Time and God

we are in end time,time is short,Don,t lose time because soon will end, then is judgement and you could lose salvation.but find a bible and learn ne...
27-0Dec 10Dec 10Dec 14

Heaven and hell

Heaven is place of Beauty and Life,would be good when people go there,is great joy ,is Beauty,Peace and desireful to live there. Those that believ...
47-0Dec 1Dec 1Dec 15

Hell exist and is not eternal

Protestant christians say that hell is eternal,forever. This is wrong and not true,also in bible is translated as hell is eternal,forever,so is wrong...
50-0Nov 21Nov 2111 hrs ago

God is Good

Jesus said:no one is Good but God is Good. The Goodness comes from God to Jesus,to Angels and to men. some people who know not God say:many children...
53-0Nov 15Nov 15Dec 11

Why Love is broken?

Why people suffer when love is broken? Well, love is special thing it require to be all things suitable for man and woman! When man and woman is not...
59-1Nov 6Nov 6Dec 15

can true christians take arms to fight?

Jesus said: i am not of this world, if i were of this world,my disciples would fight! So why people take arms? Jesus said:if you take up the sword yo...
68-0Nov 4Nov 4Dec 12

Love your neighbours

Who are your neighbours? Neighbours are men you see daily. God,s commandment says: love your neighbours as your self. Jesus said: Your other self yo...
62-0Oct 31Oct 314 hrs ago

Love and peace heals

Have you wonder why people become sick and suffer ? Why they have troubles in life and wars ? IS BECAUSE THEY DON,T OBEY COMMANDMENTS OF THE LAW OF...
60-1Oct 25Oct 25Dec 10

do we need obey God?

Jesus said: i came not to destroy the law but to fulfil. Jesus said to his disciples: if you obey my commandments (of the law),you showed to love me...
68-0Oct 21Oct 21Dec 10

seek Truth and know God

Who so ever seek Truth from bible or other place, will know God by believing and obeying his commandments,and will be saved from evil and from sin....
13130Oct 11Oct 11Dec 15

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