Only the Irish can save Ireland

Much to my shock I'm horrified to find out asylum seekers/migrants/refugees are entitledallowed to vote in our up coming referendum 8th/march frustrated

Surely this is wrong?
I wait eagerly to be corrected help moping

Although I know I'm registered nevertheless, I checked earlier to be sure...
Don't know why or how but turns out there is an error with my PPS number, which means I may not be registered at all, so if like me you care about your country and you plan to vote a double NO NO, don't take your registration for granted, be certain you ARE.

The deadline for registering and updating your details is 20th February.


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My mum couldn't vote in general elections because she was one of these asylum seeker/migrant/refugees that so horrify you.

She could vote in local elections, however.

She once recounted a story of the mayor going out of his way to make sure she could vote in something, or other even though technically he wasn't supposed to sign the paperwork for her to do so. His attitude was that my mum lived there just the same as everyone else and that she should have an equal say in her community.

His kindness for including my mum and for hearing her voice meant a lot to her.

I'm really grateful she had that experience, too.
Voting entitlement for non citizens seems very peculiar, indeed.

Why on earth one would want to vote NO however I simply cannot comprehend!

I trust the NOs will be soundly defeated. Yet Referenda are incredibly hard to pass, particularly here in Australia. Bring in the Republic Referendum again!
There are not only degrees of British citizenship and naturalisation, there have been lots of changes since the middle of the last century.

Looking at the GOV.UK website, I'm guessing my mum had Indefinite Leave to Remain, but her status wasn't always called that. She lived in England married to a British citizen for nearly 65 of her 85 years, so I find it peculiar that she didn't have full voting rights.

She certainly had the right to some gruelling, poorly paid employment with no restrictions.
This can't be legal.
Has Ireland being sacrificed for some reason?!
I have the feeling they need your land without you in it. uh oh
Asylum seekers can always go back home.
Unless their country is depopulated.
Let's not forget that it's their duty to rebuild their homeland and lives. Or if it's economical, what more can you offer in terms of skills and education to the new country?!
Many countries especially in Europe should have been empty now, right?
If everyone left when the time was bad.
good way to lose a Country!uh oh
Got some Jurisdictions here who have the same rules!
Its basically undermining a Country's Sovereignty from the bottom up!
Decisions made at the local level will eventually influence how ,and what decisions are made at the Federal Level!
Impossible for it not to spill over!
You've allowed yourself to be duped by the ultra-right and are helping to spread their propaganda.
If you travel to any western European country you'll see that we are still overwhelmingly white and mono cultural. Your fears are not rational, eventually someone is going to get killed by the people setting fires.
Did you mean to quote me, Snow...? uh oh oh

Unless you've been setting buildings on fire in Ireland, you wouldn't do that jac would you?laugh
A penny dropped reading that link.

A common objection to 'others' is a lack of integration, but at the same time those same complainants want the means to integrate withheld.

Putting people in an impossible position and then berating them for it is the epitome of emotional abuse.

It's a bullying technique described by many survivors from many situations including those who seek refuge.

I wonder how any times my mum felt retraumatised by the people around her in England, including by her own mother-in-law and the Catholic church. Both of those entities should have been sancturies, ffs.
No, but I did once spray 'You can't beat a woman' on a domestic abuser's car with silver Christmas paint (having made sure it washed off.)

My daughter tells me I'm a badass grandma, so if there's any wiggle room and a vacancy for tying people to a stake and knocking some sense into them with a wet kipper, I may be available.
I dunno.....the Irish police have issued a description of a person seen running away from the latest arson attack, they say she looked Welsh and had very long hair.....where were you between the hours of midnight and 5am, can anyone confirm this?
Yeah, I don't think my five foot mum was a threat to the country's Sovereignty.

For one thing she worshipped the Queen, for another, they were both German.
Open fires and metre-long pigtails don't mix.

Safety first, Snow. scold
The globalists want to have the whole globe mixed thats why they are so eager to condone the mass incursion into the USA and of course Europe.
Says the white man in South Africa. laugh
Absolutely racists and two faced people are soon cast out of SA. You would definitely not be welcome as a citizen here.
No refuge for Trump in SA then.
"seeker/migrant/refugees that so horrify you" doh
knock it off putting words in my mouth, but isn't that just you twisting words to suit yourself.

