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Two windows

Two windowsOne night I had a dream that I saw myself sitting in small house having only two windows. Within the house were many people. Half were looking out one...

Akeldama4015316Apr 194 hrs ago
The garden of life

The garden of lifeOne night I had a dream I was walking upon a valley and off in the distance there was a garden. As I came near to it I saw its bounty of many variet...

Akeldama4011513Apr 19Apr 19

The Emotional ScaleExtract from a book by Gill Edwards... (partly copied and edited) If we wish to reconnect with deep reality, it is crucial to pay attention to our...

daniela77730846Apr 17Apr 19
The Morning After

The Morning AfterShe may have lost that loving feeling but when Paul Shane saw the re-run of this he must have got that sinking feeling, big time. How can somet...

Harbal33029Apr 16Apr 17

Men And Their Emotions - Weakness or Strength?After my last blog about Men vs Women, I was asked the question by Johhny - and was even told by another male blogger that "men who cry are weak"!! Th...

daniela777949119Apr 14Apr 17

"The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck"by Mark Manson. A New York Times Bestseller....does it still impress anyone? I´m not a big fan of self improvement literature, at least not in th...

Crunia804Apr 13Apr 13

Success Vs. Failure.Success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In simple words, one reaching their destination. Accordingly, failure can be def...

Stargazer11152545Apr 11Apr 15

Tell me ....about those unstoppable sentiments/forces that could move mountains & do magic achieving something very difficult I go first 1) The love a mothe...

Crunia218-Apr 1Apr 4

Our Narrow hearts and the need to look others into their eyes ;)Just because When talking about the problem of refugees, we use dehumanised language, which reduces human tragedy to numbers and statistics. But...

Crunia131-Mar 27Mar 29

Happy World Poetry Day"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet" Plato...

Crunia87-Mar 21Mar 22

Why Do We Feel The Need To Justify Ourselves?We justify ourselves when, for example, we’re having a conversation with someone and spend most of the time giving reasons or explanations for why we...

daniela77753659Mar 16Mar 19
Self Delusion

Self DelusionHow self-delusional do you think you are? It is said that everyone thinks they are a good driver and have a good sense of humor. I’ve seen peopl...

Gypsytramp1,04887Mar 7Mar 14
I feel Sorry for people who dont drink

I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink.I feel Sorry for people who don’t drink....

jarred194-Mar 6

Self-Esteem Vs EgoI recently read a blog about “Ego” from one of our dear bloggers and, from the replies, I noticed that there seemed to be a confusion between the two,...

daniela77721621Mar 4Mar 16

GOALSWhen 2018 started, I have vowed to pursue a less lazy life and try to be a more devoted woman who knows how to clean and cook. Ive mastered the cl...

BlueScrubs23519Mar 4Mar 4

MusicWhat is music in our lives? Is music humanity's drug of choice? What is the mysterious power behind it's ability to captivate, stimulate and keep us c...

Crunia302-Feb 28Mar 2
Order of Things

Order of ThingsEverything is useful. To a degree, of course. So don't celebrate anything above your breath, and don't mourn anything longer than you should. Joy and...

TheRevenant46-Feb 23
Stargazer111140-Feb 22

Bullying........Complex topic. Quite important. I suffered a bit as a young boy till I began to fight back, where practical. Our twins got some, being a bit diffe...

Vierkaesehoch1565Feb 22Feb 23
Too Much People

Too Much PeopleDid anyone ever told you this? Too much of other people is not good for you. Not at all. Especially their thoughts. Reading what they think about this...

TheRevenant91-Feb 19
Wealthy men Poor women

Wealthy men----Poor women...I sometimes think, while watching the dozen or so ladies queued (lined) up at the womens' rooms, as I saunter by alone with no wait to pee, that biolo...

Vierkaesehoch19414Feb 19Feb 21
Bad English

Bad EnglishIn my life, I've read a lot of bad English. Written some of it too, reaching fluency doesn't come naturally nor easy. It's an uphill battle. English i...

