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CS IS DYING!What do you think fellow bloggers? For some time now I have noticed several facts that lead me to this conclusion. * There is much less activity...

robbyreal1,756116Oct 14just now38 mins ago
136 times here to welcome you to the blogs

136 times , here to welcome you to the blogsthe following errors occured yes if only it was that simple ...but you have to wait 7 days for you turn at being friends , leave a nasty commen...

virgosingle4769Nov 2012just nowNov 2012
Who deserves the girl

Who deserves the girl?There was a girl who was admired by four men: 1.A hunter 2.An Artist 3.A Doctor and 4.A fisherman One day she went to wash clothes by the river a...

Jerrykagose3,14615Sep 2014just nowSep 2014

An Old GeezerAn old geezer, who had been a retired farmer for a long time, became very bored and decided to open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that s...

Gentlejim44717Jun 2015just nowJun 2015
Guide to Understanding The Opp Sex pt 5

Guide to Understanding The Opp. Sex pt.5Do men not want the good girls anymore? If you are a genuine person with a sincere heart who wants someone to share that with and you haven't found...

Unknown8190Aug 2007just now
All the best

All the bestAll the best wishes for 2014 to every one Walk good....

FLYJAMES4135Jan 2014just nowJan 2014

Off topicThis is on a forum section of a site I use ...No religious or political posts please... Seems they had a simular problem and their site mod...

Onthcrestofawave14358 hrs agojust now1 hrs ago
my system

my systemmy system keeps freezing up only when i go on this sight can someone tell me what's wrong please think you justmejohn...

Unknown3519May 2010just nowMay 2010

A Visit To The Nut HouseOne of the local institutions for the mentally impaired had an ‘open day’ not so long ago. Somebody I know works there and she invited me to pay them...

Catfoot94567Apr 6just nowApr 8
Am i forbidden here

Am i forbidden here?I received an email from a lad and saying i shouldn't show off my body to everybody specially on not suit for filthy old man to flaunt myself...

Olangoisland58635Jan 2017just nowJan 2017
So how hot did IT get 3hours back

So how hot did IT get 3hours backWas looking at a blog 3hrs ago, and it was getting intense, but I went back to sleep for a few more hrs(2) and the blog and king people are gone, was...

Unknown3468Nov 2013just nowNov 2013
fortune telling is not from God

fortune telling is not from GodGod never gives us bad gifts nor try us with sinful actions (Luke 11:11-13, James 1:13). the Bible repeatedly tells us we are not to use fortunetell...

Unknown1,00469Mar 2014just nowMar 2014

"DID YOU KNOW?"("HAVE YOU HEARD?")Okay...Time for A Change...Lets talk about What most of us didnt Know...Ill Bet that theres a Lot Of "Did You Knows" Out there.................

namaron89558Mar 2015just nowMar 2015

BBWI find bbw attractive than skinny women but other guys find it strange. How many ppl agree with me?...

Unknown6808Apr 20121 mins agoApr 2012
Any CHRIS ISAAK fans out there

Any CHRIS ISAAK fans out there?????Haven't been on here for four months (life has kind of been getting in the way ) so just thought I'd come on this evening and post a quiz for ya' al...

Juneau1,56817Oct 20111 mins agoOct 2012

BEATING MODERN DAY PSYCHOLOGYEver read the news and some people do nothing wrong really and they belittle them like their satan? And ever read the news and someone done insane cri...

Unknown2953Apr 20121 mins agoApr 2012
For the Less Loquacious

For the Less LoquaciousI don't lack knowledge in the art of words, I'm simply verbally challenged. If it seems I'm sometimes wordy here, know that, face to face and in th...

Unknown1742Dec 20081 mins agoJan 2009
Norfolk Island

Norfolk IslandOk am back and it wasn't to bad there , food was a bit expensive but otherwise nice....

funlaugh6532Jul 20121 mins agoJul 2012

one might wonderone might wonder why i continue posting, knowing my actions could create more personal drama.... i post to process my thoughts. i could use a diar...

Palmfrond23052 mins ago1 mins ago

US drones will be deployed in the Philippines against Islamic MilitantsTrump Will deploy US drones to help battle Islamic Militants in the Philippines. This is a step up in stopping calipation in the South. Publish...

lindsyjones1,86926Sep 20171 mins agoOct 2017

Just SayingQ: Why should you never mention the number 288 in front of anyone? A: Because it is too gross (2 x 144 - two gross). Q: How is the moon like a do...

