Is the real truth being hidden?

I have been watching these dating blogs where they have many women on them that are interviewed about their dating preferences...for years now. Meaning, I have watched a lot of them.

With this experience, a person can get a big picture view of women's preferences with dating. I am not talking just watch 20 of them to establish an overall "big-picture" view....I am talking watching maybe 1000+...with each blog watched containing multiple women. With all fairness, a lot of these blogs did contain younger ladies. I am trying to put things in total perspective here.

While watching these, it is established that the top 10% of men are doing the majority of the "dating" or getting "bedroom action." This is important to understand.

When the women are asked, what traits are they attracted to....99 out of 100...they say his height, his physical attractiveness, his income, his personality.

But...I am baffled....hardly anyone of these ladies mention anything about a guy's pen*s size.

Until recently, a wise viewer made a large enough donation to one of these dating blogs that allowed his question to be asked. His question to the ladies went something like this....would you date a short guy, with making below average income, with a bad attitude with a 10" pen*s. Or, would you date a tall guy, making a lot of money, with a great personality but he has a small pen*s. The majority of the women said they would date the guy with the 10" pen*s.

Finally, the reality of what women are attracted

The average pen*s size is 5"...that means 50% of men are at that size and less, while the other 50% are larger. Think about this for a second....if the top 10% of men are dating the majority of the women, would that 10% of men also include have the top 10% pen*s size too?

It is amazing to me that a lot of these shows do not included pen*s size in their conversations.

Why is that? It is clearly obvious that women care about pen*s size....a lot.

Are the majority of men who watching these dating blogs being deceived? Meaning, the majority of the watchers really have a more difficult time getting a woman than they are lead to believe by watching these blogs? Meaning, the majority of the men do not have a large pen*s...and that is something watching these dating blogs cannot fix. In other words, are these dating blogs lying to them false hope? You can grow to 6'3", have six pack abs, get a six figure income, etc...(like they dating blogs advise men to do)....but in reality, unless you are packing a horse d*ng...have fun finding a woman who wants to stick with you for the long haul.

What do you think?
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the size will not matter in the long run, people always think they want something until they get it. a person you get along with is the most important, that you shares values and goals
Depends who answered with humour or sarcasm...or just having to answer that question at all...most probably do not care but if the male is too caught up in it...the insecurity alone can be a challenge to deal with...
I happen to know of a situation that happened to a female who went on a couple of dates with a guy who clearly was obsessed with his lack of the point that she really did not want to deal with his insecurities anymore...
Instead of being creative in the bedroom most men will do when size is not the ideal (in society)...he failed to make any effort in that perhaps the advice to women and men who either have small breasts or small secure in yourself and be

Or...get breast implants or penile implants and go forth and enjoy!!
Hello MD,

I agree with you 100%. Thank you for your honesty.

What happens is that women have FOMO (fear of missing out). They leave their nice man, the man that treats them right, for the opportunity to sleep with that top percent guy (large pen*s guy). Then what happens is, they get piped down good from this top percent guy and now this is what that woman wants and desires. But what she fails to realize is, this guy is a top percent guy. Meaning...there are only a very few of these guys that exists. Because of that, this guy has a lot of women options. Remember, women are only going after these top percent guys. Let's say 80% of women are going after that top 5% guy....that means that 5% guy is going to have tons of options. He does not have to be loyal to one woman, he has 10+ more to sleep with. He can treat that woman like absolute crap and cheat on her....and kick her to the curb.

So, then what happens, is this lady goes back on the dating sites to find another one of these rare men...and the same thing happens over and over again.

Then what happens, because women are only going after these top guys and the rest of the 80%+ of men are invisible to her, she then starts thinking that ALL men are sh*t. When, in reality, it is only that top 5% guy she has been with that are sh*t.

Then after she determines that ALL guys are shit....and of course....after she has been piped down by that top 5% guy, now she thinks she deserves that top percent guy and will NOT settle for less.

Because she will not settle for of two things happen....either she buys a pet and dies alone OR she will bite the bullet and get with one of these lower percentage men and treat him like sh*t because she is angry with him because she had to settle. a rare occasion, she will become a lesbian.

Hello Daphne,

I do agree with you, men can make up for inadequacies in other areas....with humor, being handsome, being wealthy, or being s*xually stimulating in other ways.

The problem with this is, we live in the era of social media. Thus meaning, women remember the guy who piped her down good....or always has potential contact with a top percent guy. The moment one of those guys rekindle old connection or another top percentage guy establishes new contact with that woman, there is a very HIGH percentage odds that she will be leaving her current guy to meet up with this top percent guy. Remember....FOMO (fear of missing out)....that is a real thing with women.

If you're wondering why you're not getting any, Johnny, it's because you fall for that sexist shite on the internet that blames women for everything.

No amount of c*ck can compensate for a bitter and twisted c*nt like you.

