RE: Rapper Coolio found dead at age 59...

59.....dang, that's (my age) too young!
Condolences to his friends & family. A sudden death like this
can be devastating.

RE: Stop the press...

Trump 24/7 in your head rent free!!

campaign promise fulfilled. BS or she would have filed charges.
Just something else for him to have to spend millions on lawyers for.

RE: Your daily dose of Donald... 9-19-2022

I love how people who don't even live here think they know what's going on here.
Stay in your lane.
The BS you smell is probably your own body odor.
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RE: Your daily dose of Donald... 9-19-2022

TRUMP lives 24/7 rent free in your little mind.
it's hilarious that you are so obsessed...
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RE: Kulam(Filipino Witchcraft)

you are into some really dark _hit.

RE: Mooncakes are gross

I think I'll stick with Twinkies

RE: Adulting 101

welcome to 2022
the era when we have to define what being an adult is.


RE: Another Republican who won't concede...

Wasn't it Al Gore who challenged the election results in Florida once too....?
Why was that okay for the Ds to do but the Rs catch sh_t all day every day for doing the same thing?

RE: At least, he DID know his name...

Hilary deleted 33,000 emails that had been under subpoena, smashed the devises with hammers and wiped the computer with bleach bit. Had an illegal server in the closet of her home that was found to have classified information on it and had been hacked by at least a few known countries.

RE: Your daily dose of Donald...

Biden has Soros.
as well as all the money he got from foreign countries via Hunter's shady business deals

I haven't really followed all of the posturing from either side to be able to keep with all the crap that's flying - but, if Trump declassified them before he left the WH than this is another big nothingburger because any president can say anything is declassified and it is immediately declassified.
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RE: FLASH! Musk might make an offer and buy the FBI. Will Clintons sell?

They won't sell.
The clintons would be in big trouble if they got investigated like they're doing to Trump.
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RE: Why

Not at all what that passage means.

RE: California is set to make history by banning sales of gas-powered cars by 2035. Can it deliver?

Most people will have moved out of state by then.
The state will be bankrupt with no water, electricity or people actually with jobs.
They'll all be living in the streets.
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RE: Paul Pelosi...

slap on the wrist is all this

RE: Anne Heche...

it may very well have been a terrible way to die but at least she kill anyone else when
she decided to get behind the wheel. Zooming down a narrow street in a neighborhood....there could have been kids out there. There was a person living in the house she destroyed and they were at home when it happened.
No sympathy.
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RE: FBI searches Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Resort...

they sat on hunter's laptop for years and the ties to china go all the way to his dad.
this shit needs to stop! the bias totally undermines the rule of law in this country!!
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RE: learn by example

OMG it's Kilary Hinton the 2nd.......
two people so damn unattractive
I would be nice and just say politely that yellow isn't her color....
but I don't think she has a color.

RE: Honest opinion about money

I've personally never met anyone who thinks money is everything as you said.

RE: Joe Biden tests positive for Covid for the 2nd time this month

the guy who claimed if we got jabbed we wouldn't get or spread the rona.

I guess they'll have to change the definition of a vaccination next-right after they change recession.

RE: Jan. 6 probe: Trump did ‘everything’ to overturn election

have you ever heard of a "hearing" where only one side is presented?
this is nothing but another witch hunt. It's disgusting.

RE: Sciatica...

find a back clinic or chiropractor who has a spinal decompression (traction) machine.
They have been very beneficial for my back problems.
good luck

RE: HOV Lanes in the USA

I wonder if I can count all of my personalities......cheers

RE: Woman Captures Lightning Striking Her Husband's Truck in Tampa Bay


RE: What would you like written on your gravestone?

At least I won't have to get up to pee

RE: How not to get your a** kicked by the police!

I guess his next one will be how to tell jokes
without pissing someone off and getting slapping about the face.

RE: How many bullets does it take...

He didn't deserve 60 rounds...
but you don't shot at and run from the cops and expect it to end well.
He removed his wedding band so he knew he wasn't gonna make it home alive.
Saddest part is it was all preventable. All he had to do was pull over.

RE: DHS warn far right praising Uvalde shooting, Encouraging copycats in schools across nation!!!!

I've never praised the murder of children. That would be all of you D
pro choice murderers. Exactly what lies have I said about blacks or any other minority?

RE: Here is what Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) Michigan thinks about the average American

until you have to replace the batteries.
they still have to be plugged in. That power has
to come from somewhere.

RE: Elon Musk's back door...

quite frankly, I've never given any thought to his back door.

RE: At least 22 people found dead in South African 'tavern' UPDATE - Now calling it a stampede

a stampede with no visible injuries?
That doesn't seem to make any sense

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