How to ease the pain after losing someone?

My ex passed away on mother's day. We didn't end on good terms and I feel so sad. Although we hadn't spoke in over 3 years but i knew something was wrong after I kept dreaming him two nights in a row. Finally I called his phone only to have his mom tell me he had passed. What's eating at me is I just discovered loads of messages he had been sending me in my trash folder....
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ease your pain by reflecting as much as possible on the good times you shared together
What a sad place to be in sad flower
but there was a reason he became your ex like so a reason you trashed his mails.

Perhaps you treated him unfairly, perhaps not...
" I'm not asking" that's no ones business but yours.

If the pain continues we learn to live with it, often by finding comfort in the simplest ways.
maybe stop being so hard on yourself and concentrate more on freeing yourself of possible guilt.
I'm not an expert on forgiveness but maybe this time its called for, and not just regarding one.

Best of luck in the future wine

I wonder if we had stayed together if I could have prevented ex dying at 53 of heart issues. But, his second wife gave up so guess not.
We always wish we had said things, not said things, done differently..but life happened. When ex died I was remarried too and been for years. So didn't even cry. He chose his path and I did mine. Nothing I did when we were together made any difference so why think it would later.
Don't feel guilty. He was the same person you left. You wouldn't have changed his path. Just ruined yours.
All is past. If you were separated for 3 years then I understand your relationship was over. Just live you life and be happy.
We all feel something for the people who lived a small part of our lives with us, it's only human to regret something.
If you were meant to see those messages before he passed away you would have, they were there for you after he was gone, to show you that some part of the both of you was amazing and worth sharing.

Take the positive and remember the love.
But..let go of the guilt, it was never meant as that when the messages were sent, keep the feeling behind them as small blessings and hold out your hand, let them float into the universe.hug
I can't imagine.
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