Just satin'.
As an important side note:

FOMO (fear of missing out). What is fear? Fear is an emotion.

Women make decisions on how they feel. What instills feeling in a woman? Emotions instill feelings.

Therefore....FOMO is real within women.
If a woman knows a guy is a bit bigger it is, no denying, a factor in attraction. Not the main factor. But a factor. The worst question either partner ever has to ask is "is it in". rolling on the floor laughing

10 inch tonkers, though, are you serious? No thanks. Women may be briefly titillated by the idea of a once-off with a freak dong - especially the kind of women who would talk about such things on TV, by the way - but nobody would want to be long-term with a guy who could usually only run the flag halfway up the post before starting to feel a bit faint. Takes a LOT to inflate the larger tonker. Takes a LOT to get a woman ready to take one. Half the time, when it has settled into a longer term relationship, the guy passes out and the woman falls asleep and their sex life is not a fraction as fun as other couples.

Women can say this until they are blue in the face, you guys don't listen. It isn't what you've got, it is how you use it. MEN are obsessed with size. A bigger man is confident because he IS a bigger man and knows other men are envious. Women go for confidence and so yup may be attracted - but by the confidence, not the size. If it turns out he can't use the thing worth a damn, so all he is offering is a blunt weapon to be worked around - that is not appealing. And he's back on the market. And you guys say enviously that he gets a lot of action.

Ask yourself if your female friends would date a guy whose knuckles hung to his knees because he was bigger than average? Bet they wouldn't. Size matters more to men than to women. WEIRD.
FOMO is what every single blog you have ever written, pretty much, is about. You never stop fretting about missing out rolling on the floor laughing
Hello Jac,

I would argue that is debatable.

Not all women are terrible people; however, they do exist. Would you consider yourself a fine example of one?

Hello Suzie,

I think you are spot on.

But you are failing to take into consideration the woman that has her social media accounts still up and running and what she does when the guy who piped her down good in her past contacts her to meet up again...while she is in a relationship.


I should say spot on with your initial comment....

The FOMO comment I do not agree with. I am just being open and non-biased with everything I write. I have yet to have all....bring up any points where I was outright wrong with anything I wrote. In fact, I welcome it. I enjoy learning and becoming a better human.

Have you not noticed that women have been objectified since the dawn of time?...laugh
Women are supposed to be perfect in everyway possible and even given a number to coincide with their attractiveness...remember the movie 10?...
So the internet or social media is subjecting women including men to unrealistic standards of beauty and I guess you might want to find someone less shallow as well...
Huge bank accounts and brawn male with a perfect p*nis...or submissive busty fit young get the idea...
If you want a transactional relationship then go for it but there are standards that apply...for both genders...


I am only doing this because I like you as a person.

I am going to impart a bit of wisdom on you.

But, I are a woman, you do not forget, you let your emotions rule your behavior.

Let me ask you a question. How long has it been since we really butted heads? I am thinking...what??...a year ago or longer?

You see Jac, I have forgotten about that and let it go.

Do you know why?

Because carrying the weight of hate on my shoulders is a heavy burden.

When you learn to forgive and will find yourself with a smile on your face more often.

You are welcome.

I do not know if you are being sarcastic but the part about the emotions and being a woman...Jesus Christ

Very true what you say.

However, one could argue that women enjoy being objectified (especially the highly attractive ones). Believe it or not, many other women objectify women just as much as many men do. However, when some of those many women objectify other women, it is viewed as competition. But it is also said today, that 50% of women are bis* those women are also objectifying them on a s*xual nature as well.

But you are absolutely correct about relationships becoming more transactional today.

I would advise that men guard their feelings and emotions toward a women they believe they love.


I would advise that women not sleep with men until they are certain the man is very serious with having a relationship with them.
Daphne, are you saying I am wrong with a woman's emotions? If so, how so? I would genuinely like to know.

You probably wouldn't want to know what is said about women who have tattoos.

By the way, I am not saying there is anything wrong with a woman using her feelings to make decisions.

They are wired that way since caveman days. It is necessary for them to do so for their survival. Women are survival creatures. They need to use their feeling/intuition. Most of the time they are right.

I only point this out the display to people that men and women make decisions differently.
When you become will know what it is like...until then...grow your bank account, work on your physique and grow your p*nis if
Thankfully most adult women like complements but do have brains and work out to be healthy not just for men to look at...
The thing regarding your message to another here about emotions...
You sound condescending and seems you generalize about women in regards to their emotions...
Why not keep it short...idea
Less problematic and you are not continuing a stereotype... wine
No, does not matter what size it is , performance matters…
Fair enough Daphne. Thank you.
Hello Grape,

Well....I think you are telling the truth, but it is only a partial truth. There is more to it, a little more complicated than that.

...coming from a male here, not female. laugh

If you want me to elaborate more, I would be more than happy to.

