Goodbye my friend. It's been great. We had some good times together. Those sunsets that seemed to last forever. I'll see you next year on the 10th of March. I wish you could be here all year round... but It's out of my hands. I wait for your return.

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confused the sun?
Yes. In the form of daylight savings...
doh got you. Should have remembered your DST dates are different, we (Europe and UK) do it last weekend October and March.

Increasing numbers of people are saying it is time for it to go, the only reason it hasn't gone is that some want to stay on original time and some prefer the DST version as a permanent option. Argument continues. I'm happy enough it goes, since I spend at least a week each time being misled by kitchen clocks and the car telling me I'm either late or early.

(I like the DST version but not that fussed, just pick one and stick to it).
I cannot wait to change again
I hate this one. devil
I know, it gets dark around 5:30pm now.
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