who gets their way? men ... or ....women?

Does a woman with a promiscuous nature get her way?


Does a man who does not want his woman to be promiscuous get his way?

Right now this question is still being pondered by society.

What do you think?

I mean....is it important that the man gets his way with the relationship? Why can't the woman get hers?
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We both get what we want
She can do anything she wants to do, as long as she comes home for supper conversing
Really want to say something, but based on OP's blogs, he is kind of a serious type.laugh
Lol too bad, hey laugh
there are different men and women. Some are self- taught, some got education from elders. Here is a situation .
Wife asking her husband for help to move fridge,so she can wash floors behind and under it.
Husband says Ok but continue to lay on couch or do whatever he was doing, when wife called him to help.Obviously she needed to move that bloody thing by herself.
Two days later seeing that wife doesn't act or look happy and keep silence, he asking her What is wrong honey bunny? She explains why she is not happy. On which he replies I said Ok, you do not expect me to jump every time you asking me about something. Wife shaking her head and leaving the house. Divorce. The end.
So, who to blame. Who is right or who is wrong.
I heard one time, in a crowd someone said happy wife happy life.
I guess it goes both ways. And it depends what makes some women and man happy .
Perception of Happiness is different in each human being. Some will be happy with a simple help some with something they DO want.
It's 90% tolerance and acceptance, leaving 10% for the possibility for changes in the other person.
Expectations are the root cause of the problem.
If you can't tolerate and accept the other persons behaviour then if it is serious end it rather than 'die' by a thousand cuts.
Noone gets their way.

She won't, because whoever she'll be with wont respect her.

He won't because he wont get away with telling her what to do.
Hey Dan,

I think 50-50. meet halfway. I find single life so relaxing and peaceful, it's addicting and I think if one gives me 100%, I will not easily give up my carefree life now.laugh
Dani...I think society is still trying to find the solution to that.

But, women in general do indeed hold most of the cards in matters like this.

The only thing a woman really risk is dying alone and feeling empty when older.

I just watched a video on some eastern religion thingy (from India)...and they talked about how there is a tube or connection made between two people when they sleep together. This connection is suppose to last 12 years...from the last time they slept together. Anyway, that is the spiritual side of things. (might be too serious for you). rolling on the floor laughing tongue
Heyy heyy Johnny,

WTF kind of blog is this? Oops, excuse my language. I know this is probably a Rated G blog.

Anyways, I 'member when I went out with Kissy Myas. Whew! She wanted what she wanted and when she wanted it. She was not going to wait.

When she wanted romantic action, there was no wait in her. She demanded or she would beat the crap out of me. Sheesh!

By the way, what does Promiscuouis mean? Is that when a person's eye gets cloudy vision or something?


There is a somewhat well known couple that...just up to a couple of months ago...operated their marriage like that. It was open on both sides.

First of all, an open marriage favors a woman much more than it does a man.

But anyway, this couple talked about how happy they were and all this good stuff....until recently. The wife is now divorcing him and trying to go after him for money...and he is now devasted. dunno

oops...the couple is: Destiny and Melina.

Plenty of crap on Youtube about them.
Dani...the only time I get serious is when I am wipping my a**.

be back tp you after few hours I'm reading my old blogs from my old account. My posts back then were corn and cringy!laugh rolling on the floor laughing
or is it wiping?

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

You see, I am not even serious about spelling either. rolling on the floor laughing

It sounds like, from your example, the husband might have been playing on the words the wife chose. Meaning, the wife asked if the husband could help move the fridge, and the husband said okay. However, the wife never asked could you help me now.

If that was what it took for them to divorce, divorce was most likely inevitable between them anyway.

That was such a minor offense that triggered the wife to ask for a divorce.

(on the flip side)

The husband most likely pretty much knew she needed help right away as well but failed to act on that. (meaning his respect toward her was going down hill)

I agree with you though Fan, one's happiness is not completely universal. What makes one happy may not make the other happy. I think in a relationship, the people involved should be mindful to try and figure out what makes the other happy and unhappy and respect that.

Hello Mer,

That is something to ponder and contemplate...about expectations.

Society, through stigmas...has placed expectations on people and on couples.

Back in the day, families needed to be large to survive on the farm.
Back in the day, women needed men to protect and provide.
Back in the day, you needed to put horseshoes on your horse.

The thing with these certain stigmas, they worked back in the day.

As technology changes...or way of living does too.


I totally agree with you.

I think that is exactly where we are at in society.

What is the next move?

Do women die alone and feel empty in their elder years then?


What do men do? I guess something similar. I am not sure if they have the same empty feeling though.