I'm not sure what's YOUR mother got to do with MY blog about the Irish people of Ireland?
but seeing you've gone onto mention her in other comments might I suggest you bring out your own blog about your mum or if not, flex your mouth on the copy cat blog elsewhere instead.

In other words, shove off ... I'm not in the mood for tolerating pests this evening snooty
Yeah, intolerance.
you really need to get down from that Ivory-Tower of yours,and smell the Coffee!comfort
Jac the Artful Dodger!
Your Mom really has no place in this argument!
Integrate first,get Rights later!
Now it seems that concept has been turned upside down!
It's not I who attempts to dehumanise 'other'.

Hitler didn't get to say my mum had no place.

No British Prime Minster got to say that my mum had no place.

In the grand scheme of things, you're kinda small fry, Connie.
My comment, like my mum humour, went over your head, eh?

Bless. hug
Me thinks its too much drinking

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

And of course loneliness. .
The governments let immigrates in to keep themselves in power, they let in immigrates from countries that have harsher restrictions on their people and their people think that your country is the dream country to live in..
Then after some time these immigrates realize that western countries have silly policy to keep people safe like mandatory vaccines etc, then realizing this the immigrates get shitty and start violent attacks on the civilians of the country their living in;;; in a bid to try and change the govt of that country...

No vote for at least 5 years for any immigrates or until they gain citizenship...
Peculiar and wrong thumbs down
but all non citizens will vote in favour for the muppets governments that allowed each and all in.
maybe I should be worried the NO votes just may very well be defeated, having said that ... because I'm living in Ireland, I see, hear and know what others don't. We've had enough.

Because the government want us to vote a double YES...
isn't that enough reason to know to vote NO roll eyes
Unfortunately it seems to be legal since 2004...

What's going on in Ireland doesn't make sense, why constantly keep throwing their own under the bus, shoving their own out whilst taking outsiders in, making their own homeless whilst sheltering others, turning ourselves against each other, dividing us yet again.

I agree, seems they want our country without us in it, but with so many decoys going on to distract for the globalist need why... beats the crap out of me for now.

Later times may tell if the Irish become the minority in Ireland uh oh
Damn, sorry, I was hoping someone could prove you wrong. Send the boogers back to their own country unless they are not a burden on the economic system there in Ireland. Even though I had citizenship in Italy, many moons ago i was not allowed to live one year in Italy without proving I would not be a burden on the economic system there. Presently, Illegal immigrants come before regular citizens in the USA too.
Last I checked more than 40% of the Ukraine asylum seekers wished to remain here even if ever the worst comes to pass. I see lots of Ukraine men here, many of which are built like tanks, why they are here and not fighting with/for their country tells me exactly where their duties lye thumbs down

I never cared much for them and after a run in with one last week, I now wouldn't give one the time of day.
I met a road rager one in a black bmw suv with tainted windows. I gave him right of way. innocent
I came across the same last night Spitz...
nevertheless thanks for taking the time, much appreciate the effort handshake

The link if referring to entitlements to local elections only but for general elections, Irish/English citizens only ..unless I misunderstood, pls feel correct me if need be.

I still don't know about the referendum vote though, which for now is what's most important.
If the yes votes win, asylum seekers/ immigrants can legally bring families from abroad... our government is using the referendum to allow even more of them in.
NO. That is simply and literally unthinking perversity.
I wonder would you make fun of our neglected serious matters if it were one of your elderly parents eagerly waiting to be assessed/placed into a nursing home?
As you know well, I don't follow politics and nor do I follow globalists crap either...
in other words, I'm pretty certain you know and understand more than I handshake

But we were not created mixed to begin with but trust man to think he knows better than Gods plan.

Interesting comment, cheers for keeping it real, Butch wine
I would agree with the Italians system of many moons ago ...
only too right as it should be thumbs up

I have seen and watched some of the illegals brought/shipped into America, scary and frightful how no country anywhere seems to be able to control it nevertheless, we too are in control, we just need to push the right buttons, as in know who to vote in, the best man right for the job.

I don't read your blogs, so I don't know how you feel about Trump...
but you had/have the right man there cheering
I'll check in tomorrow just to see how that comment went down... hole

No-one can prove me wrong about what's really going on in Ireland, simply because I'm not lying.
And I agree handshake

I was just kidding you but its all just too complex to go into, so much so I wouldn't even know where to begin.

Since you're living in Australia is it true Irish are told to leave because of your own housing crisis going on over there, presently?
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