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Gezz! Holycow!Never seen that before in mylife Making me miss a dear someone who liked saying that word.....

Kalpataru14128 mins ago3 mins ago

EvangelistsThey came to my house with two books. I thought they were giving it for free. Then they said the books cost 200 Rupees. They asked please help them to...

psiberite603Feb 22Feb 22

EpiphaniesMy body is corpse of rotten flowers –my soul an angst ridden Sisyphus—Where’s warmth of a woman gone? When can I smell sweet Jasmine on your hair? Whe...

psiberite634Feb 22Feb 22
Hello Young Guys

Hello Young Guy’sTake a present picture of your own.. observe it, talk with it.. then guess and draw your appearance of 10, 20, 30 years later and finally draw a face...

shamsul531Feb 19Feb 19
The Language of the Eyes

The Language of the EyesNo or little direct eye contact is a classic sign of deception. A person who is lying to you will do everything to avoid making eye contact. Unconsc...

skaligsm13210Feb 14Feb 14
Crunia78-Feb 11
Sol me vos umbra regit

Sol me vos umbra regit"- Haec ego non multis (-scribo-), sed tibi: satis enim magnum alter alteri theatrum sumus -" "- Un imbécile, quae in extremis, qui n’a qu’une idé...

Huitzilopochtli54-Feb 10
A Night Out

A Night OutI had lovely time last night seeing Tosca for the frist time, I just love the villain Scarpia..

FLYJAMES614Feb 8Feb 8
My Funny Valentine

My Funny ValentineYou dont love some one for their looks or their clothes or for their fancy car but because thay thay sing a song only you can hear..

FLYJAMES1168Feb 7Feb 8

Something newThe drought brought forth cracks in my soil As the seeds, carefully sown await Under a black and white sky I call the clouds to me as if I was the...

Palmfrond1232Jan 29Feb 7
FLYJAMES897Jan 25Jan 25

MemoirsDusk The splendor of the sky dazzled as an ornament. The sky, a golden furnace, robes of orange, mystic flames of purple all serenaded me like a cath...

psiberite721Jan 24Jan 24
Ooga Booga is gone

Ooga Booga is goneHerd on the raido that Hugh Masekela have pasted away.. This news was like apart of my world is no more.. It was a very hot after-noon sitting i...

FLYJAMES884Jan 23Jan 23


nonsmoker42930Jan 17Jan 18

EpiphaniesSaw a yellow winged fairy floating in the air, dancing in psychedelic delight, showing off a magnificent opera of flight…dazzling me with a catharsis...

psiberite934Jan 17Jan 17
An Age Of Enlightenment

An Age Of Enlightenment..Those who dance are consideerde insane By those who cant hear the music G,C, The dark days are leaving, Its time to think about this year...

FLYJAMES11811Jan 15Jan 15
A Hermeneutic of Poes Tell Tale Heart

A Hermeneutic of Poe’s Tell Tale HeartI happened to read the story since I had to teach it to eight graders. The story belongs to the genre of the Gothic Vintage. The protagonist of the st...

psiberite951Jan 13Feb 12
Portrayal of Women in Batailles Blue at Noon

Portrayal of Women in Bataille’s Blue at NoonBlue at Noon by Georges Bataille is a fascinating avant garde novel. In this essay I would like to deconstruct the way in which women are portrayed. M...

psiberite590Jan 13
Philosophical Fiction

Philosophical FictionI have created a new avant gardist genre of fiction called Philosophical fiction. Philosophical fiction is post-post modern fiction. Philosophical fic...

psiberite26018Jan 11Jan 13
Museaphor A New Species of a Metaphor

Museaphor A New Species of a MetaphorMuseaphor is a new species for the Metaphor. It has got its inspiration from the Pataphor. Now what is a metaphor? A metaphor is a comparison betwee...

psiberite550Jan 11
Trope and Conosceance

Trope and ConosceanceTropes are figures of speech. The most common are the metaphors and similes. A metaphor is comparison between two objects one being the Tenor of comp...

psiberite450Jan 11
Sayings of a Beatnik Rabbi

Sayings of a Beatnik RabbiIn the centre of the Book there’s a great hole, a fathomable one that signifies an absence. I will do a favor to God by freeing his hand and writing...

