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President Donald John Trump .General Douglas Macarthur . General George S. Patton . John F. Kennedy . Harry S. Truman . president Donald John Trump . This Is Why America is Still...

kyacheo15514Jul 142 hrs ago

Shine, SonShine, Son.................. [...

jarred139-Jul 14
The fool and his chip for that is all he has

The fool and his chip for that is all he hasOnce there was a fool who walked around with a chip on his shoulder that he was always looking at the world around him as there was something always w...

docwhoami1402Jul 13Jul 13
Thoughts to ponder

Thoughts to ponderWho you spend time with the most is who you will become. It’s important that you surround yourself with positive people, be it friends, family members...

docwhoami1237Jul 12Jul 13

You're So Vain...."You logged into blogland like you were walking on to a yacht Your words strategically placed along the lines Your pic, it was fairly dark You had...

LadyImp61243Jul 1Jul 3

I have short and stubby fingers :-(Hmmmm.....I now wonder....what if you’re maimed and have no hands therefore no fingers.....does this s...

MiMiArt119-Jul 1

lifeits better to be born a bit crazy .becose when you go a bit crazy ..people wont notice it so much ….t. m dillonger.....

sunflowers46631Jun 30Jun 30

Where,s the need and what is it that I can do for a woman??????I find myself at my time of life in a kind of a need for a real intelligent friend . I,m completly single trying to find a partner hopefully in the s...

flyme138611Jun 29Jul 14

Follow The LeaderThat's the spirit : half a job is not a job, as a leader you do not get away............. ......... 'Dancing like a butterfly, stabbing like a bee', t...

jarred163-Jun 27

Skinny dippingHi guys long time no speak, hope your all well, some may remember me as Wolfie, I had to get rid of Wolfie ( my jeep) last year, I now have a Nissan...

redduchess26611Jun 25Jun 26

HATERSIf someone does not approve of certain actions of a person, does that mean he/she HATES that person? HATE is an very strong word. He/she may fee...

socrates4444736Jun 21Jun 25
To Whom

To WhomThis may concern. I am setting you free.. Indonesia, June 3rd 2018 Kal-de-Frog....

Kalpataru120-Jun 3
Are you an Emotional Tourist

Are you an Emotional Tourist?Most may know what an Emotional Tourist is which is a new term of the millennials I assume or the urban dictionary which states anyone clinging onto s...

docwhoami15411May 31May 31

My surname is registered as a domain name for awhile. So, what kind of web site do I build using it?My surname is registered as a domain name for awhile. So, what kind of web site do I build using it....

galrads22616May 26Jun 26
Looking for a Soulmate

Looking for a SoulmateI'm a young man from Papua New Guinea. I'm 23 years old and poor. Life is very hard. I finished my school but can't find a job. I wish some one coul...

NewguiniHilands1222May 13May 13

Rescue! Paying It ForwardI've written a little about my bratty fjord x, who in actual fact, saved my life. I won't go into that, but how, a few years later, I was able to pay...

LadyImp15415May 10May 10

Living Wide OpenDo you ever look at your life like someone else may look at it? Do you ever take yourself out of yourself, and look at your life from a different pers...

LadyImp910May 9

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places...Intense morning light pours into my kitchen through the patio doors, illuminating it with a warm glow. Bouncing off the glass patio table top, I'm dra...

LadyImp16610May 8May 8

Life Lessons from the BarnIn following my blog from yesterday, I figure life is like horse riding. That it can be a great ride if I want it to be. That sometimes your ride...

LadyImp21223May 7May 9

Involuntary DismountsI've learned a lot from my horse over the years. He taught me to be patient and to learn 'his' language in communicating with him. And he's taught me...

LadyImp18320May 6May 8

On Being Human....What is a human being? The online dictionary defines it as the fact of existing or conscious mortal existence. Hmm... do animals have conscious mortal...

