Easter-freakout and a few days off

Easter has come and gone. With that, my first long time off from work came and went as well. Naturally, some people freak out over the smallest things. Often, it's stupid things. Take the whole MAGA/conservative crowd, for example. President Biden declared March 31st the International Transgender Day of Visibility. March 31st was also the same day as Easter this year, so naturally - freakout came.

"Easter is ruined", and "This is an assault on Christianity".

However, they neglected to mention that March 31st has been International Transgender Day of Visibility since 2009 - and even under Trump. Easter falls on different days every year.

Next year, Easter falls on 4/20. Blaze it, boys..

The next time International Transgender Day of Visibility and Easter coincides is on March 31st is in the year 2086. 62 years from now. By that time, everyone who is complaining about this, will be dead and buried. Unless someone finds the cure for immortality, that is.

With Easter comes my mandatory Easter holiday break. This year, it was one week. I spent my holiday going to a metal concert, catching the new Godzilla X Kong movie in IMAX and just pure relaxation. I also went to the annual Easter lunch in my family. My mother showed up rocking a cold - the kind of cold where your nose is red from all the tissue wiping. Naturally, she was asked to leave, since two small children were present.

That did not sit well with my mother, and she became offended that she was getting sent home again to rest and recover. With two small children, the youngest less than a year old, it was the correct thing to do. I'm sure my mother will be fine and see that it was the right thing to do.

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This is a very different blog for you...Generally, you stay away from politics...

Speaking for myself...I did not give any of it a thought...

I spent Easter with the family..that is all that really matters.
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