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I got a new (new to me) pc. After watching it collect dust for a week, I finally got the right cord to hook it up, but not in the music room where I want it. When I seen it online, on the picture, it looked like it had modern hdmi outputs on it but when I got it, it wasn't hdmi, I have no idea what they are called along with a old style vga. Problem is, the music room tv don't have a vga input but the tv in the living room do, but I haven't had a vga cord in years and you would be surprised how hard it was for me to come up with one. I need a adaptor to hook the computer to the tv in the music room so I'm just playing with it now in the living room getting it set up and stuff while I wait for the adaptor to come from online.

At least its on and running, even if its not in place yet roll eyes
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Hi, I just read you're story. I heard people being into vintage cars but not vintage PCs. Ah, memories, what memories, as someone on radio once use to say. W.
The pc isn't vintage, though it feels like it lol. Its just back a few years. My nephew is into vintage electronics and tech, he got a whole bunch of old stuff and he is always looking for more.
The output is likely display port.

About the same size as hdmi, but flat on one edge.
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