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Last week here in Ireland a single unmarried man was granted a widowers pension ...
all I could think was WTF wow
doesn't anything hold up anymore these days, or is this societies way to discredit marriage, with the hope maybe to abolish it dunno

When Johnny met the love of his life, for whatever reason they never married, had three lovely children, shared a mortgage.. in total they were cohabiting 20yrs together.
Unfortunately 2018/19 she developed breast cancer, that's when after nearly 18yrs living together they decided to get married, unfortunately though in December 2019 she developed Covid and shortly afterwards died sad flower resulting in they never got married.

He thinking he had the right, applied for the widowers pension grant, when he was refused he took it to the supreme court and won.

Not that I'm without sympathy for the man and his loss, but in my books that's not right at all. When he wasn't married he was not entitled to it, simple as, end of professor

what's anyone's opinion on this???

Johnny is a very clever man is what I think.
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Having been partners for almost 20 years, and raising three children here there would be no legal distinction married/unmarried. Nor should there be. A de facto marriage is still legally a marriage. Were they same gender with adopted children whether legally or de facto married would not matter either, it seems to me. Said Johnny simply asserted both moral and legal rights.
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