Beyond Belief

To get a good idea of what you actually believe, look at your own life.

if you hold to a certain belief, you will think and feel according to that belief.
If you think and feel a certain way, you will act that way.
Actions create your experience of reality and you get the evidence that supports that initial belief.
It is a self generating cycle that reinforces itself.

Now, many beliefs have been instilled early on by your family upbringing and the culture and society one finds oneself in,, but have you considered that you can change beliefs that no longer serve you?

You are actually beyond belief unless you say you're not, but that too is a belief and a choice.
If you say you believe in nothing, that too is a belief and choice.

Core beliefs have an aggregate of other beliefs tied to them which support each other.

It is always your choice.

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Hi there.
I'm not native to english, but still kinda down to earth and this blog-
can you tell me what it's about for simple minded ones like me?

Belief? What-chya'-mean?
Can you gave me an example of an installed belief, and what it could change into and eh.. what would that be all about? Talking about ufo's? buddha? Elon Musk? what is your club soda of choice here?
basically I don't understand what you are trying to convey.
This blog is pretty empty unless if you give at least one example of what you're on about, in my opinion.
Well, my club soda of choice is a path of self discovery which needs an initial question of 'who am I?'.
Perhaps that is a given if I answer that question with the word 'me' and leave it at that, but I never found that answer complete enough to satisfy.

So, in this quest one can discover a multitude of layers, one of which is that at one level we are composed of that which we believe. It escapes many that what they believe is actually a choice rather than something just handed down to them by their parents or society. This is just an idea I am sharing here, but if you look into it, look at yourself, perhaps you can see it. Or not, in which case it doesn't matter.
An example of a belief would be the religion on was brought up in. Perhaps there comes a time one questions it and something doesn't feel right causing them to reject that idea outright or maybe look for something more suitable. It's a choice.


A common limiting belief might be that "I feel unworthy". This will produce a life that reinforces that belief and one may see all kinds of evidence to support the sense that one is unworthy. Once one realizes that that is a belief that one does hold, there is then the possibility to change that belief into one that is preferred. Believing one IS worthy will set in motion thoughts, feelings and actions that will support that new belief and one will begin to experience the results of that.

Simple really, yet even this simple thing can have far reaching effects in ones life.
Well thanks for your feedback mister
and welcome to this halfdead blogland in need of revival.

Thanks...I noticed these blogs were in the doldrums so I figured I'd post at least something. Forgive me if I post more weird sh*t, but I like to write and my data banks are full of it. Weird sh*t that is...

Back to beliefs though, a personal story... So some years ago I had a health issue and ended up in a coma for a month with no nutrition at all... I heard the doctors gave up on me and advised my family to let me go. I kept tearing out my life support tubes and they were surprised that I kept on living and breathing on my own.
I regained consciousness and after a time was put in rehab. Told my family I would need a year or two to recover. I couldn't stand never mind walk, and I had been an avid hiker so I got really discouraged. On first attempt to get up and walk I couldn't do it and for a moment flashed that I'd never walk again. Quickly I changed that thinking and became determined to get better. Lo and behold, I was out of that place in 2 months and within a few weeks was walking unaided without a cane. A month after that I was walking a mile.
I just kept a positive frame of mind that I was going to get myself back to where I was, or better.

I did.

Next I tackled my PTSD. At night especially, I'd feel like I was back in the hospital...that weird feeling with the freaky dreams and deep fear that would wash over me. Bring it on I said. It took a couple years, but I got over that too... no meds, no therapy, just my determination.

Now, if I had believed what they were all telling me who knows where I'd be, but I said NO and forged ahead.

I think my belief in getting myself better had a huge role in how things turned out. Yes? No?
Instead of going into a decline, I chose to believe the body has an amazing capacity to restore equilibrium all of it's own accord. I did what I had to do, but I give credit to the support around me and the belief that I still had some quality years ahead of me.
As in, mind over matter?
how wonderful if only that were true, it helps but does it work is another thing.

Congrats to you for coming out the right side of your battles wine
and thank you for trying to rescue the blogs from being in doldrums, dare I say it, that's a battle no one man can win. .conversing
Not so much mind over matter as attitude giving me a more positive outcome overall.
Never mind....doesn't matter.
You got that right ... it doesn't.
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