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Life After Death Day of Judgment

Life After Death, Day of JudgmentAtheists don't believe in the existence of God Almighty Allah or life after death the day of Judgment. Atheists only believe in science that the whole...

Unknown36,9381,935Nov 2011Oct 2016
False Festivals of Satan there followers

False Festivals of Satan & there followersIn the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful Assalaamualaikum! Today's topic is (False Festivals of Satan & there followers)[/color...

Unknown6,558827Dec 2013Dec 2013

"SOME OF US ARE SO OLD"..("MICLEES 21ST CENTURY")Some Of Us Are So Old Because..............................."When We Were Kids?".........................................................................

namaron15,696511Aug 2014Jan 6
It was a Dark Knight when

It was a Dark Knight when..The Exorcist , a man by the name of Gump, he was a Graduate of a West Side university, but that's another Story, he'd studied to become a vet & had wr...

zmountainman9,242504Jan 2013Feb 2013
Blogland Party Calling All Bloggers

Blogland Party: Calling All BloggersBlogland is throwing a party, bloggers are not allowed to bring any outsiders…and everyone has to contribute. You all have responsibilities::uhoh:...

Crazyheart385,840421Aug 2016Aug 2016
Anytime you see love coming at yaspit on it

Anytime you see love coming at ya…spit on it.If people can grasp the true essence of this short statement above, there should be so much less suffering in this world. I am not doing so well these...

Unknown5,542345Jul 2010Jul 2010
50 shades of injustice UPDATED

50 shades of injustice (UPDATED)Or a perfectly logical safeguard for women In a new development, the man not only has the restrictions mentioned below, but the court has lifted...

zmountainman4,020340Jun 2016Jul 2016
Profile Honesty

Profile HonestyHow honest should we be on our profiles? Would it put people off, or would it simply attract the type we are really looking for, and who are lookin...

mollybaby3,553332Sep 16Oct 26
My First Impression Of CS Male Bloggers

My First Impression Of CS Male BloggersI believe that first impression lasts. Just like most people, I base my first impression from what I see in a person's face . Some of that changed w...

Crazyheart388,880319Aug 2015Dec 14
The Chase

The ChaseCourting, to use Cat’s phraseology, is usually a game of cat and mouse; the predator and the prey. Not in a bad sense, but one usually does the chas...

mollybaby2,115303Jan 16Jan 19

HappeningsGood evening all I am now in my new apartment. there is still alot tobe doen here .Yet I had to take a day off. <well two days > I think I have over d...

FLYJAMES4,563287Jun 2014Jun 2014
The first teleport step taken At LAST

The first teleport step taken At LASTokay, only a photon but - the first manned flight was not particularly impressive. It would have been impossible to guess, watching the Wright brother...

Elegsabiff2,342282Jul 14Jul 20

SAME SEX MARRIAGE: ARE YOU FOR IT? OR NOT? WHY?I am very aware of the fact that this is one of the most debated and most controversial discussions in the world. In the US alone, there are only 18...

lindsyjones7,755281Mar 2014Oct 2016
A Stupid Argument To End It All

A Stupid Argument To End It AllI’ll never understand women. Yorkie and I had a date on tonight. The plan was a mini pub crawl until about nine and then to go and eat something. Ever...

Catfoot1,889267Jan 15Jan 18
The FISA memo

The FISA memoI can't wait for it to be completely exposed. Let's see what's up in the air. How disturbing and contemptible these activities are....

lindsyjones2,532265Jan 30Feb 22

"SONGS"..("NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN")Percy Sledge did a song that entitled.."When A Man Loves A Woman"....In the song he sings..."He will stand out in the rain".."If thats the way she say...

namaron3,894256Jan 2015Apr 2016
What To Expect When One Is Menopausing

What To Expect When One Is "Menopausing" ?Been There, Done That ? According to Wikipedia: Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women's lives when menstrual perio...

Crazyheart384,812255Apr 2016Aug 14

The Perfect Life.We all have those dreams of the perfect life. This blog is soley for entertainment., nothing too deep or meaningful. But if u could picture ur own...

Deedee123x2,166250Feb 6Feb 11
Young Asian Women with Older White Men

Young Asian Women with Older White Men...There are many advantages for both young Asian woman and an older White man in an interracial relationship. Is it really worth it?...

