How would you sleep....if....

How would you would you would you change your life....would you even change your life at all...

If, we discovered we are not at the top of the food chain? What if all this time we thought we had our government...our military....our police force around to protect us...when in reality, there is nothing they can do to protect you. How would that change your being?

It is said in the next few years, humankind can go one of two routes. One way is not so great for us...whereas the other way...we literally become woke. No...not like the woke we speak of today. I am speaking of a wokeness where if we ask who was responsible for J.F.K., that answer is freely provided. There is nothing hidden.

Like I mentioned, the first way is not so great...

But, the second way may not be so great either. It is said that ignorance is bliss....but with all the knowledge that could be provided to us, the reality of our lives may not be such an easy pill to swallow either.

Perhaps...we are not the top of the food chain.
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Pretty cryptical blog, but is interesting at it's core- only can you make it a bit clearer- just a tiny tad what you have in mind here confused
and I'll try something 'mindful' rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing aboit it... drinking
Have you seen this funny vid? laugh

talking of truthfulness I mean
Hello Grand,

Oh...I don't know.

How about, let's say for example, we find out that we are the property of a supreme race of beings that have been using us, in any way, for their benefit for many years.

Nice video Grand. laugh
Aha, like Alians then I take it,
being the vid posted by you below seems to be about that.

U know me as a Trump supporter I feel there is enough bad 'alians' to encounter in the swamp
so that is a more handfast enemy to handle right there me thinks. Them green men
I leave that stuff to the experts- being you hehe. I'm just not qualified, but if I knew anything I'd pitch in. cheers
We've never been top of the food chain. Right now there are billions of bacteria feeding on you.
Just because we kill everything that moves and shove the favorite parts of that into our mouths either smoke grilled or dipped in chocolate, has never made us top of the food chain.
It makes us consumers.
Besides, if you are talking Aliens, then my vote is Zoo rather than Owned, curious animals being watched, not slaves under a whip. Well, not under the Alien's whip anyway.
Why would we need Government, Military, and Police Force protection from something that to date has shown itself to be a non threat?
We try to shoot down any unidentified flying object. Not one has ever fired back. None that I have ever heard telecast on the Nightly News anyway. W
Hello Johnny
All the things you mention in your first paragraph I already knew many years ago.

How did that make me feel? uh oh

Did I change my lifestyle?
I certainly did! cool

As for becoming "awaken" - and not woke! - I certainly have over the years and started asking myself questions about this "reality" we live in, and our role in it.
(Check my profile and see for yourself).

Now, we do need more people who open their eyes and ask themselves the same questions.
Don't often make a second comment but I am curious.
What if we are the property of a supreme race of beings that have been using us, in any way, for their benefit for many years?
How does us knowing now, change anything? They will still own us and still use us in any way for their benefit.
Why worry about something A, that may just be a figment of your imagination, (them owning us) and B, even if you find out it is true, cannot change in the slightest?
Also, I read the other comment about life style changes. What life style changes did that guy make? Dig a big hole to live in? Stock up on guns and ammo? Buy up all the TP in his town? Build a shrine to some religion? Just curious. W.

Hey Johnny,

Now I don't know if it's true, but I heard of a guy somewhere in Michigan that sleeps with his hand between two round pillows. And - and sometimes he puts his face between the pillows too.

Not sure why he does all that. confused


Hello W.L.,

All good points you make and very rational.

It sounds like you would sleep all the same if there was some hidden lie we have been living under.

Of course, this hypothetical situation may expose this or these supreme being(s).

That part would be interesting in my opinion.

Hello D4,

Certainly, I do believe you.

thumbs up
Hello sounds like that Michigan man would sleep like a baby. laugh

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