Rudy's back! Back in court...

Rudy Giuliani, former Trump lawyer, former New York mayor, former human being has filed chapter 11 in bankruptcy court and alleges the Republican National Committee owes him $2 million in legal fees for being Trump's attorney on or around the 2020 election.

During the hours-long questioning, Rudy stated: “I got paid expenses, but I never got a salary.”

As usual, I scan the article to see what's important and go to the reader comments to see some of the opinions. Here are a few:

This is key, Rudy Giuliani was the person telling Trump to 'just say he won' on Tuesday night. The professionals know that votes are being counted in the days following Election Day. Why you ask? Mail-in ballots, oversea ballots, early voting ballots, etc. Some States count the early votes and tally them into The Day vote, some States wait until after The Day. America has pristine elections. Some recounts found extra votes for Joe Biden. There were no 5,000 dead people voting anywhere. I'm an honest architect. I only work with honest clients and honest contractors. To lie when designing and building a project would be a travesty, wrong on every level. Trump lied and he continues to lie. Rudy helped, quite a lot.

the best part is that Rudy thought he would actually be paid for this! thats Trumps signature move, to not pay the people who he owes money to

Most recounts found extra Biden votes, not the same for Trump.

Also relevant is the actions of Trump's Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, who took automatic sorting machines out of post offices to slow down the movement of mail-in ballots -- the very votes which Trump feared would go against him.

The Hateful 8
“The American people are waking up to the abhorrent weaponization of our justice system for partisan political gain, and the fact that we are here today is just another example of this great injustice.”

Actually, no. Serious crimes were committed by Trump/GOP/Rudy for which these folks need to be held responsible. It's called justice. There's nothing political about being held responsible for breaking laws.

Facts only, Please
Financial fraud is a felony. How difficult is that for you to understand? Trump was under investigation and being subpoenaed long before he decided to run again... so who exactly is weaponizing the justice system?

Elon musketeer
Why stop there? Why don’t you accuse the govt of deliberately not helping trump to be the next president? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. What Trump and his cohorts did is distort history by encouraging an insurrection. This is treason punishable by death. If it was you and I in the same spot? We’d be fish food.

Rudy should have known from prior experiences people have had with Trump, get it in writing. On top of that, you have this "weaponization of justice" comment again. It's not persecution, it's prosecution. A jury of his peers found him guilty in the civil case against him. He lost, and was ordered to pay $148 million, not by the justice system, but by his peers. And please, the FBI has been led by a Republican throughout its existence.

So here is a lawyer who claims he worked for nothing and there is no signed agreement or contract to perform or not perform. o*al agreements Rudy?

Ted Goodman, an advisor for Giulani, wrote in a statement that the former New York mayor has "earned everything he has in life through honest hard work". This speaks volumes, because he's both financially and morally bankrupt.

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DT told Rudy he will get pay when he win a case.

Rudy lost all the cases defending DT. rolling on the floor laughing
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