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Track16480Jun 18

Poor Fella lolThis is why I would never do a grand public gesture...

Track1620920Jun 17Jun 18

A Tale of Country FolkThere is a tradition in the Derbyshire peak district, known as Well Dressing. As the name suggests, the practice is characterised by the decoration o...

Harbal19421Jun 17Jun 17
stringman20019Jun 17Jun 17

LobsterRed as a . . ....

Track16460Jun 15
stringman15011Jun 14Jun 16

Smokers & Ex SmokersEver see a roller like this one?...

Track16791Jun 12Jun 13
Paul Harveys Warning For A Nation

Paul Harvey's 'Warning For A Nation'Published on Jun 2, 2014

stringman370Jun 12

This Hallmark behavior is called DisassociationFrom CNN online: " It seemed like an ordinary interview with a man reacting to a crime committed in his neighborhood. The body of a woman had been...

Ken_19763Jun 11Jun 11

Tragic newsThree Philippine Catholic priests were killed in just a matter of 6 months! What a very inconsolable grief to Catholicism!...

tatami1208Jun 10Jun 11
The hilina slump

The hilina slumpHuge chunks of the Hawaiian Islands have been sliding into the Pacific Ocean for hundreds of thousands of years. (SF#101) Geologists classify these sl...

stringman1209Jun 10Jun 12
stringman13813Jun 9Jun 10

Trump's Former campaign manager likely going to jail for a long timeFrom Newsweek; Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort to Be Jailed for ‘Stupidest’ Case of Witness Tampering: Ex-DOJ Official Newsweek Gillia...

JimNastics510Jun 7

When your neighbor is a Demon.Police in Springfield, Massachusetts observed a male driver (40 year old Steward Weldon) striking a woman passenger. They also observed him changing...

Ken_1917710Jun 6Jun 8

RIPKate Spade RIP...

MiMiArt173-Jun 5Jun 5
Two small words that are So healing

Two small words that are So healing.You're hurt ~smarting. How could she/he. You are angry, full of a host of emotions. somebody has hurt you badly, it could have been on a C.S. blog [...

goldengloss33334Jun 5Jun 6

Hilarious news !Trump wants regulations to protect the coal industry. From Reuters; By Valerie Volcovici and Scott DiSavino (Reuters) - U.S. President Dona...

JimNastics580Jun 1

Latest on North KoreaIt looks like it's happening. A most controversial and perhaps volatile meeting between Un and Trump. I'm sure the whole world is waiting....

lindsyjones25425May 29Jun 1

I wonder who it could possibly be.Trump Is Right: Someone Is Out to Get Him All those stories that make the president look bad have a source. by Ramesh Ponnuru May 27, 2018, 9:0...

JimNastics1176May 27May 27
stringman772May 23May 23

John Muir's tears from HeavenHistorian and wonderful film maker Ken Burns stated that the single greatest achievement of the USA was the establishment of the Natural Parks syst...

JimNastics21023May 23May 24

Admittedly, no shocker to most of usThe following has been clearly true to most of us. But to the easily duped, it may come with some surprise I suppose. Today in the Huffington Post...

JimNastics32325May 22May 28

Bright lights in the skyJust been watching a light show off the west coast of nz Bright flashes BUT no thunder Maybe the aliens have landed And what happens to re...

Onthcrestofawave21317May 20May 20

History is madeToday, a young African American woman, Meghan Markle, married into the British Royal family and became Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. She...

Ken_1921414May 19May 27

A sad tale, indeed.The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright-- And this was odd,...

Harbal20920May 19May 20

Harassment On A Spanish BeachLatest News.... A Woman was sunbathing on the beach, covered with coconut sun lotion, when a spotty male, who had been attracted by the smell, appr...

daniela77721312May 19May 20

News you CAN abuse - Parrot learns to use AlexaIn Florida a parrot has learned to use Alexa to turn the lights on & off. Unfortunately, the bird has fun with it all day & night. How long will...

JimNastics992May 18May 19

Quote of the day - no place in AmericaToday New Jersey representative Frank Pallone stated; "Trump’s disgusting & bigoted rhetoric is contrary to American values. It has has no place i...

JimNastics17510May 17May 18

Well, well, well..... The Republicans FINALLY admit.....The Republicans FINALLY admit that the Russians influenced the election in the favor of Trump. A GOP-led Senate committee said it backs the conc...

JimNastics32932May 16May 17

Today Federal Judge throws out request to drop Trump's campaign manager's indictment.Paul Manafort’s latest request to have one of special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments against him thrown out was shot down Tuesday when a federal...

JimNastics750May 15

Today FOX Judicial Analyst defends Mueller and his continued efforts in investigating TrumpFox News Judicial Analyst Defends Timeline Of Mueller’s Probe “Bob Mueller has no duty to tip his hand and show his cards until the end of his inve...

JimNastics33534May 14May 24

Difficulties Looming?Is The Timing Of Certain Current Events Purely Coincidental - specifically... 1) Israeli F-35s overflew locations in Syria & Iran undetected, inclu...

miclee32839May 14May 16

COMMENTS For My '(Troll) Trouble Brewing?' Blog -Comments on That Blog Remain Closed. I've opted to leave it as a pristine example of what it is. However. I have neither the desire nor intent...

miclee62662May 12May 15

News you can abuse - Black Bear in NJ breaks into vehicle and eats all 24 assorted cupcakes.This happened early this morning at about 2 am. The owner of the vehicle owns a pastry shop and was trying to get a head start on a anticipated busy...

JimNastics1016May 12May 13

(Troll) Trouble Brewing?I'm Taking The Unorthodox Step Of Posting My Final Comment At The BEGINNING of this renamed blog... COMMENT - Shall we begin by defining our sub...

miclee309-May 12May 12

Interesting article in Rolling Stone Magazine yesterdayIt seems that Trump's attorney, has a lot of Russian Mafia ties and that Trump's towers have been a vehicle to launder money from Russian criminal act...

JimNastics1367May 11May 12

Secret money payments from huge corporations to Trump via shell company set up by his lawyerMore & more is daily being revealed about the shell company set up by Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen to receive payments from several huge...

JimNastics31330May 10May 14
stringman23824May 9May 11

"Your stink, Mr. President"Fox News host Neil Cavuto had some harsh words for Donald Trump on Thursday: Mr. President, you stink. The host listed some of Trump’s worst lies...

JimNastics83765May 4May 11

An app called "Am I Stoned?"Scientists have developed a prototype for an app that’s been designed for cannabis users so that they can determine whether or not they’re actually hi...

Keepers175-May 3May 4
stringman19912May 1May 10

Missing peopleAs CS has no place to search I would out of idle curiosity like to know what happened to the following bloggers: Sands CC and her dog bear Leoney...

Onthcrestofawave3659Apr 30May 1

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