Trump's hush money trial is scheduled to start on March 25. It's about his then lawyer Michael Cohen violating federal campaign finance laws with payment to 'hush' adult star Stormy Daniels, who Trump had an affair with back in 2006. Cohen spent time in jail for tax evasion related to this case.

It's a full-time job keeping up all the back and forth of the players as there were other payments that included former Playboy model Karen McDougal, who says she had s*xual encounters with Trump.

As expected, Trump has denied affairs with either woman.

Yesterday, I read that Trump (via his lawyers) is seeking to block testimony from Stormy and Michael.
Huh?? That means, should Trump get his way, the two main components in the case would not be allowed to testify in a case directly about them.

Yeah, I get it... Hush

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And Karen McDougal and possibly someone else.

In other words, Trump thinks having witnesses testify against him is illegal.

If that's not the case, I'm sure he'll straighten that out if he becomes president again.
USA Today has a list of 19 who came forward, mostly for unwanted s*xual advances:
What... another list?

ABC NEWS has one:
(replace the '*' in the URL where word block omitted an 'e')
I can see how similar fact evidence was successful in the E. Jean Carrol case. Trump in the Access Hollywood tapes sounds remarkably like the accusations against him.

How people can't see the recidivist behaviour patterns even when he's said it out loud himself, is beyond me.
Which one would had made a best first lady here;
Stormy or Melania?
I think Stormy could of been a bit more 'on the ball' so to speak,
she is good orally.

They both started out as call girls...
Donald had to find extra marital affairs...

What does that tell you?
That he's a h*rny mf?
Yes, just what those Christian Nationals were looking for !!
Nice. Ok, I'll quit trolling your blog Chat... as you were cheers
There’s a kind of hush all over the world…. heart wings dancing heart wings wine
It doesn't take much intelligence to understand, I can only guess Trump's supporters believe he is a Demi-God and therefore is above any and all laws. Hence they believe the 90+ court cases are just political and have nothing to do with actual LAW.
thumbs up

Cognitive dissonance isn't about the level of intelligence, it's about the level of emotional investment.
Where did you get that information from?
What information?
That she was a model and according to a British newspaper she was also an escort?
They retracted their statement... wonder why?
From what I heard Melania was a model who was entertaining men for money and it was Trump that enabled her to stay in the US and not just financially so I have heard.
I never saw proof of it but it was and is a rumour that was around.
Melania's folks are now in the US thanks to Trump that perhaps can be proven.
Perhaps the story is true but why get bogged down in court to prove it.
Trump has many court appointments already.
Yes, several similar stories have been circulating the internet about her modeling/escort career. The nudity and girl-girl photos were considered art... she later became America's first lady.

Unlike former Miss America, Vanessa Williams who was forced to give up her crown in a scandal when Penthouse magazine published unauthorized nude photos of her.

Same circumstance, different outcome.

One of the stories about Melania:

I haven't researched this, but I read somewhere her parents were brought to America by Donald and were 'fast-tracked' to become US citizens.
No need to build a wall then. laugh
Whether you call it art or not, it is funny how people can make it okay no matter the circumstances.
I personally do not care about the photos or how one earns a living but I do care about women who are subject to rape and unwanted touching including cruelty, as in calling them demeaning names when they have already been through enough humiliation.
Vanessa fortunately made a career for herself despite the pious people's disdain that she received surrounding her choices of making 'art' but it is quite interesting the religious crowd does not question the antics of Melania or Trump.
Reason for this is - it's not his or her former life we're after but what he can do in office as president.

Remember also how many forgave Bill for Monica, probably cos he played the sax so well.
Right... they need him to take back 'White America' to a time in the 1950's
Keeping it nice and white for those 'Christian folk' that's what the Republican party is about now...Trump is morally bankrupt and has no problems with it...
He can kill and no one will bat an eye or rape and grab pu**y...not a problem for the Republicans...
God Bless America
Daphne, do I know you from another life? laugh
She used to have a photo I think.
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