Bling-bling aka Bling is the wearing of flashy (expensive often ostentatious) jewelry. Bling can also be the addition of car options, like chrome hood ornaments, oversized tire rims with low-profile tires, literally any means of getting attention, usually to show off wealth.
Note: Wealth and good taste don't necessarily go together.

A friend who I fly model aircraft with, loves to wheel-and-deal (he calls horse trading) helicopters, motors, canopies and hardware upgrades. He scans the merchandise for sale on a few sites always looking for a deal.

Last week, he attended a fun fly and bought a model the owner crashed... really cheap. He was able to take out the working parts, listed them on a site and doubled his money selling the parts individually.

He's become an expert knowing what models can be modified and often builds for friends. In the last few years, he's repaired or built a few models for me. He owns a machine that cuts templates by computer control. He feeds an image in his computer and the machine using a thin blade cuts out custom signage and logos on colored sticky-back sheets.

Some of the flyers go to him to add some Bling to their models. Maybe a larger logo or wrapping parts with multi colors. Lets say the canopy is red with white stripes, he can customize the sides, boom and tail fins with matching graphics to the owner's specification.

I dislike building, so it was easier to buy a completed model from him customized to my specifications and while we don't normally use the term Bling, I Blinged-out one model with bright yellow to make it easier to see when it's far away.

Bling-Bling... happening in a city near you!

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