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The Mimi


I believe the only person here that makes my jaw fall open so often is The Mimi. Everytime I get all ready to brag about what a great blog - I get "comments disabled" which makes me grumble.

I can't remember any of the blogs except the last one that inspired me to write this blog as a thank you. The dog blog made me grin so hard a cheshire cat would have been jealous. I wasn't only grinning, I kept grinning harder until it almost hurt. I wanted to share to but guess what I was disabled.

Why Mimi why?

You can tell me in private or not at all - it won't change how much I admire you

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Yeah, I agree... Why, Mimi?... Why???... laugh hug

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I remember asking Mimi the exact same thing..Her blogs are the best of the best..I think Mimi said something along the lines of having to reply to all..I could be wrong but I was always at Mimi to allow us to post on her fab blogs..Mimi will explain way better than I have.
Why ? Because it's what she prefers, and she has a right to do it that way.
We all do.
Jim my mate..We know Mimi can choose to do whatever..We're complimenting Mimi..Mimi's blogs are delightful..They bring a spark to the blogs.
Hey Jim the same implies to me - I get to do what I want to and I want to ask why. Looks like I'm not the only one and if she answers me or not I will be satisfied.

I'm as easy to please as a Sunday morning.
The "Jim Explanation" Explained ...


Hi everyone! applause applause applause

The truth is .....

MiMi is not good with replying comments.

I mean I’m not good at replying comments on my blogs with real good witty comments like some of you do here thumbs up I’ve always envied that blues

I’m glad you enjoy my blogs though blushing
Thank you everyone hug teddybear bouquet
Just for you to know, sweet Mimi... When I comment on any blogs, I don't expect any kind of "special" or "out of this world" replies... Just a simple warm hearted "soul to soul" interaction... You are a warm hearted person, Mimi, so trust me, you have NOTHING to envy of/about anyone, here... Just the total opposite... Anyway, if you ever want to give it a try, I will be more than happy to be part of it... hug teddybear
I’ll try with my next blog, Melody grin

Thank you teddybear
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... You just melted my heart!... Counting the hours to Mimi's next blog... laugh hug teddybear

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Don't change Mimi, you do you. All we wanted was an answer so thank you.

I really like Mic's philosophy. Whatever I want because I can.
That's absolutely true... Mimi, if you feel like you are being pushed or think you won't feel comfortable, please, don't do it... Keep following your heart, sweet soul... hug bouquet teddybear
Oh I do like this... Mimi has been so consistent over the years. She deserves recognition for what she offers.
Yeah that's the ticket - we are all giving recognition not requesting change. Mimi must be Mimi so we can all continue to Love the Mimi. cheering

It is pretty impressive in the online world for a blog to get written about someone and there is not one negative post from a troll. That doesn't happen often.

It's a shame that is how we rate a good blog... the participants have an opportunity to interact and learn. But I agree... I like that this blog was on such a positive topic. Kudos to you UnFayzed.
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