So where's THE DUKE

As in Luke?
thought he would be back by now moping
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Say no more.
Thought it was only a temporary suspension from the blogs ...
sorry to hear that but Tah for the awful update Ozconversing

Having no Duke around is our loss crying

Say no more confused
as in the miserable swine's we have lurking among us, your wish is my command snooty

Ask the self appointed sheriff if he ran the varmint out of Dodge

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Another great blogger gone to boot hill sigh

On a TRUMPED up charge no doubt

Welll alot of old faces are
Not on the Blog anymore
So we ask What is happening here ?confused confused
awwww that's too bad...he was one of the good guys too.

He wished me a happy new year and when I came back he was gone.
I thought maybe it was his choice to take a break.
I didn't think people still got kicked out of this site. There is so much to do online now, I would think owners of this site would welcome everyone.
I think deleting offensive blogs and comments would be a better way, instead of deleting the person.
I would tend to agree about that but what happens if one person is constantly offensive, bullying and foul-mouthed? In that case you'd have to get rid of the person and that's what happened here.
Butcher also appears to be missing like Luke he to was honest and sensible, both good blokesconfused sigh
Oh okay I just posted on Chat's blog then went looking for the accuser he mentioned, well, those two do have a history of animosity. sigh

Hey, Itchy! wave Yup, I want Luke back too, I don't agree with him on US politics but much much MUCH rather have political blogs banned (I'm sure the mods asked people to quit the political blogs already) than bloggers! US politics has pretty much destroyed what used to be fun reading, every blog on the foul topic either punching or poking or needling or bellowing. This is not a political site! Go find political sites!! rolling on the floor laughing

And give us Luke back. If there's a petition, tell me where to sign -
I think Fargo is missing too...
They left at the same time to my knowledge followed by a few more.dunno
I had him knocked off. He was chopped into small pieces and buried under the new cement sidewalk in front of the public library...
If you don't believe me, ask old what's his name.
Meh, he was too old to be president anyway. talk to hand
On the contrary, I think he would restore dignity to the office.
My wit is wasted on you, Snowy. sigh
I agree, another great blogger gone, one of the best actually sigh

As for the sheriff confused dunno

Is that the same chap you'll always find in the bathroom with toast roll eyes laugh

The way I see it James conversing

Those who think TOO different from others, is being reported and removed and not by aliens transport
I think Suzie summed up Luke the best...he gave you what you gave him...

He was real.
Of course he wished you well because he was one of the good guys around here.

Like in society their trying to programme us all to think/feel the same....
pretty much the same is also going on in here thumbs down

wave Lady
Addressing me or not, footprints of traitors are not welcome on my blogs, so keep out Snow" or else...
Although I agree with you Suzie, but could the blogs really be destroyed/taken over unless allowed to conversing

Not that I've anything against Americans roll eyes
but have too many of them together in the one place, boy but are they loud blah blah blah blah

it's just our misfortune they all whistle the same tune choir
MD cast offs we can thank for that blues

Now that you've mentioned him, I see you are correct, Butcher is another also gone..
he was the most sound of all members here, decent and respectful to everyone, I can't understand why he would be banned if he were? but nor do I understand either why he would just up and leave when he was deep conversing with you Rob on your ongoing blog... moping

I also see two of our Russian ladies have vanished .... blues

This place is hardly worth a look in anymore thumbs down
So it seems Fargo's report backfired on him..... nice one, I'm delighted grin
shame it did not happen to the others that were also part of the plot.
Don't know which makes me want to puke more....
you're whimpering or your attempt at humour barf
doh pass the bucket barf
What plot? You are showing signs of a mental dysfunctionality if you really think there was a plot to get rid of the foul-mouthed South African.

He deserved to go, it is that simple.
That he was Wind" teddybear

sweet feck all genuine members left around here.
If you dislike the blogs so much why bother to read or comment on them?

