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the visitor

the visitorTo turn your head is so Out of the realm of my reality Knowing this, I'll take it, willingly As I share stories and you inhale Willingly You are...

freehand991Nov 4Nov 4
bloodyawfull2579Nov 3Nov 4
Real love making for real people

Real love making for real people!I hear so many women complaining about how unloved they are. How their significant others are clueless on how to satisfy them. Even more surprising...

kermitduell1303Oct 30Oct 30
Pinay Filipino Women

Pinay...Filipino WomenI'm proud to be one and there's no way I'll put up to some weirdos putting us down here Let me tell you something about us, we might not be as ta...

Crazyheart381,253110Oct 27Oct 30
Dr Maps Advice All Questions answered

Dr. Maps Advice - All Questions answeredDr. Map is available to answer all your questions, from problem Bears in your garden, to tuning a Webber twin Carb, relationships and general woes and...

Mapmaker1,202156Oct 27Nov 1

HumorIf you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave....

skaligsm903Oct 23Oct 23
How can you understand peoples mind

How can you understand people's mind?The most powerful way to win an argument is by asking questions. It can make people see the flaws in their logic. The lyrics in his or her favorite...

skaligsm1194Oct 21Oct 22
Mildred the church gossip

Mildred the church gossipMildred, the church gossip, and self-appointed monitor of the church's morals, kept sticking her nose into other people's business. Several member...

britishcolumbian1185Oct 19Oct 19
What is going on Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the world

What is going on? Wild fires but also private homes going up in flames in many places in the worldMany fires have been started by people throwing cigarette buds out the car windows. Some delibratly set. So much of North California is destroyed t...

britishcolumbian22818Oct 18Oct 18

Nooooooo .I cannot take this . I am wide awake . I try to count the sheep but there are asleep as well ,and tomorrow is a holiday . I have to cook early a lot o...

Annleerose11210Oct 17Oct 17

PhotosCan somebody please tell me in words of one syllable how to upload a photo to the forums/blogs from a kindle. I've looked it up and it says things lik...

emmy116316Oct 14Oct 14

ToMy understanding , birthdays are not to celebrate . Herod gave John The Baptist head as a gift . And Herod was a king who also committed adultery...

Annleerose1918Oct 2Oct 2

REVENGEThey say revenge is a dish best eaten cold. I don't mind if it is hot or cold, but I want it. The person bringing my car from Scotland with me pay...

Elegsabiff1,205127Sep 28Sep 30
The dreamer

The dreamer...The chess analysts claim that if the best moves are played from both sides, all games must end in a draw. Earlier I vigorously refuted the claim but n...

iotaoo1135Sep 21Sep 22

NewYorkcityloveYou should rather post these in the articles section, These are NOT blogs and no one will read them here. Thank you....

Mapmaker115-Sep 13
Who are you

Who are you ?Can you tell me what are the two most important days of your life? If you can not say no problem, I can tell you . The first day is when you first s...

skaligsm18711Sep 8Sep 8
How To Make A Difference In The World

How To Make A Difference In The World...Selflessness is the sincere concern for the well being of others. It’s about love. It’s about compassion. It’s about kindness. It’s about making a dif...

daniela77799280Sep 3Sep 5
4th World Postal Services

4th World Postal ServicesI simply needed to return a shirt; here things are not quite so simple if you live in a small village. A telephone call to the suppliers cost me 50...

Mapmaker45854Aug 30Aug 30
Need tech help with my computer

Need tech help with my computerYesterday, Sunday, "Marwarebytes" had updates. I completed them and was asked did I want a desk icon. I already had a desk icon so answered no. Figur...

britishcolumbian27231Aug 28Aug 29
Packaging rage does it get to you sometimes

Packaging rage, does it get to you sometimes?Scissors, knives, plyers, nothing seems to do it. What is the reason behind all this? So people can't steal It really can leave me angry. Grrrr...

britishcolumbian1729Aug 27Aug 27
Packaging rage does it get to you sometimes

Packaging rage, does it get to you sometimes?Scissors, knives, plyers, nothing seems to do it. What is the reason behind all this? So people can't steal It really can leave me angry. Grrrr...

britishcolumbian790Aug 27
Turning old deck wood into a shooters bench or lunch table for the yard

Turning old deck wood into a shooter's bench or lunch table for the yard.So for the past month I have been redoing the wood deck behind my house. Lots of old wood, some dating to the mid 1970s, some rotten, some dry and g...

