Those who do evil and kill,will lose peace and have restless and suffer

Why so many people desire to kill and make war?
who give them desire to kill and make war?
Many people are teachen to do evil and killing and make war and many others have bad thoughts to do
killings and war..!
It is the devil who bring hate to people and so people do wars and killings.
Suffering peaceless and restless and other terrible suffers is so bad,those who have terrible!
So to not kill and do no wars and no evil:is those who need do love and peace.
There where is no peace there is the devil.
So think right and do no evil and no war and no killing, but do love and peace and you become blessed.
those who do peace are called:children of God, Jesus said.
Those who don,t believe Jesus as son of God they have no God.God send Jesus to believe and obey him and so Jesus made known God to those who believe Jesus.
Those who have the son of God have God.Those who do the will of Jesus do the will of God.
Those who sined need repent and improve and keep good and so to not go in hell but go in heaven.
So love God with all heart.., and love your neighbours (all people) as your self.
and so you will be led to salvation and life.
Jesus is the door that lead you to God.
So why are so many wars and killing happen?
Is because people know no God and so doing the will of the devil.
Hate and sadness and angry lead to sin and do evil,wars and killings.
those who kill and do evil will suffer their deeds of killings and evil and go in hell to suffer terrible.
So wake up: don,t do evil,killings and wars but do love and peace and will be well with you.
There are so many Terrorists made from false religion or false teaching that do most evil,war and killings.
and so they believe are going in heaven when they die, but in truth they go in hell !
no killer and no evil doer go in heaven.
So in this life everyone have need of love and peace to go in heaven and live and so live on earth too.
So those who hate and get angry lead them to do evil and sin.
So do love and peace and God will love you and help you every day.
God bless.

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