The wrath of God

Spoken through the mouth of an Irish priest bowing

Might I add, God chose well ....
unlike the Irish public doh

" what's another year fix" thumbs down
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Irelands song trying to get through this year to the Eurovision ....
have you ever seen or heard such shoite frustrated

is it any wonder he got hot under the collar mumbling
Haven't seen or heard Bambi Thug so I can't comment on them but it's interesting that he wants to go back to the music of Dana, Johnny Logan and Linda Martin, music for the feeble minded in other words.
laugh laugh So what's this, you're out for my blood now for calling you out what you are comfort

Unlike you I'm proud of our winning songs of yesteryears but very ashamed of the few fixed ones put through these last few ones... going with Bambi's song you'd think we are a messed up lot scold
now having said that, they're are a few snowflakes along the way uh oh tongue

Speaking of feeble minded priests doh

very mad
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