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Foolish idea

Foolish idea .One of my neighbors saw this beautiful girl and he wanted to marry her , but he was poor and living in a small wooden house . They became friends and...

Annleerose3872 hrs ago1 hrs ago
It Is Better To Look Back

It Is Better To Look BackIt Is Better To Look Back...

jarred117-11 hrs ago
Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True

Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True:Today You Are You That Is Truer Than True...

jarred114-16 hrs ago

Whats Your Idea Of Fun And Relaxation?Some bbq, wine, a big fat joint, and some music. How about you?...

Track16595Oct 16Oct 16
Maybe Im worrying over nothing

Maybe I'm worrying over nothing....but what would you do if my story was yours? its a bit of a long one but i will try, keep it short. Coming up to the end of 2014 my poor mum died...

itchywitch95979Oct 161 hrs ago
Respect People For Who They Are

Respect People For Who They AreRespect People For Who They Are...

jarred129-Oct 16
We Can Change The World And Make It

We Can Change The World And Make ItWe Can Change The World And Make It...

jarred127-Oct 15
If You Are Living Your Life

If You Are Living Your LifeIf You Are Living Your Life [...

jarred132-Oct 15
Halloween in Spain

Halloween in Spain?Quick question. Halloween stuff appearing in shops. In sa treat-or-treat very much to friends houses only. In Scotland guising was well escorted but e...

Elegsabiff19024Oct 15Oct 15
Only Trust Someone Who Can See These Three Things In You

Only Trust Someone Who Can See These Three Things In YouOnly Trust Someone Who Can See These Three Things In You

jarred146-Oct 15
You Never Know The Last Time

You Never Know The Last TimeYou Never Know The Last Time...

jarred138-Oct 14
Am I a Hoarder

Am I a Hoarder?During a recent conversation I was called a hoarder, I dont agree. A small example of what I have:- 2 fridge freezers, a beer fridge and a chest...

Mapmaker37366Oct 14Oct 15
Understanding Of Ourselves

Understanding Of OurselvesUnderstanding Of Ourselves [url=

jarred134-Oct 14
How to tell youve been really bad

How to tell you’ve been really badHow to tell you’ve been really bad...

jarred123-Oct 14

nonsenseI was laughing all the way home as i passed the graveyard, last night. Could not help, but recorded it. Electric candles. ...a folks way to...

bloodyawfull1467Oct 13Oct 13
CS medicare for all

CS medicare for all ?I was making A few notes in my copy book and lo and behold, it happened it was a fate worse than writers block. The curse of the dreaded paper cut h...

nonsmoker41357Oct 13Oct 14
For those of you women who feel powerless

For those of you women who feel powerless...Let the blog below show you different. Playing with the toy of love is a misconception. Love is no toy. Goes the same with men.......

Johnny_Sparton22724Oct 12Oct 13
Too Tired For Sex

Too Tired For SexI always look forward to spending fun passionate time with him but tonight I'm so not looking forward to it...I'm just tired and I don't think any amo...

TheOne121071382Oct 12Oct 13
We Are Born Alone

We Are Born AloneWe Are Born Alone...

jarred131-Oct 12
A Cowboy

A CowboyA Cowboy...

jarred126-Oct 12
Just Checking In On You

Just Checking In On YouJust Checking In On You...

jarred143-Oct 11
The Possibilties Are Endless

The Possibilties Are EndlessThe Possibilties Are Endless...

jarred146-Oct 11
Where is that lady

Where is that lady?You know the one. The one who is always so stunning, charming, beautiful, exciting, fine, classy, elegant, lovely, kind, breathtaking, unique...

robrt78744339Oct 10Oct 12
Solitary life

Solitary lifeThe majority of people depend on other people to make life worth living. Because of that they believe it must be terribly sad and depressing to live a...

ekself47651Oct 10Oct 10
Lets talk crazy conspiracies

Let's talk crazy conspiracies?I don't know what it is, but I seem to attract some people with novel different ideas. I was out at the bar the other night and this guy who I have n...

Johnny_Sparton32737Oct 10Oct 12

Failed ExperimentMy caffeine free experiment has officially failed, I am drinking caffeine again. I was able to give it up but the last few months I spent the whol...

Track16520Oct 9
Experience Is The Name

Experience Is The NameExperience Is The Name...

jarred134-Oct 8

DoDo it for the love , don't do it for the likes ....

Annleerose551Oct 8Oct 8
I Am The Best

I Am The BestI Am The Best...

jarred144-Oct 8
The life of a hermit

The life of a hermit...Are they living in a world of depression or what...

itchywitch95260Oct 7Oct 16
Love these rain drops

Love these rain dropsLove these rain drops...

jarred152-Oct 6
Soldier in a drain

Soldier in a drain!I was sitting outside in a drain waiting on them to come they filled my head full of shit I can't believe what I done There was a time that I though...

Heartbeatfast007581Oct 6Oct 6
Addictive Personalities

Addictive Personalities!How far back can you remember I was always quite as a child I had...

Heartbeatfast0071014Oct 5Oct 5
Sales Promotions And Gimmicks

Sales Promotions And GimmicksHow easily do you succumb to misleading sales promotions and gimmicks... and victimized by it? I usually stick to the type or brand of the product...

Crazyheart3812719Oct 5Oct 5

STIRRING THE HORNETS NEST NOWWhy oh why do people who want a running chatter with each other don't just start their own blog. Instead they use someone elses that blog....

Redex37524Oct 5Oct 7
Just a question

Just a question .You know some women groom there children to be the opposite sex . I have personal experience where this woman was grooming her son to be a girl becau...

Annleerose1288Oct 4Oct 5
long shadow

long shadowMoving out, towards the sun Long shadow stretches behind us As my heels swing in stirrups Gentle tugs on hands Keeping time with four beats The...

freehand791Oct 4Oct 4
I think Im Going Nuts

I think I'm Going NutsNot sure what I want but would like to have some laugh here...anyone awake here ? Having a busy night here at work...listening to music seems to m...

Crazyheart3855259Oct 3Oct 4
When there is something in your head that BITES

When there is something in your head that BITESafter shower i was holding towel in one hand and clothes to be thrown in washing bin in other.....i opened the window of my room to put my wet towel o...

imbackagain30134Oct 3Oct 3
Exploring the mind of a killer

Exploring the mind of a killerExploring the mind of a killer...

jarred144-Oct 3
Biff moving out of the van

Biff moving out of the van*****breaking news ******** *****read all about it! ****** My offer has been accepted, the deposit has been paid, and soon, hopefully re...

Elegsabiff65748Oct 3Oct 6
field of dreams

field of dreamsi always liked that movie. "if you build it, they will come". i use that line for everything so, for Oldeguy, "if you write it, they will come"......

freehand17521Oct 2Oct 3
mariamarcela: "MISSING YOU..."(meet us in the poems)

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