Sincerity vs hypocrisy

In recent months, I have discovered a pattern. I meet more bad people in my life than the good ones
The line in life between good and bad is, of course, very arbitrary.
Well, really: who can be considered good and who bad? What criteria might there be?
Most likely, this is all individual, but if any of us is deceived, betrayed, or does some kind of meanness to us, we will not dare to call such a person good. Or another question: Can a hypocrite be considered a good person?
My own statistics have shown that in my life I meet such people much more often than the sincere ones. It's sad to admit, but it's so as it is.
But why do people tend to choose these ways of interacting with others? What pushes them to do this?

I think the point is that people naturally tend to be selfish and think about their own interests and desires first. While a good person tries to maintain a balance between realizing his/ her desires and not going over other people’s heads, a bad person loses his sense of proportion and begins to not care about others, including friends and relatives.
Apparently, correcting your own shortcomings is more difficult than making your own mistakes. because you need to face the unpleasant truth about yourself, accept it, and this requires courage, a sincere desire to transform. But here the hypocrisy takes over
I'll leave the blog open for comments as it would be hypocritical not to let people, who do disagree with me, to speak up
I wish all of you to meet good people more often in your life
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I shouldn't worry if I were you. They're probably NPCs/Backdrop people wink
Your point about selfishness is very insightful.

However, I believe most people have goodness in their makeup. We all tend to wear public "masks" to cover up who we really are inside. These masks can be for personal reasons such as an illness, fear or self-consciousness.

I have faith that most people are honorable deep down inside. I may be misguided but I hope I am right.
That would be hopeful if it could be so.
Reading your comments and usual style of blogging I must say it begs for reviewing your own attitude, Miss.
You branded your colleagues "enemies", everyone who differs your views in unintelligent, idiot, puppet or troll.
You constantly complain and see everyone else as the problem.
Does that say something, yes it does?!
It's you, not them!
first of all, I never called my colleagues enemies(they are my brothers and sisters) . That's how lies and gossips are created (typical of Russian trolling). secondly, I clearly asked you not to participate in my blogs or forums. I'll ignore it. I repeat this again.
Dan, if you were right, I would feel relieved . I'm afraid we won't be able to figure this out that easywave
Maybe you are right. Happy people rarely visit this site.. Perhaps.. If we exclude trolls, the rest of the people are simply compensating for their bitterness. and I was just unlucky. thank you for your comment wave
it’s good to be a pessimist. Because you are either always right, or sometimes you are pleasantly surprised))wine
I think that everyone considers their own actions justified. If they are kind or generous or friendly, or earnestly trying to make others see things their way, or pointing out faults, or even getting angry with someone who disagrees, it isn't because they are pretending to be something they aren't. So we are all hypocrites - to some.

The deceiver is following his own agenda and when the other person finds out he has put his own interests first they feel deceived, or betrayed, but really they are just no longer of use to the deceiver. Suck it up.
thank you for your sincere comment Suzie
Yes, I try to accept it..I’m just figuring it out for myself. I know my shortcomings very well and I struggle against them.. I understand that evil almost always wins in this world and I must be able to accept all this... is just the "wolf s surviving" principle of humanity - if you ll not eat , the others will eat you... but I don’t like it!!!! I really don't like it,!! people are not self-critical and do not want to analyze themselves.. perhaps they even lie not only to others, but also to themselves. . I still hope this is just a problem of this site... and in real social life there is still some kind of balance..i hope...wave
Don't worry, I don't really want to take part in your blogs but as a matter of fact your thread about "friends-enemies" was related only to your work according to your own words.
Your insults towards me make it obvious you don't have a good argument.
mostly to my work, but no connection with my colleagues.and now poshla von barf
Salamuna, you might find out sooner, and a lot more easily than you think. wink
You do need Anger management classes.
Zachem tak zlostno otnosishsya., Salamuna.
Ploho tebe, jivot bolit? Cho to syela?
A ya pogulyala, pogoda horoshaya, vesna skoro priidyet, ptichki poyut. Krasota.

The older I get, the more I don't like people.
I've long since prefered dogs to people.

Unfortunately, it's really difficult to dislike the people that dogs like. dunno
I ve got it. Are you hinting at what I'm thinking about?wave
I can't say that I don't like people.. I've met a lot of good people in my life. But the number of bad people clearly outnumbers the good ones . I agree. And yes, I don’t like many people on this site.. But then I don’t understand why we are still here?
I love dogs and trust them more than people.
about dogs like people...Hitler himself loved dogs and dogs loved this is not an indicator
but I can’t love wolf packs that are ready to destroy everything in their path. with all my love for wolves.
Sala I don't really know what you're thinking about - without consulting my crystal ball lol! - but, I'm just hoping that you and I are on the same wavelength?

