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Eye candy!If you don't like then don't look....

Lukeon5,10228Mar 2015just nowMar 2015

The womens' center..........all sorts of services. Typically run by dikey types, who are quite congenial, unless of course, they are somehow forced into interacting with a man...

Vierkaesehoch11104 hrs agojust now

Self ImprovementHow nice it is to be free. No restrictions. Well as you may already know, there were so many of us in CS jail in the last week or so. All for di...

lindsyjones71731Dec 2015just nowDec 2015

And they told her to pull up her socksThe professionals told her she wasn't depressed ..... Thank you all...

itchywitch180-11 hrs agojust now6 hrs ago
Mingle2 com

Mingle2.comAnybody know about a dating site call Two weeks ago I sign with that site and now I can't delete my account. The site is full of scammers...

Baddabing661,0366Oct 2015just nowOct 2015

what is itfirst u dip it then u wet it third u taste it and last u chew it and swallow...

Genuis5054 hrs agojust nowjust now

Drive-By-Wire... part 2I've been putting off car maintenance for a long time. With a shopping list of things that needed to be done, I arranged car rental and the mechanic g...

chatillion522Mar 9just nowMar 9

Treachery, we've been kicked in the nuts by BINOAfter a rousing speech just yesterday where Treason May (UK's PM) promised a full Brexit, she today locked up her lilly livered cabinet members in her...

zmountainman12,5631,516Jul 2018just now4 hrs ago

How times changeMy daughter called round today for a couple of hours. We spent half of that time discussing cleaning products. If anyone had predicted that scenario...

Harbal26329 mins agojust now3 mins ago
jokes copy paste

jokes copy pastePuns and Other Groaners The roundest knight at King Arthur's round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi. I thought I...

Len052,47612Jan 20151 mins agoJan 2015
Friends are the memories we never forget

Friends are the 'memories' we never forget !!Getting older has its faults, one is memory loss. Silly things that you forget and sometimes makes you angry with yourself but you never forget your f...

Unknown2093Jan 20111 mins agoJan 2011

no screen refresh on the main blog page...Houston, we've got a problem. Could be a glitch. I'm working from my cellphone right now and parts of the website aren't working correctly....

chatillion36320 hrs ago2 mins ago20 hrs ago
hmmm some women

hmmm....some womenOut just the other night. A friend and I meet up at a local bar. We both have a few drinks....sitting around talking and such. Another person we bo...

Johnny_Sparton1,600140Dec 20172 mins agoDec 2017

PERVERTED WOMAN ON CS!I would just like to express my sincere disgust to user: (--profile removed--) I have reported you to the administrators, as i feel this is not a p...

Unknown2,55118Jun 20092 mins agoJun 2009
They turned me off

They turned me offI’m sure that perverted fans like me have often thought about having hot steamy sex with their favourite idols. There are soooo many celebs who are ab...

Unknown7,35759Oct 20123 mins agoOct 2012
JimNastics6027Feb 20123 mins agoFeb 2012
Older Men

Older Men..As many of you younger women on this site have experienced, you get emails and flowers from older men.. Men that are WAY out of your age range. I...

Unknown6439Jan 20113 mins agoJan 2011

The tip of the icebergA recent event got me wondering what must be going on behind the scenes here. I am now imagining a frenzy of private messages hurtling back and forth...

Harbal62975Mar 173 mins ago14 hrs ago

School in Europe teaching the 'Muslim' wayLocal European schools took their kids on field trip to a local mosque. At the mosque the kids were forced to bow down and pray to and for Islam. The...

Willy341160069Mar 183 mins ago2 hrs ago

Don't judge all Muslims into the same category, before you have dig in first to the facts.This equal to a a comment from me, but I think it is so important, that it should be as a Blog,there are 3 different part of Islam, that ma...

Bekard1158Mar 193 mins ago5 hrs ago

"ANIMATED CHARACTERS"Yeah...It Was So Long A Time Ago....As Far As Measuring It In Human Years Anyway....I Remember That There Were Only 3 Channels On The Television Way B...

namaron1,108-Jun 20173 mins agoJun 2017
Whats the miracle cost

What's the miracle cost?Tess was a precocious eight years old when she heard her Mom and Dad talking about her little brother, Andrew. All she knew was that he was very sick...

Unknown5862Aug 20093 mins agoAug 2009

It's official. Australians are the best men to meet.This is a dinkum Australian love poem, and if it don't bring a lump to your throat, and have you rushing to the Strine men listed here on CS, you're o...

