high memory use? does anyone have that message popping up?

I honestly don't know what is causing that. I have never had a computer in my life show me that warning. However, I did notice it started coming up right around the time all of these pop-up ads started showing up here on CS.

Is anyone else having this issue?
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Need more detail:
Are you running Windows, if so what version?
What web browser?

Important... Virus protection?

In general, clear your cache and cookies.
Many of us are using a popup blocker. That makes it a pleasure to surf.

To have a popup message could be a virus, especially if there is a link to fix it...
There are ads?
Windows is crap use Linux.
If you're using windows you can you can see what's using memory in "task manager".

If you don't know how to open task manager there'll be walk through videos on youtube.
Thanks all...

I appreciate it all.

I am going to dig a little deeper into the issue now that I have a better understanding of what may be causing it.

cheers cheers cheers
How long have you been using a PC?
Win10 sucks a** and I fear I will never use win11.
There are services which should be turned off as they eat and run in the background. Like Bluetooth on your phone if you aren't using earbuds or phones.
Even Wifi if you only intend to use that at home.
You can Google up services that can be safely turned off.
Sometimes the cache is set incorrectly.
Just finding some OPTIMIZING windows site and use their advice.
BUT ONLY turn one off at a time then reboot.
If you are daring enough you may edit the registry for even better and safer performance. Again just one at a time.
Edit startup as well
Right click TASKBAR, go into TASK MANAGER, got to STARTUP. most of the crap does NOT need to run and safely be disabled. JUNKware tossed on your pc.
I have only two and one is windows defender.
PLus you can enter your bios and tweak the that.
All simple after the first time.

all of these pop-up ads are almost totally disabling me from using this site.
If they don't reign it in, I'm leaving. It's almost impossible to even type a response due to the interruption of the pop-ups. I'm running with firefox not the G engine.
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