women make this mistake almost always

When it comes to beauty.

Many women respond to beauty on an emotional level...how somebody's looks make them feel. That is why women fight among themselves...well maybe not fight so much (but sometimes)....but for sure compete over beauty. Who has the better dress? Whose hair is stunning? Whose breast...whose...shoes... We don't even want to get into make up. There are countless sources of information out there for women with make up.

Then of course, the insults will come out between them if they are competing for the same guy. The snide remarks are made, the "tooling" of their opponent in a public situation is the best battlefield.

Where do women make their mistake most of the time?

Well, most women perceive life from their own perspective. It is called "self-projecting." They basically apply their perception on a situation from the way they would handle it...from the way they feel about it.

Feminism was a beautiful thing for men. Because, feminism encourage women to be women. Be who you are. Let it all out. "Do what feels good." Then of course it lead into the s*xual revolution for women. Men got educated to women's nature. ...or ease of manipulation.


Before feminism, women would have been right...for the most part. Beauty is beauty and men and women both have been led to it like a moth to a flame. (side note: it is said that up to 50% of women are bi-s*xual). Like a moth going to that flame, there was no logical rational being used in the moth making its decision...It just mindlessly went to the flame.

After feminism, not now with men. Men have learned their lesson, when many of their souls have been ripped from their being. Their lives were destroyed. They lost their children and sometimes women would convince the children to actually hate the father. They lose half of their wealth. Some men lost their lives, lost their jobs, lost their homes.

You see, most women don't go through that. They instead go through what makes them feel good. For many, that is having many men on their speed dial...and a mission to suck as much money from the man.

You beautiful women, the mistake you make is that you believe everyone responds to beauty equally. I will give you this, an ignorant man might; however, a man who went through the ringer, won't.

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I used to support feminism when its goal was to achieve equal pay and equal treatment. However, nowadays, the objectives seem different, aiming not just for equality but to surpass men. With regard to the matter concerning women, I can't speak for others, but I wear makeup and use tons of skincare for my self-confidence and work-related responsibilities, not just for men. laugh
In South Korea, there is an expectation for individuals to present themselves well for societal approval. If one does not meet the perceived standards of attractiveness, it can become challenging to secure desirable employment. Particularly for women who are overweight and may not conform to conventional beauty ideals, the likelihood of finding employment is significantly diminished. This reflects the harsh reality of societal expectations and their impact on career opportunities.scold
All sounds like a form of leverage to me Dani, the one's that look the best are usually the most unless workers and the average one's get the job done without fuss and disruption..
Yes Dani...many of these feminists will surely get their wish. They can grow old alone and handle all the challenges of life on their own. They are "independent" they can be as they wish. I do agree, some of these feminist have seen the errors of their thinking.....but truly, have they?

The question is....

Did they want to spend all their s*xual market value the way they wanted to spend it...rather than being in a monogamous relationship and not spending it the way their desires wanted it to go? After all, the feminist would call that "abuse." They might settle for companionship after their S-market value nears zero.

They want their cake and eat it too.

Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. But like I learned when I was a child, "you make your bed, now you have to lie in it." You make piss poor decisions in life....no problem...you are the one that will need to deal with the consequences of them.
There is nothing wrong with looking good Dani. thumbs up ...for confidence, work or for men. That is a nice thing.

I agree Dani....that should actually be illegal. Actually, in some countries, it is.

I think it is good to encourage the best people can be...great...but to indirectly force them with less favorable jobs. uh oh
Hey Dan
Hello Ms. Sexy Heart.

What the hell rock did you crawl out from?

It has been awhile.

How are you doing?
Here is a side tip to any men who read this....I just heard this and I know it to be true....

To men, never ever let the woman in your life think that her s*xual market value is higher than yours. She will be shortly gone from your life if you do.
Been busy.
doing great here. You?
Sicker than shit. I dropped out of a pool tournament today, but I am going to try to make it to tomorrow's portion of it.

Otherwise in life in general, I working on another property and looking at opening up a thrift store....everything is going well.

I can relate with you about being busy. Right now we are going through a very cold spell with the weather so any outside work needs to be put on hold for a bit. So I got some time to BS on here.

Anything new with you? Did you get married yet?
Good to see you again Ms. Heart. I still have the same phone number you know...we should chat again one of these days. I am going to catch a quick nap now. Take care and very nice seeing you.
totally agreecheers
It's unfortunate that societal pressures, including lookism, can lead individuals, especially young ones, to undergo surgeries due to bullying. It highlights the importance of promoting self-acceptance and addressing the root causes of such behaviors to create a more inclusive and understanding environment.In my last blog, I was trying to convey that individuals from other nationalities might face challenges adapting in Asian countries due to societal expectations. When you commented, asking if I was insecure, I wanted to clarify that my point was about cultural adaptation. If people think the West is racist, try the Asian countries. I deleted the post because I realized it could be misinterpreted.laugh
They call themselves "high-value women," yet they engage in activities like OnlyFans.laugh laugh
Busy is good. speaking of the weather, have plenty of headaches from delayed deliveries these dayslaugh
Our truck got frozen in Chicago, just got a customer on the phone, screaming for their chemicalsdoh

Nothing new, same old same old. Naah, I don't think I'll get married again, I love my freedom so muchyay
But I'll go see him sometime in May. I rested last year, stayed at home recharging and recovering, will be travelling a lot this year. Dubai at the end of next month, aiming for London in May and July to Philippines.

You ? Did you go to Bohol?
When are you coming here? You still owe me some corn and coffee or something like that
Dani, I appreciate your candidness.

