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Dig deeperAt first glance, CS is a dating site. I’ve not seen much in the manner of flirting, hooking up or romantic passions. Sure there’s this political p...

Palmfrond5356810 hrs ago24 mins ago

The spice of lifeSo, I met this friend who has the same curiosity as I. We both had the day off and he invited me on an investigative adventure. I felt like a over...

Palmfrond11510Feb 2218 hrs ago

FinallyCS has presented me with a man who can hold a conversation. I don’t even remember who wrote who first....

Palmfrond32321Feb 17Feb 19

Being dullHe wrote that he thought he was dull I told him I didn’t think so First impressions second impressions The language is not limited to the written...

Palmfrond1136Feb 15Feb 15

Because it’s Valentine’s DayBeing Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d try to write something positive about love. I am formulating my thoughts. I wrote “I love you” on my forehead...

Palmfrond620Feb 14

Here we go againWith life’s uncertainty one must be proactive. So, tomorrow I have a job interview with another furniture store. It is not known but the signs indica...

Palmfrond1082Feb 13Feb 13

What good?Once again, it is confirmed Tears are useless Unless you get a speck in your eye The expelling of a salty water only Streaks skin with makeup...

Palmfrond951Feb 8Feb 8

UpdateToday didn’t pan out. I have the wrong type of major depressive disorder. Haha not! So, I’m on the list for a study with my type...

Palmfrond1196Feb 8Feb 8

AA restless heart rarely sleeps as sharks don’t sleep at all A lonely heart often weeps even if no tears fall, burning cheeks Having a voice with...

Palmfrond690Feb 7

AbsenceThe absence of the warm place under blue sheets, caressed by sleeping hand The reaching for a second cup, a pause at the cupboard, a gaze back to...

Palmfrond600Feb 7

TowerThe spiral tower ejected confetti on the hour She clutched her coat tighter To insulate Bare skin, shivering From nervous thoughts, fighting W...

Palmfrond540Feb 7

The perfect dateOn cream cheese and Camel dreams My bagel toasts under desert sun I take my coffee black, usually He places a date in my hand and I marvel at its...

Palmfrond19816Feb 7Feb 7

KinThe beach where sticks and stones don’t break hearts Make love with waves of salt and sea Bring forth good memories Of a visit most importantly f...

Palmfrond730Feb 4

Forget my other blogsI’m excited by a possible reunion of old timers. I will now become a witch calling on the devil and his mischief. Camel, 10k, Morganluv, etc, show y...

Palmfrond33220Feb 3Feb 4

No commentAfter my attempt at flirting he suggested that I date more No comment I would write more but his suggestion has stalled my words I need to troubles...

Palmfrond18516Feb 3Feb 4

This is why some people don’t get datesBy not responding, you can get a real sense of the person Happy trails...

Palmfrond30127Feb 3Feb 3

For my touristsI am familiar with the armchair travelers They sit cozy on their sofa or settled deep in the sheets reading literature or magazines filled with gloss...

Palmfrond1426Feb 2Feb 3

A begger’s songA paycheck direct deposited already gone My violin in pawn, lost, my resources gone Peddling, illegal, don’t qualify for assistance These cold day...

Palmfrond1134Feb 2Feb 2

Ah yesAh, yes That’s what I think when I have been enlightened Now a curiosity stirs like a swizzle stick stirs Am I a coffee with cream and sugar?...

Palmfrond1178Feb 2Feb 2

A certain one who doesn’t smokeI read a comment on a blog by a certain man who doesn’t smoke and was struck by his profound thoughts. Have any of you been moved by a comment?...

Palmfrond22512Jan 29Jan 29

I have been here many yearsI have been here many years. I have been lookylou, myvice, goldenhinde, diamondwillow, freehand, and palmfrond. I have written for you with much pleas...

Palmfrond41113Jan 26Jan 26
C S Lewis The Problem of Pain

C.S.Lewis- The Problem of PainI have just discovered this book, and would like to share his concepts about pain and suffering in the world. He is a Christian author.( famous for...

ashlander167-Dec 29Dec 31

Roll out your tongue so I may walk on itAnd what landmarks are passed are memories. Dot dot dot...

Palmfrond1061Dec 26Dec 26
my meditation

my meditationThe meditation of the vacuum Sweeping in rhythmic motion I close my eyes and push forward Pull back, rocking on heals My body begins to warm, blo...

freehand18221Dec 10Dec 12

Mixed messagesThere’s the touch in the hallway or empty break room. Does he like me? Indications indicate yes. He doesn’t respond to texts. Is he in to me? Indic...

Palmfrond1626Dec 5Dec 5
How to maintain a woman

How to maintain a womanWomen require constant maintenance and servicing, some handy information to get the best performance out of a woman is: Listen to her; she will mak...

Mapmaker1,395149Nov 7Dec 10

WTF is with the counters going wonky or where they always that way.Doc says its gonna be ok, but I really don't like life without my meds, Numbers were all linear when I took my Precious...

nonsmoker18713Oct 20Oct 20
IncubusBaig49946Oct 2Oct 3

NeverNever, never, never, never, never, never, ever, ever, lost your head for a va*ina....

Duromojon20813Sep 15Sep 15
That Video

That Video ~I note the offending Video has been taken down. from the Video section. Sadly,C.S. havenot deemed it offensive and it is still on the post which was...

goldengloss201-Aug 26
to england

to englandhey crowd, i've decided to drive on a ferry and be in England (dover) tomorrow 19th. till tuesday. and probably visit london. and stay there in...

Len052877Aug 18Sep 8
nonsmoker70056Jul 28Jul 31
a conclusion contains not necessarily become crafted

a conclusion contains not necessarily become craftedIrrespective of that renovation in the particular Cleveland Cavaliers' roster, in spite of that prospect of raised middle hardship, in spite of that w...

jayjoe10101251Jul 24Jul 24

Groceries.What's going to happen, if you're at the supermarket and you see salami is selling two-for-one so you get two. You've already got four grapefruits in...

pat8lanips31613Jul 10Jul 10
This is how we do it

This is how we do it..So here's the blog about our motorcycle customization work.. Hope you guys like it.. I'll share photos one by one in comments....

IncubusBaig63944Jul 1Jul 1
Soul Mates WTF is that

Soul Mates...WTF is that?OK, people, I'm trying to lighten up the mood here. Didn't want to post a blog or talk about this topic but would be interesting to know what's your t...

Crazyheart3886972May 2017May 2017
Crazyheart3821310May 2017May 2017
I think Im f*ck up

I think I'm f*ck upHere I am, in a night club full of strangers ...having some beer. Got bored at work, and without Thinking went to this stupid night club I hate ...wi...

Crazyheart3850138May 2017May 2017
Crazyheart3839127May 2017May 2017
Always Feels Good To Be Here

Always Feels Good To Be Here....Had a long night...and a long day at work. Exhausted, every inch of my body feels tender ...too tired to think of anything to blog about but feels go...

Crazyheart382488May 2017May 2017
Crazyheart3843033May 2017May 2017
NFC Far east takes on that AFC

NFC Far east takes on that AFCYour selected exhausted novelist seems to have probable now believed a team’s win-loss log to the getting summer in your time since 2017 itinerary got...

jayjoe10101571May 2017May 2017
John3405: "Ladies..."(meet us in the profile reviews)

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