn't a spor...

freehand41710Oct 2017Oct 2017

Call it witchcraft ...But now you see me.... Now you don't...

itchywitch5189Oct 2017Oct 2017
Shirt on or shirt off

Shirt on or shirt off ?What you girls really think of a guy that post bare chested picture as profile picture in the social media... you know the all muscle adonis belt type...

Kasih2,321123Oct 2017Oct 2017

Man´s Worth And Evolution Throughout The Ages...Following my blog about how wonderful women are, I thought I´d write about men and their wonderfulness and how little appreciated they are.... in ord...

daniela77786243Sep 2017Sep 2017
MGTOW and Mens rights

MGTOW and Mens rightsMEN GO THEIR OWN WAY – this is a man’s group and they talk about male issues in society. Ever felt let down, wondered why you are being held back,...

Freedomofspeech9772-Aug 2017Aug 2017
A Question

A Question.Should Prince Charles step aside and allow William and Harry to be the next Kings, as they are more popular with the public and lets face it, the whol...

pat8lanips53517Jul 2017Aug 2017
I Think Im Past My Sell By Date

I Think I'm Past My Sell-By-DateWhat about you? Joining this site just proved that I'm way past my sell-by-date I was looking for someone worth my time and effort, the right one w...

TheOne12101,30288Jul 2017Jul 2017
His Eminence and his Excellency the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump

His Eminence and his Excellency, the Wise and Honorable El Presidente Grandissimo Donald Trump.Getting a tree top man crush here after watching his one hour spell binding addresss to the mostly Republican US Congress. Can you say inducing of a l...

Aaltarboy45116Mar 2017Jul 2017
Should a woman make the first move

Should a woman make the first move?I have been doing some reading about online dating and have noticed that women are encouraged to make the initial contact with members as long as they...

camesha1,02550Jul 2017Jul 2017
Big truck small schlong

Big truck.....small schlong.First, kudus to our illustrious Pres. for bringing this last word above for the male member back into everyday usage. Bravo hates his medicines, even...

Aaltarboy3104Jul 2017Jul 2017

Fathers DayA big happy Fathers Day to all of the fathers on CS!...

Gentlejim3573Jun 2017Jun 2017
Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day in the USA.Sitting here in Micky D's, cheaply using their free wifi, with Mr. Bravo patiently guarding the car outside (he'd welcome anyone in---showing them my...

Aaltarboy3388May 2017May 2017

LoveLet's face it; most of us are on these dating sites to find true love...some not, but that is another story and I do not want to focus on those that s...

worldwide242712Apr 2017Apr 2017
lisabv2012: "Top Ten Songs I love"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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