I know the answer already to this question...I am curious as to hearing your opinion.

Why do, many women..I mean a lot of them...not apologize to their man for their misdeeds...and to top it off, why are they "master shift-blamers?" Meaning, they did something wrong and they blame it on you for doing it.

Dubai is pretty fancy CH. I bet you will have a lot of fun there. No, I didn't make it to Bohol. :/

Yes, Chicago not only got the cold but they got tons of snow down there as well. We are suppose to get some nice weather coming up at the beginning of the week. I suspect your shipment will be back on track then. Boy, you have a tough job dealing with all that anger and frustration. sad flower

Asian countries are pretty extreme Dani. But, I was sorta right with my question though. Like you mentioned about your tons of beauty products, it helps with your "confidence"...hence battling your insecurities.


Anyway, my mind is still kinda messed up from my illness...although I think I have about 50% of it back.

Do you do OF Dani? I just heard a woman made over 57 million dollars in one year there. Of course that probably is the top earner.
@op my years of living in and travelling in Asia, of marriage and dating, showed me no evidence at all of this. Perhaps you see more of and mix more with the superficial, I cannot say. My mother's generation - well that's another matter and she would never venture out of the house without 'her face on', and a liberal splash of 'snake juice'. But then back in the day, a man would never go out the door without his hat unless mad, like 'mad dogs of Englishmen' and my father who I never saw in a hat!
It seems that a person's upbringing, especially in a toxic family environment, can significantly influence their behavior and attitudes in relationships. Issues related to accountability and personal insecurities may stem from past traumas. Additionally, there's a common but sometimes mistaken belief that individuals can change their partners, not realizing they might be contending with unresolved childhood trauma.conversing
Well, yeah, staying young can cost heaps of money. Lol , hope you get well soon then!wave
I know a person who foolishly bet on Bitcoin, and now he has lost his money, house, and family. You mean the 'Crazy Rich Asians. laugh
if your lady doesn't apologize for her misdeeds. I reckon you should voice out what you feel and make her accountable for her actions, or she may repeat it and it'll become a habit.laugh
I heard on Joe Rogan's podcast that a girl from OnlyFans earns $57 million. They were discussing how challenging it could be for typical salary men to date her given the income disparity.They said women or men who listen to him are a red flag. I don't care; I'm the reddest red flag, though.laugh laugh
Dani...that is where I heard it...laugh ...from Rogan. You are the red-ist flag ever?? Oh....perhaps. You do OF then. Have you made over 57 million dollars then?

You did touch on many of the underlying reasons why many women never apologize. But it is said that many are borderline narcissist.

BTW, I did try to have a conversation with her on several occasions about stuff like that...in the end, it came back to being on me. laugh dunno

Have you apologized to any men you have dated Dani? ....a genuine apology? I cannot say I have ever heard a genuine apology from a woman. Well, there was this one time I actually did get one....10 years later.

Interesting story Fargo.

I think I have heard that once too...about having their face on.

That hat thing I have never heard of before. I do recall seeing pictures of days before me, it always did fascinate me seeing that every man was wearing a hat. I guess it would make sense with what you say. thumbs up

oh yeah Dani....I feel just about like a brand new person this morning. I am having my morning coffee and I feel about 80% better. It looks like I will be making it to my tournament today after all. :)
9 ball?
Her particular snake-juice was almost always Chanel No.5
OF is Only Fans I thought it was just a preposition. laugh laugh I don't wanna get disown , I don't see myself doing that fiasco.laugh laugh
handshake handshake
I don't reckon laugh laugh
Fargo, I had to skip on the 9 ball portion of the tournament yesterday. I won it the last time...I was really looking forward to playing this time but I was literally sweating just trying to stand up. Not to mention, with my illness, I could not even think or focus.

Today I feel great compared to yesterday. I am taking my daily dose of medicine right now, so I suspect I will be feeling closer to 90% today for the 8 ball portion of the event. I am happy I went home yesterday and got extra rest.

Do you play?
laugh "snake juice"
Here is another reason why women do not apologize to their man...

Because, (this is true...as illogical as it may sound)....women look at their current man, I am trying to be careful here with describing this...

Okay...lets put it this way. To a woman, a man is a man is a man. So if a woman has some past traumas with men...say men in their past that mistreated them...they will carry that memory or memories forward into the future and apply them to any future men they may date or get in a relationship with.

That is one of the reasons why "body count" matters with a woman. ....meaning, how many men has a woman slept with. The higher the amount of men a woman slept with....generally means the less likely she is able to maintain a relationship. In fact, it has been scientifically studied, a woman with...I think it is over 5 people she slept with....has an 80% of getting divorced.

What man in his right mind would want to gamble on marriage with a woman like that when on a legal level, marriage is such a bad deal for men?

That is 1 of the reason why people need to educate themselves. I was told once...knowledge is power.

Power can be used for the good or for the bad. But when used for good....good things happen. grin
There's a podcaster who explains it in detail I think her name is Sadia Khan. Totally agree. If a man sleeps around, people might think he doesn't know how to handle relationships, let alone marriage. It's worse for women; if she sleeps around, she's labeled negatively.conversing
Yes Dani...I have watched some of her stuff before.

Sleeping around has different psychological effects between men and women.

One could argue that women like a guy with a higher body count...it means he has experience in the bedroom. ....but of course, not too high...say like over 1000 people he slept with.

A guy does not look at it the same way with women.

In my book, cheating is cheating. Have you ever been cheated on?
I have never been cheated on, and I would never wish it on no one.
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