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Is This Him

Is This Him..?The POTUS? Really? Could anybody tell me, please....

Kalpataru96108 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Track1624012 hrs ago
Track1621113 hrs ago13 hrs ago
Track1634215 hrs ago13 hrs ago

This Really HappenedThis really happened, keep his face in the public spotlight for the rest of his miserable life.

Track1664321 hrs ago20 hrs ago

Tell me what you boast of, and I'll tell you your weaknesses...True or false? (Must go now be back in an hour, feel free to comment please)...

Cachuchi34841Dec 117 hrs ago
Track16532Dec 10Dec 11
Track16692Dec 8Dec 9
Track16390Dec 7
Track16883Dec 7Dec 8

Water solar systemI haven´t seen any before living in Canaries ( I found 5 looking around from my own roof) looks like a safe enviromental alternative, but no hav...

Cachuchi14115Dec 6Dec 6

Comb OverShould I grow my hair long and do a comb over? What would it look like?

Track161105Dec 6Dec 6
Track16644Dec 4Dec 5
Track16887Dec 4Dec 4

Tooth Monster DollPeople actually do this, I googled it....

Track16560Dec 4
Track16775Dec 3Dec 4
Track16712Dec 3Dec 4
stringman20418Dec 1Dec 6
Track16510Nov 30
Track16811Nov 30Nov 30

lolWhen you don't sleep for two days, your mind can get weird Fortunately I slept all day and back to normal again

Track16530Nov 29

NBC fires Matt Lauer after complaint about 'inappropriate s*xual behavior'Matt Lauer was fired from NBC News on Wednesday after an employee filed a complaint about "inappropriate s*xual behavior in the workplace," the networ...

stringman14912Nov 29Nov 30
Track16540Nov 28

Expressions & LingoWould you share any expression from your country (language) you feel very comfortable with? I´m a spanish speaker, but my primary language is "galeg...

Cachuchi55176Nov 28Nov 30
Track16623Nov 27Nov 27

Thirteen Years And Five MonthsThe Supreme Court of Appeals found Oscar Pistorius guilty of murder and he was sentenced to thirteen years and five months in prison. The judge said t...

Catfoot32129Nov 27Nov 29
Track16660Nov 27
Track16601Nov 26Nov 26

EngleeEnglee Newfoundland. Small community on Newfoundland's northern Peninsula....

Track16520Nov 25
Track16695Nov 25Nov 25
Track161114Nov 23Nov 24

Life Hacks#1 Tired Of Boiling Water Every Time You Make Pasta? Boil A Few Gallons At The Beginning Of The Week And Freeze It For Later #2...

Track161417Nov 23Nov 24
Track16851Nov 21Nov 21
Memorial at Narodni Street

Memorial at Narodni StreetPeople light candles at the Velvet Revolution memorial at Narodni Street to commemorate the 28th anniversary of...

skaligsm550Nov 21
Track16891Nov 20Nov 21
Charles manson

Charles mansonFor living within the law, he was able to "enjoy" 5 decades of his life without working thanks to the tax paying citizens. 'Twas such a loooong life i...

tatami17615Nov 20Nov 20
Little Caesars

Little CaesarsA friend of mine left info on Little Caesars Official website about FINDING ROACHES IN THE DOUGH. However, this location refuses to give him any info...

NewYorkcitylove57-Nov 19
Track161013Nov 19Nov 19
Track16690Nov 18
Miami Gardens Cop Groped Woman He Kidnapped In Hotel Room

Miami Gardens Cop Groped Woman He Kidnapped In Hotel RoomMiami Gardens Cop Groped Woman He Kidnapped In Hotel Room...

NewYorkcitylove68-Nov 16
Track16780Nov 15
Track16780Nov 14

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