Maybe that is where the introduction of the MetaVerse comes in to play.


I think you are living the life of many beautiful ladies.

There is one question that needs to be answered at a certain point of living life that way. It has to do with when the fun time starts to dwindle down a bit.

Let's face it, how promiscuous can a 65 year old woman be? I know you are not that old...but maybe one day you might be and if you continue living your lifestyle up to that age...then what comes then.

However, I do know that women do not think that way...they live for the here and now. ....but

As far as men...

well, they have the follow the lead of what women do. There are laws that prevent them from doing anything else. So, men's hands are tied. However....there is 1 thing. ...and that is what is going on right now MGTOW.


This is indeed a G rated blog. Since I know you are 1/64th innocent, you cannot do any wrong here.


Kissy was outright abusive to you Robert. Anyone who would literally sh*t in someone's face...should be locked up. I am surprised you did not develop some long term trauma from that situation. Maybe you did, maybe that is why you are still single. tongue

Yes...Robert....your stories were the best then. What was that one where you had that drinking contest while you were out trying to find something in the jungle? laugh


corn and cringe?

I have heard of corn and potatoes.

We have different cultures, so I can't speak for all women here. A promiscuous female over here is considered a ____. I reckon our society deems it okay for a man to sleep around, but when it's a female, you must be the role model to your children, especially if you have a daughter. Do you mean a situationship? I don't think it's possible here. I remember a foreign guy, a friend of our friend, who hired a prostitute in Asia (not gonna say the name as I don't want to offend others here) and ended up marrying her, bringing the girl to Oz. I have limited exposure to Indian culture, and I don't want to say something I don't know, but I saw in a video about being careful who you sleep with because you are also binding your soul to them, not just your body.

handshake dancing
Your blogs tend to discuss serious topics, it's kind of awkward if I hijacked and be goofy.scold
Do you listen to the Flagrant /Andrew Schulz podcast? That's where I heard the word "corn." They were talking about Taylor Swift dating a corny guy.laugh
Hey Dani,

Am I understanding correctly that the person who married the prostitute from Asia and brought them to their country...I know him?

I do know a guy who married a younger woman from China.

Yes...with that spiritual connection though. S*x is more than just physical. If you think about it, shouldn't it be more than just physical? I mean...you are doing an act that creates a new life.

Feel free to be who you are on my blogs. Yes, my topics tend to be more on the serious side....but I am not some rigid type of person where everything about them have to be serious. You want to be a goofball...go for it. thumbs up


Oh no...you like the great toxic Taylor Swift. tongue She is a pretty good singer. I don't know her well enough to actually call her toxic but....writing songs about all her relationships and stuff...is that exactly healthy? laugh
I think I have heard of Flagrant but I cannot recall every watching any of them.

I am interested in UFOs, Relationships, Joe Rogan, Philosophy, Conspiracy Theory crap....

I am running out of stuff to watch. Maybe I will start watching some TS stuff. laugh
you dunno him, the friend was from here but one the guy who married the prostitute. Have you read the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene?
the one guy who married a prostitute isn't from here.
Flagrant is in the funnier side, but dunno if you gonna like it. I don't think you'll like TS.laugh
I am listing right now to Robert Greene's 48 laws of power.


I am on law 23 right now.

I think there is some accuracy in what he is saying, but a lot of it sounds to me like it is a book on being selfish and manipulative.

Somebody once told me, knowledge is power.

Power hungry people make me suspect...however, power can also be used for the good. So, if knowledge is used for good. thumbs up

I see Greene teaches how to play one against another. ...and all that great stuff.

I sincerely appreciate you sharing this with me. I have never heard of it before but I would guess there are many out there who have and may actually use it...it is not bad understanding where somebody is coming from if they do use it against you.

Thank you
I like to laugh a bit...I think I have a little bit different type of humor. dunno If I remember, I will check that podcast out.

Incidentally there is nothing inherently wrong or doomed in marrying a prostitute. You wouldn't claim that they cannot have genuine feelings and morals surely? They are merely conducting commerce, and could very well be entirely ethical highly educated and wonderful partners and parents. Consider Annabel Chong, for example. I wouldn't have objected to coding side by side with her at all! Mind you, she did pass through a pretty silly stage!
Totally agree, they are also human . I rem Zang Ziyi allegdly she got paid millions to sleep with rich men.https://www.complex.com/pop-culture/a/julian-patterson/chinese-actress-zhang-ziyi-allegedly-earned-millions-by-sleeping-with-rich-businessmen
We all have narcissistic traits in ourselves.cheers
I would watch that stuff Dani..

BTW, you are pretty sharp. (a.k.a. smart)
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