Community Garden

In my early twenties when I bought five acres of sand, I got into gardening, with that much land it was easy., once the truck load of chicken shit was...
9960Jul 14Jul 148 hrs ago

Things that make you smile

Hi folks. I use Facebook to see the different activities my friends and especially family members are involved in. It keeps me updated on many thing...
168131Jul 11Jul 128 hrs ago

End of Seasons

Still feel a bit green to blogging but I need to write rather than pay a therapist also spelled "TheRapist". If I need advise, a blog is a great plac...
194130Apr 10Apr 13Jul 16

Sleep Disorder

This is often why I blog - my sleep pattern has gone whacko. On a 40 hr work week schedule I have to try to force sleep when I can, after retirement...
226170Apr 10Apr 12Jul 16

Good Morning from a New Boomer in Orlando

Good Day to the world. I'm a newbie to CS but an experienced blogger looking for a place to blog for the theraputic value it provides me for free....
349240Apr 8Apr 98 hrs ago

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