Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINO

After a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...
4,2425281Jul 6Sep 2033 mins ago

Sex workers shouldn't have equal rights.

Or so the unelected left wing Spanish government say, they are horrified a new union for sex workers has snuck in under the radar & are challenging it...
557630Sep 2Sep 1016 hrs ago

Not what it seems, or is it ?

"A 10-MONTH-old baby girl has died in Spain after her grandfather left her in the back of his car for eight hours" Bit of a roller coaster this art...
7121080Aug 11Aug 3123 mins ago

You wouldn't do it to a dog!

Nobody in there right mind would starve a dog or cat to death by cutting off it's food supply, but now by law it's fine to do it to a human being :wow...
792990Jul 30Aug 11 hrs ago

He's the only one that fits the bill.

Reading through profiles of women on my home page I see most have demands us lessor mortals could never meet, non smoker, must like dancing & tr...
1,0221150May 26May 274 hrs ago

Wanted - Dimwit incapable of learning anything.

One of the most common phrases I see on profiles is " No Baggage" Ok we none of us want a person so laden down with baggage they can't move...
608540May 8May 10Sep 20

The fightback starts here.

This is really a continuation of a blog I posted in December 2013, (no doubt still available on Amazon,everything else seems to be these days)...
534350Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 17

OK who was it ?

I know one of you nicked the last decent blog from the box, I just went to get one but all that was left was some fluff in the bottom, it's just not o...
1,6091010Dec 2013May 2017Sep 21

Heartwarming Story in the news today.

Missing man Scott van Zyl, a big game hunter & hunting website owner, has been found Inside two crocodiles Van Zyl who was regularl...
675520Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 21

United States to be broken up - Official.

Ohio & Texas to become independent countries, and no this is not an early April fool joke EU President Junker said today the EU is to campaign...
371230Mar 2017Mar 201721 hrs ago

A message for Poundland terrorists.

Andrew Neil on BBC's This Week delivers a message to Poundland terrorists - “Keith...
507300Mar 2017Mar 2017Sep 20

A Christmas ad.

For animal lovers...
481340Nov 2016Nov 2016Sep 14

Driven to a life of crime.

I've never seen myself as a master criminal, in fact I've never seen the inside of a police station, after holding it for 45 years I still have a clea...
1,116650Feb 2014Nov 2016Sep 21

Vote for Hillary.

You don't want to vote for that nasty Trump chap & his typical alpha male lewd comments toward women, answer yes to the simple questions on this check...
1,008610Oct 2016Nov 20162 hrs ago

'impending and grave danger'

Putin press conference - "VLADIMIR Putin has warned "we are in grave danger" as he accused the United States of lying over its nuclear capabilities...
628250Oct 2016Oct 2016Sep 18

Everyone has a price

An old saying that's so true, to a point, have a look at this picture currently doing the rounds on Facebook -
1,153890Oct 2016Oct 201621 mins ago

UK's X files release delayed, again!

Release of 18 files containing details of unidentified aerial phenomena, that's UFOs to you & me, have been delayed again, till at least next March :...
847880Oct 2016Oct 2016Sep 21

Panic on Tenerife

VOLCANO WARNING: Panic on Tenerife amid fears huge Mount Teide is about to BLOW Some 92 microquakes were recorded in Adeje and Vilafl...
1,042650Oct 2016Oct 20162 hrs ago

A huge can of worms. Updated.

Where should state health care end & personal responsibility begin, a question I reckon we'll all have to answer very shortly, the NHS in the UK has a...
954780Sep 2016Oct 201621 mins ago

Dear Mrs Clinton.

I wonder if you would be so kind as to do the world a favour & stop altering the English language, it's taken me 64 years to learn it & I'm too old to...
754470Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 20

Goodbye Nato - Goodbye world peace.

