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Any other men, or CS ladies who like women,.....

...or any mix of the above, found that for a variety of reasons, Malta might not exactly be a main lode for finding grounded females with potential for making committed long term partners? Just wondering out loud.
I'm thinking, as with most migrations, that there might exist strong selective pressures at work. As when pretty poor ladies selectively migrate to certain large cities.

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Why is someone from Malta any different to someone from another country? There are good, bad and indifferent in every ccountry.
Don't be such a chump, LH. But you are an expert at it. As with playing human Saint while casting virtuous aspersions to the Lord's good world. And one more suggestion. Attach a cover to the mask, running from eyebrows way up, VERY way, to the hair line.
But here's a clue for you to get on little shishi Malta. Look up the top places for ex workers's paradice USSR corrupt rich,VERY rich, oligarchs, to do their sniffing.
Tootles. As always.
Per Crypto & her Mcblogment of yester year..
..we are working with top Tier Elevator personnel to develop the new rainbow / radio language of
Total Correctness.

With soon as you drop 'malta' on the screen, McBob is already at 97.4% awareness...

Example....the icon...peace
..the de Cryption....F U L L. N I X O N.
Sample 2...head banger

Arthritis pending.

003....angel ....WING COMMAND
Yes, AB. Sorry if that's your very own arthritis. Few get through later years of life without at least a trace of one of the varieties. Just be grateful if it wasn't one of the juvenile onset types.
Never been to Malta, and it may be swell. But there seems to be a greater population adjusted concentration of more hottie tarts, and fewer others, than most places. Except larger western cities.
There's certainly much more money, if in fewer hands of some, as mentioned.
Correlations in life raise suspicion. And help generate testable hypotheses. But do not prove things. As in that between hot GD's, and money.
Words to the wise usually suffice.
well as a long lover of malta for relaxation and holidays , i can honestly say that the maltese are the nicest people i have had the pleasure of meeting, maltese women are not only beautiful but also very graceful but most of all very proud and carry them selves with poise and dignity , also malta has more churches than any place for its size which 27 kilometres long by 16 kilometres wide, the churches number 359 which is a lot of churches , , so in my book malta has to be the best island in the med,,,and i have been to a lot of the islands ,,,
Good points, E. Thanks. I'm referring to women who relocate to Malta. Many from other parts of EU. I've found a very high percentage who love it there, but then can't really afford it, and so seem to be after one thing. GD's. But only anecdotal evidence on my part, which is why I asked for opinions. It all seemed to strike me as odd. But perhaps predictable.
v ..the cost of living in malta is not to bad ,,but the property prices are astronomical a two bed apartment on the sea front would set you back about 1.5 million dollars , a lot of wealthy people use malta just for holiday homes and some of the boats that moor there would be in the 30 million plus price range , it is probably due to it being a tax haven for the rich ,,
Though I've never been to Spain, eYe do know that Mr. 45 needs Swiss health plan & Knight of Malta status to avoid further orange man abatement claws. From magic Chuck & friends.
Even saying...he may be headed for jail...
..that is either deluxe fake news...
Or a real Halloween truck.

O o 4.....very mad ..cme..
Coronal mass Extinction.
Physics....oo5....rolling on the floor laughing man down.) Heimlich stat.
O6...wave ...Hi. I'm Joe & eYe want to meet your sister.
...o7.....frustrated ....enjoy the Masonry.
Yes, E. Sort of my points. Thanks. Here we live by the ocean for a fraction of that. Those prices would keep me away from many such places. House poor ain't good. But I'm hardly an oligarch.
I don't know about women, but I talked to several Englishmen on this site who lived on Malta (they relocated from England). One of them told me it's rather difficult to have a business there - a lot of corruption, criminal, bad laws and not too many women of Europen background around his age to meet and date. It seems that there are a lot of foreigners there from various countries and cultures.
Thanks, all. And SF, that is my impression of the place as well, never having been there. But just compare the percentage of hottie lookers there, with most other similar places. See if you agree. Two things. The oligarchs seem often to settle in such environments, with exceptions. And perhaps s*xual biology is more destiny than we would like to think. GD's galore?
nice of you to stay inline and not rock that boat that potentially can wreck on the next wave
You are so correct and with it, as ever, CO. Already seeing positive changes. Of course, now the trick is for our State and National Pols to get it. World as well. The latter can take it's sweet time. Thanks.

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