Ken_1919112Aug 27Aug 27
DO you know how to seduce

DO you know how to seduce !!!!!Do you know how to seduce people involved in different professions ????/...

ramailogarula1160Aug 15
Walk Bravo in a variety of places

Walk Bravo in a variety of places.....and he likes to run free sometimes, when no other dogs are about. He's not mean, but plays rough, as some men do with the girls who appreciate the tre...

Aaltarboy1393Jul 31Jul 31
Resurrecting Old Blogs

Resurrecting Old BlogsTake this lightly please... I just don't see the point of resurrecting very old blogs. Don't get me wrong, I love reading old blogs and almost tem...

TheOne121025918Jul 26Jul 27
dead luck

dead luckRejected. The mother started the nest in my bedroom. The mud was dripping on bed, so I've put the net on the window. Shortly after she built the nes...

bloodyawfull34213Jul 23Jul 24
Speaking Of Dreams

Speaking Of Dreams...Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can be entertaining, fun, romantic, disturbing, frightening, and sometimes a...

daniela77721813Jul 14Jul 14
Reviving the Blogs

Reviving the BlogsI have been thinking lately have things seem to be quieting down on CS; how not as many members blog or post, and how many have left. With the a...

calmheartseeks310-Jul 13Jul 13
Ways To Protect Yourself From A Heartbreak

Ways To Protect Yourself From A Heartbreak...?Any good advise here? Well, I finally took the courage to go out dating recently and it's fun. No expectations, just go with the flow. I promis...

Crazyheart3863575Jul 11Jul 12
Fun Date Dubliners

Fun Date @ DublinersHome now, just had a fun date with the relentless lawyer. Great food and drinks and fun company, I couldn't ask for more for tonight. Was enjo...

Crazyheart382221Jul 9Jul 9
Happy Weekend Everyone

Happy Weekend Everyone!Took a sick leave from work....back pack, tent and sleeping bag are all set...going to Dead Sea and will camp there for a night .. leaving at 7:30...

Crazyheart381785Jul 7Jul 7
when then

when...,then!when fear counts your heart beat when tears are an incessant flow when hope has left you in despair when you are so tired, like the dead when love...

giniwinn115-Jul 2
Quiet Night

Quiet Night...relaxed...peaceful...reminiscing ......

Crazyheart3830429Jun 27Jun 27
Men Can Be Handy To Have Around

Men Can Be Handy To Have Around...Living a carefree single life can be glorious but boy oh boy , there are times when I really wish I have a man around anytime I need one I'm tryin...

Crazyheart3839135Jun 20Jun 21
Crazyheart3857211Jun 19Jun 20
Smartphones and blog comments problem

Smartphones and blog comments - problem?I may have missed blogs on this change and apologies if so but it really is a little irritating. Used to be you could only see the first 30 commen...

Elegsabiff68357Jun 16Jun 17
Please Tip me How to seduce Brazilian Lady

Please Tip me : How to seduce Brazilian LadyGuys, I am going to be with a Brazilian lady for a week. She is beautiful. How can I seduce her? any ideas? Thanks ....

ramailogarula25815Jun 14Jun 21
Multiple o*gasm Read on

Multiple o*gasm. Read on.Physiologically near impossible in men, at least those with real ejaculate. 15-30 minute recovery periods are the norm. But in some, ejaculation can b...

Aaltarboy41039Jun 11Jul 3
Have No Beef With Anyone Here

Have No Beef With Anyone HereJust want to wrap up my petition blog but anyone who wants to add their support there, feel free to post... The blog was intended as light- hearted...

Crazyheart3856529Jun 8Jun 9
Shooting From The Hip

Shooting From The often do you shoot from the hip? Well, I do this from time to time when emotionally threatened. I tend to get defensive and push peopl...

Crazyheart3855468Jun 7Jun 7
Could this be the way to success in romance

Could this be the way to success in romance?I love to read. i will read just about anything lying around. Old newspapers, throwaway articles from the freebie newsstands, old magazines and on and...

Ed194121410May 23May 24
Man Cave stream of conscience

Man Cave stream of conscience.Had an old computer that provided service for years, new one with better protected Windows 10. But what to do with the old Windows 7 machine? Took it...

Aaltarboy1899May 21May 21
jonnt: "TREE FLATS"(meet us in the puzzles)

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