You can PM me if you like?
better consult your crystal ball about more significant things. I ve just sent you PMlaugh
25 years ago I had a huge circle of friends. Today, my circle is my pets. I know there are good people out there but when you been bitten so many times, you get cautious and much more selective.
Hi Track hug

I tend to think we should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before we criticise them . Why so many people are judgemental is beyond me. None of us a perfectsigh
It says more about them than their judgements will ever say about you. Only real rule I try to abide by is have fun and don't hurt anyone doing it, not everyone is like minded though. The way the world is now, its much more shallow than it was one time. Lot of people believe that the only way to get one up is to put someone else behind.
I guess the same here..that's why i ve written this post.. Its more an attempt of analyzing who is who and why
If you feel better with animals all around you instead of people, it's sure your own choice.. But social life sometimes dictates us to stay among the people.. we just need to make own choice, whom we ignore, whom we dislike and whom we accept as a friend wave
i know your comment was not appealing to me , but i guess i give you my answer too
Firstly, no one judges.. we just analyze and share experiences.. but everyone sees through the prism of her/his own beliefs and values.
why are we doing this? One of the most interesting aspects of this topic is that we know our intentions, but we only see other people by their actions.
We know that our actions were caused by certain intentions, and we can explain our behavior. But when it comes to other people, we don't know their intentions and can't explain their behavior.

But I agree, no one is perfect. there are simply some general standards that we either follow or not. a matter of our own choice, our own expectations and standards.
Of course! But I don't usually need one for such consultations. I just use my intuitive knowing. wink
"there are simply some general standards that we either follow or not. a matter of our own choice, our own expectations and standards."

Set your expectations low enough to avoid disappointment is a good general rule to go by on this site.

The majority of people on CS have been loitering here for years and 90% have probably never found a true friend or ever met in person aside maybe a Skype conversation. The old saying life is like a sewer you get out of it what you put into it.

Overall, unless we learn to have a healthy relationship within ourselves we can't expect anyone outside of ourselves to give what we should already have. Hence, we can't give to another what we don't have ourselves.

When it comes to hypocrisy we need to have a good definition of the word. To tell one person to behave one way to suit us but, we personally behave another way is contrary to what we asked another to do.

What we really see is a contradiction imo. To play on a dating social site and create profiles of asking someone to be our friend and possible lover or whatever or creating a bullshit idea of ourselves of how wonderful of a person we think we are but, selectively or not even correspond with one another privately to ascertain how wonderful we are is a contradiction of why anyone is here.

It's a contradiction to be complaining and criticizing one another one day then praising only those who kiss our a**.

It's a contradiction to write poetry of passion although it's nice to read yet, never having an opportunity to act upon the very ideas people write about.

The old saying the road to Hell is paved with good intentions still rings true. The fool we choose not to reply to who shows interest in us may be the very fool we need in our lives.

If we respond to only those who feed our ego and cast aside those we don't agree with or those we just refuse to take the time to learn who they are we could be missing out on something we need.

The universe never gives us what we want or when we want. Yet, it does give what we need in its perfect timing. professor
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'll think about all this.
You're right about some things. Sometimes enemies become friends, and friends become enemies. This is what happened to me here. But that’s only because I didn’t know these people at all. And I just followed my emotions. now yes.. I know. I still have a lot of work to do on myself. I know my shortcomings...and I really want to get rid of them. there's not much time left for this.
You are wrong about the impossibility of finding love here. I found my greatest love right here. And real friends whom I met in real life, and not on Skype. Maybe I was just lucky... but I wish the same for you
The Universe maintains balance, but does not always give us what we want, but what we deserve
I know, its no good to be too isolated, that can cause problems. One time when I was partying all the time I had no trouble being social but since giving up the booze and other stuff, its harder now. Don't help that all of my old friends are still partying and I can't be around them. My biggest problem is I spent so much time around a particular group of people, I have no idea how to talk to different groups of people.
It seems to me that there are 2 options here..1, try to communicate with a new group of people..first listen, then start trying to talk..the same like you do this here on blogs 2, stay in your personal comfort zone, that is, only with yourself,.. it's all your personal choice. try to understand for yourself whether you want to leave your matrix or not. But this is of course only my personal experience. People are all differentwave
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