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Pool Game

Pop all the red balls into the pockets.

Instructions: In this game there will be a pool table with 10 randomly placed red balls. First you need to decide the position of the white ball, then you need to hit the white ball with the cue and let the white ball hit the red balls into the pockets. You score higher when you can pop in red balls for consecutive cues. Use the mouse to control the direction and speed of the white ball.

Comments (228)

Busy spot !!
i love poolconversing conversing conversing
thank you for explaining the moving of the "full screen buttom" to an other place
but before it was much better
You still can play in full screen mode. Only the button has been moved down beneath the high-score list and the 'multiplayer invitation' button.
since today you can not play with "full screen" anymore
sad confused crying
thank you wonderwoman

it is now hidden under the "scores" on the right hand side
The full screen option was moved into the sidebar (or it could be at the bottom of the page if you are not seeing 2 columns).

It is a box that says "Full Screen Mode" with a blue button that says "play full screen mode"
what happened to the full screen option?
Never played this game before, happy to be able to get the red balls.laugh laugh
Disregard the very high scores as these players are lining up the balls..! Not supposed to be done that way - you have to try and sink them in from your very first shot..! Then you only score a high of 55/57 000. tongue
60000 Thanks!!!
Three balls at the same time :-)banana peace cheering
Sorry, meant to say 57 000 banana
Yippee, finally got to 57 00 banana
looking for local
man/woman. Imma sub but really wanting a true relationship. Dont drive applause
55ooo is easy to get
I am amazed at your changing how you enter into this pool program
I do have a desk top computer and cannot get into this game that
I have been playing for years.

Why can't I get into this program????

Why not change it back to your previous version
and let things be like they were?
I did it again YAhoo 55,000cheering applause banana dancing
Compared to you girls i wasnt very good
Did 55,000 on reg screen.. np
Hi do enjoy playing Coolapplause
banana cheering applause Have enjoyed the the game
Great game,
Needed to switch to full screen mode in order to make it to 55K. No way of beating any high score however: apart from not missing any shot, you need putting two balls in one shot to add an extra 500 bonus. banana
Three balls in one shot must yield a considerably higher bonus cheering
... never made this.
Hi love that game superwave
Anyone up for a game of pool
oh someone needs to tell me to sleep now! its so late and i have to work tomorrow, rather today in the morning. but i wont stop playing. i tell myself one more game over and over!
email me for a game of pool

Bloody thing keeps firing off a shot BEFORE the power-increase bar has been activated which is extremely annoying. It rarely ever happendd, but now i's doing it more and more frequently. I can't be sure if it's my PC's flash that's malfunctioning or if it's the game's fault. Either way, it's ruining my experience. I have updated, (and rolled back), my flash and that's not solving the issue.

In order for the power-increase bar to activate, you press the mouse once, then, to let the shot be taken, you press again - well, this is TAKING the shot on the first press of the mouse, no option to set the power of the shot before it gets taken.

Not good.

Apart from that, when it DOES work, it's fine.
Hi love pool very nice game two play that's how we learn,with a swall table.cheers love lips
I love playing pool, great to see they have it here banana banana banana awesome im so excited to score some ppl hehegrin joking just looking to have some fun cheering cheering
Get rid of this version of pool and put the multiplayer version you have in sungleplayer.
What ?????help
very nice game to play coolwave
Wow this game sucks dead cow titties.. I thought I was gonna play some Real Pool not practice pool.. Ugh!
this game is similar to cell phone game too!I like war games [email protected]@
I want to know how to play my first time
Well someone did hack in and fiddle the scores a couple of years ago and he managed to log in a score of some 6 million ,, but he was promptly evicted from the site .. todays top scores all appear to be correct ,, as for me i.v been trying to beat my score for ages with no luck .frustrated keep tyring all of you .
Its always a problem with losers. If they cant get top score then it must be "rigged" God forbid they just admit that they arent good enough....
If you get all of the balls in without missing a shot then you will rack up a score of 55,000. If you sink more than one ball (ie set them up prior to sinking the first ball so that you can roll from one ball to another sinking them both) then you will get a higher score than 55,000. eg if you sink all balls without missing a shot and in the process happen to sink two balls with one shot then your score would be 55,500 as the extra ball netted you an addtional 500 points. As you improve and sink more than one ball at a time your score will go up exponentially. good luck
Even if you get all the balls in it's impossible to beat high scores which leads me to believe it's rigged .
Whats donkeys got to do with a game of pool confused ::confused:

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High Scores

Gamer Score Date
CloudySky58,500 8/3/2013
Mordecai56,500Jun 30
Grampus56,500Jun 3
mhf2656,500May 28
robby5556,500Jan 26
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