Music Room back Online

Steps need to be finished but most everything is back in place. Missed the music gear :)
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I also have my music room, but I'm sure it's nothing compared to yours Track.
I wouldn't say that. Its only a small room with a bunch of gear lol.
If you're both so good at music, why aren't you famous? laugh
Never said anything about being any good at it, I just love it.
Track, don't play down your talent. I remember you posted a YouTube video that was very good!

thumbs up
Haha ... I prefer to stay incognito. wink

Btw, Happy Birthday!
Mine is next Sunday. teddybear
Mine is also quite small and compact, the piano taking most of the space, a guitar in the corner, a drum in the other, plus other small instruments.
So do I !yay
It works, thats all that matters.
This is not all of my stuff but a few slices of the room

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Embedded image from another site
Nice, but I don't see the stack of Marshall's
Been years since I had a stack. They sound awesome but I hated dragging them around and they are hellish loud lol. Don't laugh but I been all digital for a few years. No, its not as good as a real amp but it is so convenient to just grab my guitar and pedal board without having to drag a amp along with. The pa system is a car load already so not having a amp is a plus when you look at it in that regard. In the meantime, I am due for a update in my digital gear as it has come a long way since I got what I am using now.
A like for your genuine honesty... thumbs up
I use high gain sounds that are highly compressed and saturated, digital does those pretty good. Low to mid drive sounds where there is a lot of nuances are where you would be further ahead with a tube amp, getting the touch dynamic is still a issue with fully digital signal path.
It’s looking good Track...

Thanks for the pictures...
Something my sister gave me yesterday conversing

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What about the sort of, lets say, `modernized´ musicians which work with synths, sequencers, drum machines, computers etc? They also need a music room or at least some space for their gear.

Though classical musicians wouldnt call them musicians, I guess but it should be take into account that at latest since the digitalization has dramatically expanded, it is a considerable force in music creation.

The ditilization has enabled former music consumers into an army of `pro-sumers´, so that they are now able to discover their creative potential without mastering an instrument.
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