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Polished chrome...

Satin nickle finish for bathroom fixtures and cabinet hardware was popular for a decade. A few years before that it was polished brass with a few years of oil rubbed bronze. I've always resisted fashion and stuck with polished chrome and I see some of my clients are in agreement with that now. While all of the major manufacturers have a handful of different finishes, one of my suppliers only has polished chrome or satin black.
That makes it easy for me... chrome or black.

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I bought nickel finish fixtures for my addition, for the same reason I had the bumpers on my antique car nickel plated, a bit more expensive but doesn't develop rust pits like chrome... just sayin.. wink

Chrome bathroom fittings tarnish faster than the old fashioned brass, so until that is rectified I'll go with polished brass or Nickel finish.
Agreed, chrome doesn't have the longevity that other plating has.
I remember how easy it was peeling the chrome plating off the bumpers of old cars.

I worked for a store fixture company who often had custom pieces made from iron/steel and sent out for plating. Part of that involved an acid bath to remove any contaminants. If they missed that process there would usually be spots in the finish where the chrome didn't stick to the metal.

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