giving money to somebody else...and then find out

What would you do if you have been talking with someone....someone whom tells you that they love you and you love them. This same someone you have never met in real life (in person). Everything has been over the internet...for years, you have been communicating with them...they talk about how they need your financial help, and they love you and you love, you send them money whenever they ask for it. You do it with a smile on your face.

What would you do if you were in that situation...only to find out...that this person you have been talking to, sharing your love with, them sharing their love with them them gifts...what would you do if you found out that you are 1 of 100's that this person has been accepting money, gifts, and love from.

This situation does exist in today's world.

Would you continue giving your hard earned money to them, given them gifts...and giving them your love?
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No and run as fast as you cansigh
I'm sorry , but why would you give money to someone you meet online or not even meeting them? If you meet her, doesn't she have a job to support her financial needs?dunno
lonely ..... aka desperate people, do desperate things.
Well , she must be really pretty then if she was able to convince men to send her all of those things. laugh laugh
You also fail to see things outside of your own perspective.

A lady with such beauty as your will never become desperate.

Whereas 80% of men, will.

Women know this and they play on that loneliness.

It happens every day.
It takes one average women to pay a lonely one compliment...and that man will be eating out of her hands.
lonely man a compliment

It is really a sad world we live in.
try it once Dani
What should I try?blushing
a lot of men make the mistake thinking that beauty is only skin deep
I'm sorry, but I've spoken to lonely men here without ever intending to take advantage of them. It seems some women engage in immoral behavior without conscience. I don't understand where they find the audacity to commit such evil acts. Nevertheless, I understand your point – desperation coupled with compliments can be a harmful combination. I would never wish that to happen to anyone here.
If they base their connections solely on physical attraction, that's a shallow approach.sad flower
I was chatting with a guy here who is older than me. He mentioned that he's also been talking to a very beautiful lady, almost like a model, on this platform. I advised him that it might be a fake account. I want genuine connections, and I'm not willing to compete with a scammer. I guess he might have missed the chance to connect with someone authentic.scold crying
Honestly, it's been harder for me. I've had to compete with tons of scammers here. By the time the genuine person reaches out, they've already fallen for a fake account. I prefer not to message first; I wait for their initial move. If you think it's easier, hell no.professor scold scold
I would never send money or make gifts to someone I know only online, especially if I've been in contact with them for years. If they can't meet me in person, they can't get my money, and even after we've met in person, they still won't get my money.

Loneliness makes some people desperate, a friend of mine once told me he has and supports a girlfriend in Asia, but she also has other men, who do the same. I asked, how could he call her his girlfriend, knowing this, his reply was "she had to make a living somehow"
Some women have really thick skin. What do you do in that case?

That makes sense Dani...if you were to have message me first, my first instinct would be to think you were a scammer....given the huge number of fake profiles on this site.
Gigi...that is what this blog is based on. I have a friend as well and he is absolutely in love with this woman.

It is sad.
laugh Chat....well then, I suppose a person could flip a coin. laugh
The OP likes to write then runlaugh
I do.

pretty busy person
fk no, never give anyone online money. Take everything you see online with a grain of salt, too easy to be scammed.
the first two sentences say it all.
Too many red flags.
But then again, many real life relationships are living off of this support .
For as long as the flow is steady.
Needless to say it was pretty ridiculous to fall for that, it's 21 century and we know how internet "love" works.
Being in love with the idea of loving someone is not the same as loving the someone you're with.
Time you give your friend a reality slap at the back of his head.

Who knows, some day he may thank you for it conversing

wave Johny
Hey come on, if you don't want to give me any more money and gifts, that's fine, Johnny! I can get them from someone else. No need to post a blog. crying
I would think it is impossible to fall in love without actually meeting in person.

Maybe that's just medunno hit the nail on the head when you say it is too easy to get scammed. That is exactly why many people end up sending money. It is in a man's nature to help a woman. Of course, the helping of a highly attractive woman, I believe that nature to help a woman like that is even greater.

Ten....isn't it something how love works today. Thankfully there is still real love that does exist...however, a lot of love has become transactional.

CW....very well put.

Trust me, I have tried CW. I sat down with him for over an hour explaining how many of these women work these days. To my face, he will agree with me....behind my back, he says I am lying. dunno

So...if he thinks it is real...then it is real.



That is why the awareness of this stuff needs to become more prevalent.
:) Kal....

I was feeling very compelled to. laugh

Hope you are doing well.

Hello Riz,

I think IW nailed it...pretty much anyway....they love the idea of being in love.

Many lonely men, like I mentioned to Dani....will eat out of a pretty woman's hand if that pretty woman gave them a compliment.

Humans, by nature, are social creatures and crave companionship. Some of these men are willing to go bankrupt to fulfil this craving.

...and there are women who know and understand this and exploit it.

You know, Johnny,
we all need to feel useful and helpful to others?!
It gives us a sense of a greater purpose, being the shelter and provider for someone.
What you get in return feeds your heart, a nice word, a smile, gratitude.
There is no harm in that.
If this is the case, of course.
Hope this isn't your personal experience but if it is, I guess you have to weigh up whether you are getting your money's worth.

Nice when love is exclusive but if you are not actually living together, does it matter? Just one example, youngsters in a family get love money and gifts from lots of people without any of the friends or relatives feeling they have to be the only one.
Absolutely Ten...perfectly put.

In addition to what you just said, which is spot on.

thumbs up thumbs up

Our existence and this world has more to do with than just our own selfish desires.
Hello Suzie,

No, this is not my experience.

Yes, exclusivity is nice...and many would argue important, especially for a man. Otherwise when the woman he is with becomes pregnant, who is the father? ...if not in an exclusive relationship.

Remember...I said nice. I would further continue by saying it is up to the people involved in the relationship(s). In general, an open relationship favors the woman more than the man..and these relationships generally do not last.

It's true, Johnny.
I always say that the greatest achievement of a successful person is the amount of good they do for others.
Hey Johnny,

What the heck is going on? I haven't seen you on here since the last time I seen you on here.

Anyways, this FRIEND OF YOURS, he should stop sending money and instead start sending her aluminum cans and plastic bottles for her to sell at the recycling centers.

In this way, she gets her money and together they also help the environment by recycling.

Oh, and also, I'm sure the lady he sends the cans and bottles to, will be thrilled, flattered and oh so happy that he sent her all that trash instead of money.

Cool, huh?

Ten....if people looked out for their other fellow human beings.

Can you imagine what sort of world we would be living in?

No war
No hunger
No struggles
No hate

I am sure the list just goes on.

thumbs up wave
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