Gentlejim33016Aug 20141 mins agoAug 2014
Try something new

Try something newToday is a new day, try something new, think about something new, say something new that can put a smile on the face of your close ones and know that...

Roshan29104044May 20131 mins agoMay 2013

WhateverYes,sir,I learned from a book I read,yeah,yeah,that's why this water is dead's on my bed,on my bed whatever...I'm fed....

bungallow551952Jan 20121 mins agoJan 2012
jarred1253-Sep 20161 mins ago

SOMEONE IS TRYING TO CREATE TERRORISM WHAT TO LOOKI have been reading moronic posts and hearing dumb anti Government rants. Look people this Nations problems are not Government. Government is set up f...

Unknown3567May 20121 mins agoMay 2012
Inner self

Inner self!!!I can be a morning person if morning starts afternoon after 16:00, If we meant to pop out of our beds then we would sleep in...

Zeurich2724Jun 20141 mins agoJun 2014
Just been thinkin

Just been thinkin'I turned 18 in September of 2009, at the time I was in a horrible relationship, but before that relationship, i went over 5 years without having anyon...

Unknown3804Jan 20102 mins agoFeb 2010
why havent i ever had a good guy to date

why havent i ever had a good guy to date?in my life i was single for 20 years before i finally had my first boyfriend but even him wasn't good guy for me. he a guy i knew from HS and i barel...

Unknown2786Feb 20102 mins agoFeb 2010

Apolitical Blog---as much as possible.So, I was trying to think of this, but it seems to me that almost every topic either has a political aspect to it, or can be stretched in that directi...

Vierkaesehoch24257 mins ago2 mins ago36 mins ago
How I ended up here at Connecting Singles

How I ended up here at Connecting Singlespopcorn2: I was told by a friend of a friend who new a friend of a friend and that friend new a friend of a friend .WELL!!his friend of a friend tol...

market3986673Jul 20122 mins agoJul 2012
Weekend At Last

Weekend At Last!Friday night and here I sit at home. All alone! My daughter has gone out and none of my normal hang out spots are unavailable tonight. They all have g...

BeaPatient3137Mar 92 mins agoMar 9
Getting ready to run out to the store

Getting ready to run out to the store.......(and NOT WalMart..I'm boycotting them....) and thought I'd see if anybody needed anything? Just add it to the bottom of my list here and I'll see wha...

lgs3757042Jan 20132 mins agoJan 2013
how to get inner pease for xmas

how to get inner pease for xmas ;)I do not watch TV so much but the last days I did and it was quite interesting. A doctor on TV said, "to have inner peace we should always finish thi...

just1look50814Dec 20112 mins agoDec 2011

Preacher & Little BoyA preacher was making his rounds on a bicycle, when he came upon a little boy trying to sell a lawn mower. 'How much do you want for the mower?' asked...

Gentlejim1,3964Oct 20152 mins agoOct 2015
Who will tie the bell on the cats neck

Who will tie the bell on the cat's neck?.....Life is a crazy and amazing thing that can have many different beginnings and endings, we all know, life is not a bed of...

Unknown29416Dec 20132 mins agoDec 2013
Will I

Will IHi I'm new on here and I just want to say hello Has any one found what they are looking for yet...

Minya78541Mar 20132 mins agoApr 2013

The sound of music is very wonderfulThe sound of music is very wonderful and fascinating to our spirit and mind, it helps to calm down your mind when you are stressed . You may try it ou...

jarred1149-Jan 20172 mins ago

To Love Or Not To LoveSo many times I heard people saying that they will never love again as it only brings pain but are they not doing themselves short for nothing? There...

Catfoot1,10485Mar 192 mins agoMar 20
today 3rd of may

today 3rd of may....this is my first post, today is my first day on this blog and i am tired also next time i will write down the whole detail.......

Unknown2924May 20102 mins agoMay 2010

Hurricane AlleyDamn hurricanes are coming later and later in the season every year. I remember in 2004 when I pretty much moved over 3,000 miles back to FL we had...

UnFayzed16618Oct 102 mins agoOct 11
GUYS from America

GUYS from AmericaAre they THICK? Asked not to contact, they keep emailing....

Riita76638Sep 20122 mins agoOct 2012
being an artistic person

being an artistic personwhoa do i thrive on a girl who loves to be involved with many different interests and was great to be on my own and explo...

sweetiefireball4687Jul 20122 mins agoJul 2012

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