The creaking bed. Redux...

A few years ago, I bought an attractive IKEA bed frame that matched the dressers, also from IKEA. The mattresses were to sit on supports that comprised of a few dozen pieces of flexible slats. They were purchased as optional supports, made for that style of bed. I opened one box, read the instructions, packed them up and returned for credit. Instead, I went to Home Depot, bought 2 plywood pieces (cut to size) and installed them as platforms.

The mattress height on this Scandinavian style is very low and I later bought some box-spring units to raise everything so getting in and out of the bed was more of the height of conventional beds sold in America.

Not long after, the bed developed a creaking sound that annoyed me for months. To fix it required removal of the mattresses, box springs, plywood and tighten the inner support brackets, then reinstall everything.

I did the maintenance and a few months later, the creaking returned. Thinking the problem was the plywood, I installed some wood supports around the perimeter. It helped some but the creaking was still there.

Soon... like many of my projects, it will have to wait.

Photo from the IKEA catalog:

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