Changing my holiday destinations

Well.. One of them. I am still going to Italy this year and the US next year. It's the year after that, I am changing.

You may recall, a few blogs back, that I was going to the Philippines. I had a bit of a think earlier today, and I have decided to swap the Philippines for Japan. More specifically - Tokyo. I have always wanted to go to Japan on holiday, and now I have the opportunity to go there.

It's still a ways away, so lots of time to save up and plan what to see and do. I know someone in Japan, so I might ask that person to be my tour guide, unless that person suggests it by themselves.

But why do I want to go to one of the biggest cities in the World as a person who does not like big crowds? Well.. It's pretty simple: I want to learn how to be comfortable in big crowds. My trip to Italy and the US will definitely help towards making me more comfortable with a lot of people.

I have been in places with a lot of people before, but that was in a large open area. The biggest crowd I have been in was 120.000 people at a festival in the UK. The population of Tokyo, if you count the entire metro area? About 41 million..The city of Tokyo alone is 13.9 million.

So now it's pretty much settled: Italy later this year, the US next year and then it's off to Tokyo for a two week holiday. I just need to know how much the flight and hotel is, and how much spending money I need to bring with me. Lots of time to figure that one out, though..
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I hope you enjoy Japan; they have impeccable cuisine, polite people, and good transportation.handshake
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