Elegsabiff70966Aug 203 mins agoSep 9

HO´OPONOPONO And The Power Of ForgivenessHo?oponopono is a wonderful forgiveness method with deep roots in the beautiful spirit of the Hawaiian culture. "The Four Steps to Forgiveness is...

daniela77736218May 20173 mins agoDec 2017
12 young ladies working over the fence in the fiel

12 young ladies working over the fence in the fiel12 young ladies working over the backyard fence in the fields. Do I invite them in for tee, and music, or do I leave them working. Beats having...

whtwhb81127May 20144 mins agoMay 2014

FACTS OF LIFEA LITTLE ADVICE FROM A WOMAN WHI IS LEARNING TO BE EXPERIENCED We shall think as far as some things in life can compensate....... That's it, someti...

Nena030891221Jan 20104 mins agoFeb 2010

Mystery manWho called. Don't be shy. You woke me from a very interesting dream. Now, I've made coffee and blogged...

Palmfrond140148 hrs ago4 mins ago55 mins ago

Why Worry?There is a saying that if you worry, you will die. If you don’t worry, you will also die. Then why all the worries? It only leads to stress. But r...

Catfoot74242Dec 20165 mins agoDec 2016
who helps me improve my English

who helps me improve my English.I'm using the english language everyday when i'm work in Resort I have to improve my english skills Most of the time I'm writing on Facebook and skype...

Unknown43712Apr 20145 mins agoApr 2014

My social experimentWas a success. There are 3 people on CS who actually want to talk to another living person. This is a very low percentage. I think one has better lu...

Palmfrond23314Mar 185 mins ago3 hrs ago

Nothing is impossible.A few hundred years ago, flying was said to be impossible and yet, a mere 70 years after the invention of true flight, we have been to the moon and ba...

Catfoot69952Dec 20145 mins agoDec 2014

To help you better understand the impending Mueller report on TrumpIn the NY Times; The Mueller Report Is Coming. Here’s What to Expect. A concise report will probably act as a “road map” to investigation fo...

JimNastics72179Feb 235 mins agoFeb 27
Rescue Paying It Forward

Rescue! Paying It ForwardI've written a little about my bratty fjord x, who in actual fact, saved my life. I won't go into that, but how, a few years later, I was able to pay...

LadyImp25815May 20185 mins agoMay 2018
there not going to find any truth in a phone call or text

there not going to find any truth in a phone call or textSome times I ride the bus and see 17 people all looking at there phones like zombies, there not going to find any truth in a phone call or text...

jarred1178-Jan 20186 mins ago

i am sorryits the only way I know how basic education I just FEEL I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING this is the very worst that's german spelling I have ever been on peo...

stinger11419713Mar 156 mins agoMar 15

If I Am To Relocate,It would be to Finland. [/...

Kalpataru9768 hrs ago6 mins ago16 mins ago

Star ManStar Man was the name of one of my sister's cat's. Last night, he got hit by a car and died. I am having a hell of a lot of trouble dealing with this...

Track1626212Jul 20186 mins agoJul 2018
this blog does not allow comments

this blog does not allow commentsso make your own that does hehe i dont know how to make a blog with no comments...

Unknown95349Jun 20126 mins agoJun 2012
i deleted my previous blog

i deleted my previous blogYes, i hate him sooo much that i am going crazy. I started to write my personal stuff in here which are rubbish. That is why i deleted my previous bl...

Kasih1,12037Oct 20106 mins agoOct 2010

AI, and just what goes on in counseling......Individual adult therapies, groups for children, families, couples, even our dogs. Most folks would be surprised to learn of how the various progra...

Vierkaesehoch1232Mar 126 mins agoMar 12
PLAYCorrectly complete the line 4 a flwr or emo

PLAY:Correctly complete the line, 4 a flwr. or emoWhat is the 3 word title of the song with the thumping pumping rhythm sung by Cheryl Barnes during the gay bar scene in the 1980ish movie American......

Unknown2272Feb 20096 mins agoFeb 2009
To my surprise I was subjected to a new alcohol test

To my surprise, I was subjected to a new alcohol testTo my surprise, I was subjected to a new alcohol test at 0:24 last night. Blowing in breath tester and breath alcohol analyzer was abolished and repla...

jarred1175-Jun 20186 mins ago
MrRick77: "Jennifer Love Hewitt !!"(meet us in the puzzles)

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