"Man purse"

About two years ago I bought my a tiger tote bag to carry my stuff in, including my lunch when I go to work. Of course I had a lot of people like it, and then those that I'm friends with razz me about it calling this my "man purse". rolling on the floor laughing

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Of course I have a sense of humor enough to just laugh it off, because it was funny. It also had reminded me of an episode of Seinfeld.

But ya know, call it what you want, but it was nice to be able to throw anything I needed into it, just like a woman would do.

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Over the past summer, I started carrying this small cooler instead of my tiger tote bag because it was easier to clean.

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slowly but surely you men are stealing our traits mumbling

what next, going round with those circle things on your head uh oh

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roll eyes
Been there, done that! Okay okay, I'm kidding! rolling on the floor laughing

Hey, those tote bags come in handy. thumbs up
Many sports men are taking to the eyeliner these days too, how do the ladies feel about that;; goin a bit far ?

Your bag looks a bit like my grocery shopping bag Shawn...
That tiger bag did draw a lot of attention. laugh
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