LadyImp23226May 5May 18
It goes beyond what you already know

It goes beyond what you already know...The words ''Being Human''.Its something rather interesting isn't it?How in a mater of seconds you go about living your life one way then it changes.Ho...

SilentVoices1011May 3May 3

PART 2 - Men And The Mother WoundWhat is a Mother Wound? A Mother Wound may be thought of as injury to the psyche of a child resulting from significant dysfunction or disruption in...

daniela77752543Apr 27May 10

Fear Of Abandonment - Part 1Having observed many men and women who tend to reflect these issues, I´d like to bring a little light on this and the cause of it. Abandonment or r...

daniela77726916Apr 26May 20
Two windows

Two windowsOne night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one...

Akeldama4022616Apr 19Apr 21
The garden of life

The garden of lifeOne night I had a dream I was walking upon a valley and off in the distance there was a garden. As I came near to it I saw its bounty of many variet...

Akeldama4016613Apr 19Apr 19

The Emotional ScaleExtract from a book by Gill Edwards... (partly copied and edited) If we wish to reconnect with deep reality, it is crucial to pay attention to our...

daniela77743046Apr 17Apr 19

The Morning AfterShe may have lost that loving feeling but when Paul Shane saw the re-run of this he must have got that sinking feeling, big time. How can somet...

Harbal43129Apr 16Apr 17

Men And Their Emotions - Weakness or Strength?After my last blog about Men vs Women, I was asked the question by Johhny - and was even told by another male blogger that "men who cry are weak"!! Th...

daniela7771,074119Apr 14Apr 17
Success Vs Failure

Success Vs. Failure.Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In simple words, one reaching their destination. Accordingly, failure can be def...

Stargazer11162745Apr 11Apr 15

Why Do We Feel The Need To Justify Ourselves?We justify ourselves when, for example, we’re having a conversation with someone and spend most of the time giving reasons or explanations for why we...

daniela77761559Mar 16Mar 19

Self DelusionHow self-delusional do you think you are? It is said that everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen peopl...

Gypsytramp1,14987Mar 7Mar 14

I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink.I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink....

jarred1138-Mar 6

Self-Esteem Vs EgoI recently read a blog about “Ego” from one of our dear bloggers and, from the replies, I noticed that there seemed to be a confusion between the two,...

daniela77724921Mar 4Mar 16

GOALSWhen 2018 started, I have vowed to pursue a less lazy life and try to be a more devoted woman who knows how to clean and cook. Ive mastered the cl...

BlueScrubs28119Mar 4Mar 4
Order of Things

Order of ThingsEverything is useful. To a degree, of course. So don't celebrate anything above your breath, and don't mourn anything longer than you should. Joy and...

TheRevenant70-Feb 23
Stargazer111192-Feb 22

Bullying........Complex topic. Quite important. I suffered a bit as a young boy till I began to fight back, where practical. Our twins got some, being a bit diffe...

Vierkaesehoch1905Feb 22Feb 23
Too Much People

Too Much PeopleDid anyone ever told you this? Too much of other people is not good for you. Not at all. Especially their thoughts. Reading what they think about this...

TheRevenant117-Feb 19

Wealthy men----Poor women...I sometimes think, while watching the dozen or so ladies queued (lined) up at the womens' rooms, as I saunter by alone with no wait to pee, that biolo...

Vierkaesehoch23514Feb 19Feb 21
Bad English

Bad EnglishIn my life, I've read a lot of bad English. Written some of it too, reaching fluency doesn't come naturally nor easy. It's an uphill battle. English i...

TheRevenant163-Feb 10
Relationships Trust Commitment Love Be There for Each Other Not Just on Valentines

Relationships - Trust - Commitment - Love - Be There for Each Other! Not Just on Valentines .....As you might see up there in the title there are some very meaningful and strong words that many of us just do not know their true value..... My life...

BumbleB2647Feb 8Mar 14
"The Body Language of Flirting"(meet us in the articles)

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