You are free to leave whenever you wish.
well excuse me for not caring less for not impressing a man who does not know who/what he is comfort

Luke was more liked than disliked which tells me he did NOT deserve to go.
and that's the truth, simple as.. end of.
you poor dear, have you become so bored with the same ole same ole, you comment twice within seconds on one of my blogs ... but I suppose even wrong attention is better than none at all comfort

I'm afraid you'll have to seek company elsewhere ... I'm off to bed yawn
No point trying to argue with the sheriff itchy

He's as stubborn as a mule. You might as well give him what she wants

Bow, kiss his arse and walk away.

head banger this must be the "hate" blog...

...and for the record:

( and eYe was the burn ward Dr. ) .. bringing balm or fire as needed.
I have asked you nicely but since you decided to ignore...
I've just gone and removed you myself.

Keep coming and I'll keep deleting just as I have your last comment.
Now now Blue, no need to insult the mules roll eyes


Celtic I am a MD cast off but I try not to log in too often.
People are very negative here.
I only see a few from MD on here..Chat, Agentbob and myself.
Bob isn't here much and I'm here even less than him.
You always seem fair, even if you disagree you do it with style instead of being crass.thumbs up
and just for the record, I'm babysitting my wee grand daughter, and she's just woken so I'll have to catch you again... so just so you know, I'm not ignoring you or your comment conversing
Not a problem. I'm very accustomed to being ignored.

There are at least 10 people, regulars here,
Whose ideas & comments strike me personally as absurd.... but they are free
To continue with their absurdity.
I just ignore them the real spirit of
Aquarium peace & rainbow physics...
And maybe sometimes I'm guilty of that hole
but if/when I don't understand what you've typed, I don't know how to reply if you've directed a comment, so my apologies that you've taken my silence for rudely ignoring you instead sad flower

Just to put you straight this is not a hate blog but given I'm the emerald isle one Chats is referring to on his closed off blog, I can see why you might think as you do.

What's with that man, always crying and whimpering he's not liked by everyoneconversing
if that's all he has to be worried, what a stress free life he must have.

I know you are reading this chats and you should hang your head in shame for bringing a deceased member into your pity pot blog and I for one take great offence for insinuating us regular CS bloggers gave the members a hard time, that simply is not true. Other than one, no-one else that I could see ever bullied him, discussed debated different opinions maybe, which is NOT the same.
I actually miss some of his blogs which is something I'll never say about yours.
you like to think you've improved the blogs since your invite appearance doh
someone really needs to get over themselves.

Bring out a blog bitching about me again, maybe next time keep it open.
Thank you lady, I appreciate your kind words bouquet

People are too quick to take offence these days to simple words or anything in passing ...
like I stated, too many whistling the same tune gets boring after awhile, more so when not an American living to talk about our countries politics.

I figured you would comment on blue's blog... Please do some research.
jac made a comment on blue's New word old meaning blog against Grandsiozzie that he decided to delete her comment and LOCK that blog.
Right after... blue wrote a blog titled: Locking a blog and his comment was directed at jac.
He said:
" Closed comments on my blog as an angry self righteous individual started throwing insults at another blogger for voicing their own opinion which I understand is everyone's right ? "

In defense, jac made the first comment to that blog.

I realize this all happened in the space of a few hours so there was NO WAY you would have known about why he locked his blog and wrote a followup.

But... you read my locked blog and ASSUMED blue's blog was about me, where it wasn't.

See how easily something so simple can be misconstrued?

How was your St. Paddy's Day?

heart wings
After Bob said this must be the hate blog, I checked other blogs to see where he was coming from with such a comment, and no surprise when I found yours.
Blue has nothing got to do with anything I've said here to you so kindly keep him out of what YOU said about ME, I know it, we all know I am the emerald isle one you are referring to.
I have said nothing so bad to you to be tarnished in such a way and then to disallow comments, cowardly I must say and to use a dead person to aid your rant... distasteful I must say thumbs down

For all your bad mouthing of the CS regulars, I was the first to stand up to that ONE who bullied and tried to make fun of "W".. not YOU or any other MD that I can recall.
so maybe come down from that high mighty horse of yours, perfection doesn't belong to you either.
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