psiberite500Jan 11
Beatnik in the East

Beatnik in the EastI have been reading into the Beat Generation writers especially Ginsberg and Kerouac. I am fascinated by their leanings towards the Counter Culture mo...

psiberite640Jan 11
Methodologies for Hermenutics

Methodologies for HermenuticsHermeneutics the art of interpretation has tons of literature on it. Here I am concerned about how it can be devised into a methodology. Here are some...

psiberite510Jan 11
Analysis of Kafkas Writings

Analysis of Kafka's WritingsFranz Kafka was Jew living as an exile in Germany. His writings ring a tone of queasy angst and he stimulates the philosophy of existentialism in his...

psiberite740Jan 11

Of goodbyesOf goodbyes and Forgiveness Gentle breezes stroke Gentle cheek, kissing As old friends do If the fountain fills with Joyous tears...

Palmfrond890Jan 7

Soap box derbyStand on your box and write complete sentences. Try to incorporate more letters than punctuation marks...

Palmfrond1906Dec 27Dec 29

textI listen to a song and think, she is lucky I think I want someone like you Over the horizon, maybe there's someone like you sadness mixes with hap...

freehand1382Dec 16Dec 16
The North Star just put up my Christmas lights

The North Star..... just put up my Christmas lights....I’m following a theme....they look great....the whole village has been out to see them...

Roughroadergirl30435Dec 14Dec 15
May the odds play in your favour CS fellows

May the odds play in your favour CS fellows ......and destiny provides what you are looking for. Happy New Year 2018 to all of you...

Cachuchi169-Dec 12Dec 12
No fear

No fearof anyone on this site being done for s3xual harassment, You can't even type the word...

nonsmoker82584Nov 22Nov 24

stuffWhen things seem less important These things seem to become Meaningful Simply because they could be Forgotten, these things become so cherished...

freehand1554Nov 18Nov 20
Cell into Cell

Cell into CellNowadays, it is very easy to measure love, affectionate, fraud and cordiality. Please check your cell phone (if you didn’t erase). Are you ashamed, d...

shamsul850Nov 10

LoveLove is a matter of nothing !! Don’t believe ?? Okay , just ask your eyes.. what do they like ?? You will get answare that, `eyes’ liking is unlimited...

shamsul1416Nov 6Nov 9
Boo Happy Halloween

Boo Happy HalloweenBoo Happy Halloween

jarred196-Oct 31

labelI slept with my name tag on So I knew who I was when I Woke up Funny, since I've been sleep walking Sleep dressing and sleep eating I wear my...

freehand1160Oct 24
Just be honest be sincere i respect sillrnce but sometimes you must use the words if you care

Just be honest be sincere ,i respect sillrnce,but sometimes you must use the words,if you care"Znate, u postizanju bilo kakvog licnog cilja, postoji nešto što se zove lepo, korektno ponašanje i postoji nešto što se zove licno dostojantvo i cast...

Merien71-Oct 22
Do you ever feel anything i am just a women who need a bit of love

Do you ever feel anything ,i am just a women who need a bit of love“Autumn...the year's last, loveliest smile." ? William Cullen Bryant ?...

Merien73-Oct 22
Beng sincere and honest is the most important thing for successful relationship

Beng sincere and honest is the most important thing for successful relationshipJyst a women....Bing sincere and honest is the most important for successful relationship.. I am just a women with emotions... I know to say i am so...

Merien70-Oct 22

telemarketerI had a telemarketer job a few years back. The business owner had obtained a call list for consumers who purchased high-end dolls. These dolls were...

freehand42737Sep 26Oct 23

scammersThe scammer is only as powerful as the victim's gullibility. Unfortunately, the scammer is the only one to be penalized. I think the victim has some...

freehand45422Sep 25Oct 6
im into poetry now

i'm into poetry nowvultures! vultures ! vultures ! was howling three days long anybody hear me?! i'm changing my song happy! happy! happy! dingy- lingy-...

bloodyawfull31914Sep 10Sep 10
wendychan1983: "No end"(meet us in the poems)

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