lol...just did something funny

Some hot Asian lady just messaged me from TN. She says it is nice to meet me. I wrote back, I want to meet you. She responds, you can meet me in Nashville TN. I said, I am in Michigan, why don't you meet me. She responds..."eat sh*t as*hole."

fun stuff
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Heyy heyyy Johnny!!!!

A similar thing happened to me. Maybe it was the same lady.

She sent me a "LIKE," then she wrote to me. I answered back.

After talking dirty for a few minutes, you know, the usual stuff people do when they meet on dating sites.

Anyways, after those few minutes, she asked me if I could fly her over to visit me because she said, "Oh, I feel that I love you and want to marry you. I don't want a young good looking guy. I want you! Yes! Yes! I suddenly feel I love you. Please, fly me over to you right away."

When I answered, "Well, that sounds real nice and all, but right now I don't have much money. You'll have to wait until I sell some aluminum cans and plastic bottles next week."

She then replied, "What? You don't have money?"

I answered, "No, not too much right now."

Suddenly she stopped being nice and wrote in capital letters, "Well, f*** you then! Who the hail do you think you are flirting with me, trying to get in my pants and then not having any money? F*** you and don't ever write to me again! You jerk!"

Sheesh! And here I thought maybe she was the ONE for me. The one had I had been waiting for all my life, or something like that.

When there is a number after the name, like 787 or something it's often a scammer.
Sure, there are exceptions to this rule.
I read her profile, her English is lacking and her demands are up there.
Idk.... scammers need love to ay'... dunno
Geez Robert...that really sounds like the same least a woman with the exact same mentality. hmmm

I was just being nice to my lovely lady. I never invited any vulgar into the conversation.


What is that, you can't lose for winning or win for losing?
Hello Grand,

Most...and when I say most...I mean, if not all. Beautiful women do not reach out to men first. In my opinion, that should be a red flag for a scammer on the spot as well. But, thanks for sharing about the number behind the name. I wonder if Robert is not a scammer. laugh

She was a pretty lady Grand? At least in "her" picture. I am sure there was something much different behind the user name than what was shown.

He/She/It/them or whatever...I am sure was looking for a simp to hand out some free money or gifts.
Just as something interesting...I see "she" has changed where she was from. She is now from Davidson now. dunno I wonder where she will be after this post.

if I was a scammer, I sure as heck am not any good at it. I'm always BROKE! doh

Yes, I think that was the same lady. First she said she was from Harley. Later she said she was from Davidson.

Oh well, as you say, You can't lose for winning. cheers
I just send them to my profile.
Never hear from them again.
Dude that crap can be used to black mail you by claiming you were chatting with a minor.
I have a BIL did that , ruined his family and now he is married to a Thai hooker.
I hate him and his family so if you want the full dirty details ask below or start a new topic and I will share how disgusting the entire thing was.
Yes, she was very good looking heart wings
(Yeap, has to make sure what's on the inside is just as good.)
Right, sometimes it's not a straight up scammer but a gold-dagger,
also useless for folk like us.
I mean.. do you have any gold? Me neither laugh
Robert....being broke is exactly what a scammer would say. laugh tongue

Maybe we are in the wrong business Robert. I need to start having women simping over us. laugh
DLM....interesting story. Thank you so much for sharing.

There you go men...another thing to watch out for with dealing with online ladies.
Grand...all good points. thumbs up

I would say, they don't necessarily need your gold, they will be happy with the house you own too.

Oh, then I may be in business after all:) thanks duude thumbs up laugh
Now I know I'll never receive that round trip ticket. It looks like you are making promises to all the beautiful women on CS. very mad devil

tongue rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Haven't you f*cked over/been f*cked over by many women this last decade? So badly the last one is your room mate?

laugh are welcome, good luck on your hunt.

I don't think Robert is that type of guy. He is no two-timer. You probably won't get that ticket because the airlines don't take aluminum cans. laugh

Robert is 1/64th innocent. thumbs up

Sure. And?
Mate I was joking. I kan spot them miles away now, perhaps not back in 2011, true.
Thanks for caring. cheers
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