Razor. The thing I miss about a salon cut...

I had the same stylist for more than a decade. I followed her when she moved to another salon... twice. Since the coronavirus closure, I haven't gone back to a salon. My 'new' stylist has more than 20 years experience with only one client. Her son.
Little to no option, I decided it was best to have a homestyle haircut.
It's only hair and thankfully, mine grows quickly as the style I received was the one given to a young man for so many years!
I did get one comment 'nice haircut' that surprised me and I'm up to cut number four now with adjustments where I no longer panic to see the finished work. My stylist has added new style to her repertoire. She's happy and I'm happy too.
I did toss out a bunch of non-working razors when I moved earlier this year. It's time to invest in one that will last a while as scissor only cut doesn't allow for trimming neck and ear hair.

Letting it grow was a consideration. 10 years is enough to get to the middle of my back!
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Mom got one of these gizmos way back in ... Let's just say the Instruction Booklet included tips for giving a Beatles-style Mod Cut. ...

It's easier to use than shown in the ad -
No problem doing self-barbering even without using a mirror.

It (still!) uses standard double edge blades for a bona fide razor cut @ 'bout 10ç/cut. Over the years & generations it may've given $10s-Of-Thousands worth of haircuts.

It inspired Daughter to take up Family Barbering, so she's passing the skill/tradition on to Mom's great grandkids.

Daughter prefers electric clippers.
Also, the gizmo's no longer made (Danged if I know Why!!) & I ain't parting with it!!
Daughter can Wait & get it in the Will.

Mom's getting one Helluva return on her $2.99 Investment, now that I think 'bout it.

I'm sure The Beatles never used one of those things.
Perhaps have your wife watch this video;

Jim, that was a strange video.
I cannot recall any stylist chipping at the layers as they cut like that guy shows.
That's because they do it quickly, don't explain it, and it literally happens behind your back.
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