Men....attract women and keep them.

This gentleman has been getting tons of attention lately and praise from men all over and from all status.

What do you think of his teachings?

...and women, what do you think?

Is this guy nailing female nature or what?

This is the stuff that feminism has released to the world.

Once we are all on the same page of human nature, there will be no more deceit, manipulation, and true happiness will follow. applause
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Heyy hey Johnny!!!

Do you think maybe Ew-Tube is becoming or has become the new supermarket Tabloid Magazines, with so much Trustworthy Information?

I mean, come on now. The headlines on this one have got to be for real.
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Okay, just kidding.

Maybe the guy on your posted video has had those methods work for him, but not all men or women are the same. Not all like the same things. Some may like to be treated different than what the guy in the video says. Maybe a few will like what he says.

Some people like artificially flavored imitation hamburgers from the mini marts. Other people don't.

The world is always more interesting with variety. Variety is the spice of life.
Or something like that.

drinking groundhog

So people can see your videos better. Here's the first video you posted on your blog:

Here's the second video you posted on this blog:

Too lazy to follow links, can you summarise his methods?

Have you tried them?
Geese Johnny, that guy sure can take some notes. Possibly on the largest White board I've ever seen.
Us men know we can put on sticky note what we desire in a relationship, while with a woman it's more like a 300 page novel that has to be updated every other week. dunno
I watched about half of that video. I think the red flags in people show up pretty quick but are ignored much of the time. Definitely avoid the ones that like oysters! cheers
I only watched long enough to hear him claim women want their men to have side pieces. Laughing I disconnected from the bad advice.

I can attest I never met a woman who cot all hot and wet at the idea of catching Herpes or Hiv because you slipped it into a sidepiece when she wasn't looking. Usually the exact opposite is true and reactions range from a high EW, gross to homicidal rage at learning you maybe have exposed them to something.

I have to assume the rest of his 'advice' is of similar quality and therefore not worth watching.
Dear Agony Aunt Ken,

I read you can get herpes and HIV from side pieces.

Is that guns, or dining room furniture you position against a wall?

Worried from Wales uh oh
He's talking out of his arse.
I clicked off when he said "The only reason women leave men is to gain control over them."

How far up your own a** do you have to be to think the only possible reason a woman might have left you is to control you and not possibly because she just didn't want to be in a relationship with you any more.

He's selling morphine for fragile egos.
Johnny_Sparton wrote : This gentleman has been getting tons of attention lately and praise from men all over and from all status.

doh! i just realized that there r sick men all over and from all status. gentleman? my arse!
laugh Robert. I can see that happening. Haven't you ever been on the business end of a sneeze before? laugh
Robert...this guy actually claims that ALL women are the same. Maybe he is talking about only modern women? dunno But, he does claim ALL women.

However Robert, I would ask men that have been in relationships...has it always been them that wanted to break off the relationship?

From the numbers I hear, women are initiating divorce over 80% of the time. confused dunno
Thank you very much Robert for posting the videos. thumbs up
Suzie...his methods are fairly complex....because women are social geniuses.

I do understand what he is saying...and in my opinion, what he is saying is very accurate.

very, very accurate...I would say.
Hello Loh...

I would recommend any man who is serious about getting into a serious relationship today to fully understand what this guy is saying.
Hello Ken,

Fair enough.

However, keep in mind that women have been s*xually liberated these days and some women are sleeping with 300+ men a year. laugh
It is crazy...maybe Robert is right, maybe YouTube has become a modern day tabloid.
Hello MysteriousGirl,

He is talking out his so would you say?

Something tells me anything you mention can be proved to be true...and not backside speak. laugh
Hello Ocee,

Interesting. What is the time stamp for that statement. I am curious is to getting the whole context of that statement.

Hello Berg,

Fair enough as well.
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