Johnny…I’m going to answer your question with a question. Sorry. Why would we admit to liking a large pp on a blog? That info is a bit personal isn’t it? dunno
I don't recall 'butting heads'.

I do recall trying to save you from yourself and I've often felt sorry for you because I thought you had too low an IQ to understand your misogyny.

I see from this post above that you're smart enough.

There is no great mystery here. Women don't like you and that's why they don't want to have sex with you.

It's got nothing to do with looks, or how much money you have, or the size of your p*nis.

It's because you spend your time watching rubbish on the internet where unscrupulous people make a living from telling you what you want to hear - there's nothing you can do to change, your looks, your income and the size of your p*nis are all fixed; it's us nasty women who need to change our bad ways and give you the sex you think you're owed for no other reason than you're a man.

It seems like men even pay to hear what they want to hear so they can blame women for being unreasonable for not wanting to have sex with them.

Johnny, those women being interviewed are paid actors. That crap you're watching is an industry that preys on men like you that women don't like.

They feed you stuff that makes you more unlikeable so you keep coming back for more lessons on how to be a loser that no woman will touch.

The reality is, when men are kind and generous with nothing but themselves, we women are actually pretty easy. And vice versa.

That's the truth and there's bugger all hidden about it.
Challenge accepted. You were outright wrong in calling FOMO an emotion, and one felt only by women. professor

Just to clarify, then - fear of missing out is literally the lurking feeling other people are having more fun than you are. It is not really even an emotion. It is most certainly not limited to females. Friends having a dinner party, you weren't invited because you don't have a partner? Damn, wish I had someone special so I could be invited along to such things. Oh hello FOMO. Colleague at work is invited onto a project even though you have as much experience in that area. There's no added pay, no obvious benefits bar a bit of a profile boost, he / she has only added to their workload but you wonder why them not you. Oh hello FOMO.

"I enjoy learning and becoming a better human" is because you know you are missing out on what some others manage to achieve. You blog about things you don't understand in the hope someone will magically clarify it all. THAT IS FOMO, and every single one of us, male, female, young, old, at work or at play, has the occasional lurking feeling we don't understand something. It is NORMAL and HUMAN and NON-GENDER. .

I have no idea whether that makes you a better human but I do hope you enjoyed learning what it actually means. If I should ever on one of your future blogs write just FOMO grin, read back what you have written ...
Heyyyyyyyy Jooooohhhhhnnnnnnyyyyy!!!!

WTF? Excuse me, (seeing as how this is a 'G' rated blog) I meant What the heck?

5 inches? Seriously? Is everybody they polled or tested have stunted physical growth or something?
Come on now, let's be reasonable. Sheesh!

Charley Hoarse and Big Richard would be shocked to hear of such a thing.

Come to think of it, Kissy Myas and Eileen Ohver would also be shocked.


Hello MMH, is a bit private, especially on a personal level. However, if it is spoke about in a general sense. Instead of making it a personal thing, maybe address it as all women in general.

Thank you Jac...for your information. Some of it might actually be useful. I do agree about paid actors telling people what they want to hear. I think that is very important. Men and women both....must always deduce information with a very critical mind. Yes, there is intentional deception being spread.

The funny thing Jac...that is primarily the purpose of this blog. Let's find out some truth.

Hello Suzie,.....I agree, FOMO is something that both men and women experience. However, which gender experiences that feeling stronger? Stronger feelings lead to actual motivation for action.
Robert....exactly. rolling on the floor laughing

You mentioned women and men thinking differently...thought I would post this...

Early studies looking at sex differences in the brain did find a distinction, but only had a handful of participants. When the sample size was increased, scientists found the human brain is sexually monomorphic.

"The differences between human male and female brains are so subtle, they could never be called dimorphic. They could never be called two shapes," says neuroscientist Lise Eliot in Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary, a documentary from The Nature of Things.

Well if it’s speaking in generalities then I would assume that it all matters. Be good with your tongue and d*ck. dunno
Hello Daphne,

Thank you for sharing the results of that one test.

I encourage you to Google, "difference between male brain and female brain."

You will find plenty of differences there.

I agree Mermaid...I have actually been studying that lately...with learning what women value most.

thumbs up thumbs up

I am sure I will be writing some blogs in regards to this. There is plenty of information online regarding bedroom addition, I would highly encourage men to study female attraction and how to facilitate it on a long term basis....

Female attraction is important throughout the WHOLE relationship, just not in the beginning of the relationship.

I thin you missed my point...rather than google it...take into the consideration of the source...plenty of misinformation circulating...

Because nothing matters til it matters.
Daph...that would not be the first time I miss a point. laugh

Hello MG,

That makes sense.

Hey buddy , nice to be back but I dunno what to say about your blog.laugh
Hello Dani,

I appreciate your absent candidness.

Nice to see you back.

Hey Danni,

I appreciate you absent candidness.

It is nice to see you back.

no problem, see you aroundwave
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