For some unknown reason huge numbers of people see the EU as cuddly , a bit like the teddy-bear you had as a child, always there when you needed it.....
1,129870Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 21

50 shades of injustice (UPDATED)

Or a perfectly logical safeguard for women In a new development, the man not only has the restrictions mentioned below, but the court has...
4,2743400Jun 2016Jul 201612 hrs ago

Message to the UK - Panic!

You really couldn't make this up, nobody would believe you. Just announced front runner for PM of the UK Boris Johnson has pulled out of the race :wo...
875480Jun 2016Jun 2016Sep 21

All pretence at democracy gone.

I must admit to having been quite scared last week, being old enough to remember the truth behind the origin's of the EU I was scared the Brits would...
1,278930Jun 2016Jun 2016Sep 21

The last day....or is it? UPDATED

Great Britain to leave EU ! Today is the last day of campaigning in the so called Brexit election, with both sides slinging mud at the other hopi...
1,3171080Jun 2016Jun 20169 hrs ago

And they call that justice !

What does a women claiming to have been raped get in Qatar, yes arrested, imprisoned & fined A 22 year old Dutch woman who vis...
2,2611620Jun 2016Jun 201616 hrs ago

USA to open borders to South Americans

The USA is about to join the American Union, this will entail free movement of people from all member states, including all the South American countri...
1,354750Apr 2016Apr 2016Sep 21

Prank of the year at least?

This has to be the best, and one of the most elaborate, pranks of all time
607210Apr 2016Apr 2016Sep 21

Fees back on the table

I see from the CS newsletter that site fees are back on the agenda [/...
1,057390Apr 2016Apr 2016Sep 18

Women - know your limits.

Women - know your limits...
1,037380Mar 2016Mar 201618 hrs ago

That's putting your money where your mouth is.

The little shit that shot & killed, for whatever sick & twisted reason, a much loved village Goose is about to get their comeuppance, a local resident...
795250Feb 2016Feb 2016Sep 16

Don't know why I'm bothering.

No sooner the ink is dry on this blog we'll all be dead WW111 will start in less than 18 days I read it on the net so it must be true :pr...
1,751960Feb 2016Feb 201622 hrs ago

Some like it ......dead !

Necrophilia - s*xual intercourse with or attraction towards corpses. In Spain today, this should keep Rolf happy, a news item about the Spanish film...
1,394720Feb 2016Feb 2016Sep 20

Spanish cars fail annual test due to imported part

With the recent economic crisis still lingering in Spain you'd expect spare parts for cars to be cheap in order to for businesses to make at least a s...
852380Feb 2016Feb 2016Sep 21

Spot the difference.

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures you'll need to look closely as it's only slight
962390Feb 2016Feb 2016Sep 16

Is it the slippery slope for Angela Merkel ?

In what has to be one of the biggest yet slowest reported news items of the week\year so far - The mayor of Cologne has summoned police for crisis...
1,8541100Jan 2016Jan 201657 mins ago

It's THAT time of year again.

yes the Simmo blog awards, unfortunately Simmo can't be here to present t...
1,909770Dec 2015Dec 201513 hrs ago

My own personal celebration

Well now that as an Atheist I've been banned from celebrating Christmas I can concentrate on being thankful for the good things in my life. Thankfu...
1,749810Dec 2015Dec 2015Sep 21

Do What - Time Magazine

I've never read Time Magazine but have heard of it, they've just revealed there "Person of the Year", in first place German Chancellor Angela Merkel,...
1,125670Dec 2015Dec 201513 hrs ago

The cure for religion,

Terrorism & homelessness all in one small move, shame it wouldn't cure cancer Most of the cells in our bodies circulate harmlessly around...
874470Oct 2015Oct 2015Sep 21

Fantasy world of Facebook.

It seems to me the that a large number of Facebook members log out of common sense before logging into Facebook more & more stories, or rather c...
1,8231220Sep 2015Sep 201514 hrs ago

The week, so pictures.

1,125570Aug 2015Aug 2015Sep 21

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