TheRevenant127-Feb 10
Relationships Trust Commitment Love Be There for Each Other Not Just on Valentines

Relationships - Trust - Commitment - Love - Be There for Each Other! Not Just on Valentines .....As you might see up there in the title there are some very meaningful and strong words that many of us just do not know their true value..... My life...

BumbleB2287Feb 8Mar 14

Time For Introspection - Looking Within....At the end of every year, many people make new resolutions (including myself) to start a new year. But, shouldn´t we first look at the last one and cl...

daniela77722624Jan 15Jan 15

Sometimesby nature we are shy,mean,cold,warm,weird,crazy,tough,kind,confused, greedy,aggressive,confident,pettiful,cowards,naive,nervous intelligent,selfish,...

hatelies20215Jan 6Jan 7

HiIf at any time in 2017 I have annoyed you Pissed you off Or offended you... I'm sorry... Happy New Year!!!...

myhome21314Dec 31Jan 10
You know who your friends are

You know who your friends areEver get tired of the same old bullshit from people who could care less about you and perhaps have no incentive to change or constantly depressed or...

Akeldama4023514Dec 27Dec 31
no self confidence

no self confidencesomething always buffles me as in how do people start praising other countries and forget their own.. I do always move from countries to countrie...

hatelies42631Dec 16Jan 2
All Aboard Tickets please

All Aboard!!! Tickets please!!At birth we boarded the train of life and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our pa...

Akeldama4023118Dec 13Dec 14

How The Past Affects The PresentThe essence of transference, one of Freud’s greatest concepts. It shows how we are prisoners of the past and how the energy of old emotions stays w...

daniela77751753Dec 10Dec 12
A you tube find on rejection

A you tube find on rejectionJack Ma, funny yet very inspirational...

tatami1285Nov 25Nov 26
Journey of Life

Journey of LifeIts been quite some times I has absent from create a blog. Not because lake of sources, but as a matter of fact, I was too busy felt sorry for my s...

Meiling1692Nov 18Nov 18
OH Demon Alcohol

OH, Demon, Alcohol.From time to time here, where almost all posts are largely in good taste, if pointed, one does see the rare quite inappropriate blog. Profanity, too d...

Aaltarboy2086Nov 8Nov 10
Old walls

Old wallsThese walls are built of stone, packed with clay, plastered, painted - and with time, the cracks show. Paint flakes off, plaster crumbles, cracks beco...

Elegsabiff41428Oct 27Oct 28

Why Do We Cling To Our Stories?This is a follow up to my previous blog (Perpetual Victims) We cling to our stories because we derive some benefit from them, even when they also...

daniela77740434Oct 20Oct 22

Perpetual VictimsMany people feel victimized somehow, since the day they were born, and believe that things always happen TO them and are victims of life’s ill fortune...

daniela77760749Oct 18Oct 21
A journey

A journeyThere was a woman who won a contest to a an exotic island and she was so excited as she told all her friends and family and in her excitement she won...

Akeldama4033728Oct 16Oct 17
Ah and what shall we say about Self Sabotage

Ah and what shall we say about Self - SabotageHow do we define self sabotaging behavior as there are many definitions and many ways we often sabotage our efforts to form healthy relationships wi...

Akeldama4020010Oct 10Oct 13
mr Toblerone

mr Toblerone,the chocolate made for eastern folks is a lower quality compared to one for the west. Your reason would be that i have a different taste and you care...

bloodyawfull27511Sep 28Sep 29

LifeLife is hard until you make it easy........

Anileo1611Sep 22Sep 22
He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb

He pressed the steel bulkhead with his thumb.The bulkhead yielded Anyone else remember that passage? How about the great desert acrpss the stars around us. Where every star system had been...

Ken_191805Sep 17Sep 22
Do you believe everything you see on TV

Do you believe everything you see on TV?I tend to think most things on telly are true....

pat8lanips40825Sep 12Sep 13
danieljosh: "is it ok"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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