Crazyheart388,456246Jun 2015Apr 2016
Condemned man dies during execution updated

Condemned man dies during execution, updated.A news item today reports on a condemned man who had a heart attack when the "lethal" injection failed to work properly,

zmountainman4,934245Apr 2014May 2014

"WHEN WILL YOU EVER LEARN"What this Place is all about?...well today showed one of the reasons...And it wasnt a very pretty one at all..It actually ended in disaster for one wh...

namaron4,741238Mar 2015Mar 2015
THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS are you for it or against

THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, are you for it or against?The right to bear arms for self defense is one of the prime provisions as Amended in the US Constitution which came into effect in 1789. Today the...

lindsyjones4,454234May 2014Dec 2015
What Is Your Perception Of Masculinity

What Is Your Perception Of Masculinity?I always admire a masculine man, his tough image and ability to own whatever situation he's in. Physically, he's tall enough for me, fit , not bad loo...

Crazyheart381,789234Jan 2017Jan 2017

"THEY REMAIN SILENT"..("YESTERDAYS")The "Bad" Muslims Hate the The Christians...And The Christians Have No Other Way to respond Back except To "Push" Back...But When they Do Do That...Th...

namaron3,890232Apr 2015Dec 2015
A nice stroll around the neighborhood

A nice stroll around the neighborhood.I was in a reflective mood this morning as I was walking Matilda (my pet dingo) around the local neighborhood. I have come to know many people from a...

Simmo17,516231Jan 2013Nov 2016
Stories stories stories

Stories ... stories ... stories ...My story is not like this... And I still do not know is good or bad... Who knows whether we are prepared to accept such a gift?.. But maybe a...

fotinia07375,790230May 2013Dec 2013
CS look alikes

CS look alikesCaly Johnny...

itchywitch4,967229Oct 2016Dec 19
one good blog deserves another

one good blog deserves anothermy hat goes off to nam...his blog on early memories and songs and such ....what about the radio stations r now playing our songs on the oldies station...

sweetiefireball2,163226Sep 2014Sep 2014
Nothing to say just want to hang out here

Nothing to say, just want to hang out here...wanted to blog about something but changed my mind, don't feel like talking about the subject I guess Just want to hang out here...and have some...

Crazyheart382,090224Dec 2016Dec 2016
Hello everyone

Hello everyone...YES... EVERYONE... It's not hard it is not difficult... Just do not pass by...

fotinia07373,466223May 2013Nov 2013
Old women in giant pajamas looking for love

Old women in giant pajamas looking for loveWell, very recently I saw a picture of a woman in giant pajama seriously inquiring about the authenticity of proposals she has been getting from forei...

Unknown3,157223Jun 2010Aug 17
Coffee is Love

Coffee is LoveSince the year 850 when an Ethiopian goat herder discovered the properties of the coffee bush this brew has helped to turn miserable turds into semi-h...

Mapmaker2,722220Jul 2016Jul 2016
Crazy Laws

Crazy LawsThere are some crazy laws around the world such as: In The USA: Tying an Alligator to a fire hydrant is illegal You cannot take a Lion to the mov...

Mapmaker2,594218Aug 2016Aug 2016
Im Leaving I Quit Im Done Here

I’m Leaving! I Quit! I’m Done Here!I have been with CS for about a year and a half now and I have never seen so many people leaving as of late; almost as if it has become the latest fas...

Catfoot3,400217Jul 2014Jul 2014
Compulsory Blogging

Compulsory Blogging.This is my first blog - so please be gentle with me! While perusing posts on the blogs, I have noticed how member's personalities become exposed o...

Pieceacake3,495217Sep 2015Sep 2015

"ONE LINERS AND SAYINGS"Okay...Ill have to very careful on How I word stuff from here on in...So as not to be where it can be controversial and run the risk of Ending up in t...

namaron3,090214Mar 2015Mar 2015

PerceptionsIs your perception of yourself the same as the perception others have of you? Examples: Women complaining that men don't see them for their brains a...

Mapmaker2,624214Oct 2016Oct 2016
Would You Date Yourself

Would You Date Yourself?I don't think so... What about you? Let's try to see ourselves from the point of view of the opposite sex... Would you see yourselves as de...

Ariel284,806214Jun 2012Jul 20
The cycle of life

The cycle of life...I find it Strange people !will happily buy death wrapped up in packaged processed trays but can't stomach seeing it happen... I have ! to use a har...

oldblue544,417212Aug 23Aug 27
What to do

What to do....I need your help. I have a confession to make and I don't know what steps to take next. I have a crush on a CS member. He has no idea. We ch...

Gypsytramp2,818211Aug 11Aug 13
I Need Some Attention Please

I Need Some Attention Please...I'm straightforward here...I need some attention...tender loving care would be highly appreciated. I don't want to throw tantrums here, just plainly...

Crazyheart382,050211Nov 2016Nov 2016
My Kind Of Date

My Kind Of DateWhen was the last time you went out for a date and really enjoyed it? I joined another dating site a week ago and meet a nice 47 years old man. W...

Crazyheart383,919211Aug 2015May 2016

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