"We Need To Be Better Imformed"!

"We Need To Know What Really Happens Around as"
"Not Just Believed Only One Sort of News!"
ButTraying To Find Out The " True" from Different Sources!
There Will Be The Time , When Thre "True " Will Take Time!
But The "True" Will Be Out, for All of as To Know!
I Wri9 This Blog, BecauseI Been Reading Some Comments Here!
And I See How Little Some People Know!
And That Concern Me!

Thank You!

From Falicia

What Is Your Oppinion?

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Copied and pasted in the font they used: caps.
Any proof, to back that statement up? There was one guy about 3 years ago, that was always complaining about Trump, but he's long since gone away. The CS Admins do a pretty good job of keeping this site free from such crud, as far as I know......

I consider that to be a gross exaggeration and totally baseless. Most of the opinionated here are just that, and there is no body or money behind them. People express personal beliefs and opinions here, that's all. However if you want to establish some factual basis, that's quite another matter.
Shorts refers to a brief,
I mean a type of reduced length
video, not about what these Men
are wearing per se.

Good gosh even Margarita talks about the Rustapar on these sites. Don't you ever watch channel 1 anymore? LoL
Independent media that's proven to not take any side's but to take the side of humanity, a slap down of 1 sided media would go a long way to being better informed..
My oppinion Falicia is that I would like to know what it is
that we don't know, yet.
Like- can you tell us more about what is really going on?
Your opinion matters too sweetheart!

There is mostly for and against here, rather ww1 ish.
Or Bakhmut if you will. And it goes on.

I agree with Iyyov and Fargo . The troll farm idea is silly.
I can prove I been here since 2011 (with a 8 year break from 2013 to 2021).
Long before the war on Trump even started.
America is split down the middle, still.
And the idea we probaly should consider a more diplomatic approach towards Russia
is growing in momentum at grasroot level, not only in India.

So, what you got for us o.p?
Inform us.
Why be diplomatic to a thief like Russia? Ukraine was never part of post 1992 Russia and never will be. If you find a burglar in your house would you negotiate with him? Or would you just exterminate the thief as is your Biblical right?
Write him a letter if you want him back to pre 24th2022.
Don't bother me. I'll disagree with you til kingdom come.

I'm not as ill informed as you may think.
I just disagree with you simply.
Freedom of speach.
I believe the goal is pre-2014. A Russian free Crimea. It will probably happen by the end of 2024.
@OP How about pre-1954 Crimea, the year Khrushchev inexplicably gifted Crimea to the Ukraine despite it being 70% Russian population?https://soviethistory.msu.edu/1954-2/the-gift-of-crimea/
How do we become better informed? In theory the internet is a great library, in reality it's cat videos.

In contrast to being well-informed I argue for skepticism. Nobody is well-informed and be amongst the small number who knows that they don't know. The world is becoming infinitely more complicated and infinitely less understood by everyone. There's no such a thing as well-informed outside of the artificial intelligence perhaps, and we don't understand that neither.
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