It's been a great Christmas and trying new ideas for cooking.

Merry Christmas! I hope yours has been great. Mine was excellent. Good food, good company and some great gifts.

My sister and her fiancée gave me new pots and pans, and my mother gave me World of Warcraft cook book. 216 pages of the best food from Azeroth, so I am excited to dive into that and cook some great stuff.

Speaking of cooking great stuff.. I have so many ideas with food, that I might need a full week to test all my ideas. One of them is to cook some bacon until it's 30 seconds from being burnt, and then set it to cool off. Then, I'll use my chopper to grind it into dust, and then mix it into some salt, so it'll become bacon salt. Or - maybe I'll just grind it onto fine bits, to sprinkle that on food!

I also want to make my own chilli oíl, but I am guessing it isn't that hard to make. Just take some olive oil and shove some chillis into it, and leave it to infuse for about a month or so. Maybe longer..

I also want to make my own jerky, but for that I need a dehydrator, which I don't have yet. Maybe that's my next purchase..
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To me, it sounds like you have just realised your real career, as you seem to be very passionate about cooking.

Have you ever considered a career as a Chef?
I thought about maybe becoming a chef, but then I spent a day in a kitchen at a restaurant, and I quickly decided it wasn't for me.

I stick to the warehouse industry. I only do cooking on a hobby plan. Besides - I am not sure people (the teacher at the cooking school) would approve of my signature dish - which is a triple bacon/cheese burger without any form of healthy stuff in it.. But I do like cooking, just for friends, family and myself
Steady on old chap, I think there might be a vegetable in that WoW cook book. shock
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